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Oogie's Attack!

Oogies Attack Chapter 4!!!

© the pumpkin king

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Sally: Follow me to the town square! I will show you what Oogie really plans to do with you, I bet he is already trying to gather new minions!

Lock: Like I would believe a ragdoll! just show me already so I can get back to stopping Jack

Sally: Allright then, will you just follow me?

( Sally walks through the graveyard gates and into the town square where she and Lock wander around the sides without being seen )

Oogie: As you all know my last plan was a complete failure! but this one, this one will not! I have carefully constructed every bit of it so that nothing can go wrong!

Townspeople: Tell us! We are Dying to know!

Oogie: Ahem! I plan not only to rule Halloween town, but Christmastown as well! Then the two major holidays will be mine! Then carefully as powerful as I am, I will get the other holidays just like that!

Townspeople: Didn't you do that before, and Jack stopped you?

Oogie: Yes! but Jack is not going to stop me this time! he has sadly passed on, announcing me as his predecessor! so I hope you have a good time!

Townspeople: Do you need help!

Oogie: Absolutely! Just me is not enough, I need help from all the townspeople

Lock: Just me?

Sally: I told you he doesnt even care about you three anymore!

Lock: Well, I am gonna have to go tell the others that Oogie doesn't want us to help anymore! So let's go and let Jack free! I'm not gonna let Haloween get ruined again!

Sally: Thats the spirit! I knew you'd open your eyes soon enough! ( what a coincedence we showed up just at the right time)

( They run to where Jack is to let him free )

The Townspeople come Running after Sally and Lock because Somehow, they knew that they were going to free Jack

The Mayor walked forward

Mayor: Under the command of one of Halloweentowns earliest laws, you cannot try to throw the leader away from his crown, I announce you, under arrest!

Sally: What! you can't do that! Oogie threw Jack away from his crown!

Mayor: No...... Jack passed on

Sally: You can't trust Oogie! He's a no good liar!

Mayor: Well the whole town does, but just you two don't! are you two enough to stop us from trusting Oogie?

Sally: Maybe we are! come on Lock, together we can stop them

Lock: o-ok! Let's do it!

( Song goes to Take our Town Back ( Making Christmas ))

Mayor: Believe, Believe

Sally: Well why should we?

Mayor: Because you have to

Lock: Just because everyone believes why should we?

Lock: We were tricked once and we will not let that happen

Sally: Jack will rule again!

Lock and Sally: Stop believing, Stop believing, stop believing!

Lock: Time to work hard together and stop Oogie from taking Over, cause when it's all back to normal, It'll be time to Party!

Sally: Stop believing, Stop Believing!


Mayor: No Sally, it is you who must stop believing!

Sally: Please mayor, Jack is still alive, I can prove it to you!

Mayor: Hmmmm?

Sally: He is not dead as Oogie says! he is alive, being help prisoner by Oogie!

Mayor: Stop! Oogie will not lose his crown! he is the best leader we ever had!

Sally: They won't listen! Come on Lock, we have to free Jack

( They run through the crowd to Lock Shock and Barrels treehouse )

Lock: I can't believe you are right!

Sally: We will just go and tell them what Oogie is up too, the problem is, they might not believe what we say!

Lock: Ok, here we are ( unlocks door and goes in )

Sally: Ok! Let's get ready!

( They open the door )

The cage where Jack was was in Flames and you could hear echoes of Laughing

Sally: Get in here! What did you do!

Echoe of Shock: Oh trust me! Jack is safe! Not!

Echoes of Laughing

Echoes of Barrel: This is when we take the real Jack to hide right?

Echoes of Shock: Shut up! Now they know!

Lock: Listen! Jack is not dead!

Sally: We can still save him!

Sally: Then we will tell them about Oogie!

Echoes: About how he doesnt want us anymore, we heard you from a mile away, we don;t believe you! at all! convince us as hard as you can! we will still be with Oogie!

Sally: Uh-oh!

Lock: This is gonna be harder then I thought! Let's go Sally, we've got a holiday to save

( They chase after the Echoes )


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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