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Oogie's Attack!

Oogies Attack Chapter 5 : A Premonition

© the pumpkin king

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Sally: Where are they! It's so dark in here!

Lock: Follow the echoes Sally! it's our only way towards Jack!

( They start to run and keep bumping into eachother because of the darkness )

Lock: Stop that!

Sally: Sorry, listen, I think I hear something!

Lock: Huh?

Echoes from far away: Hello, Jack! I've waited a long time to hear from you! Oogie is just a little pawn in our game of chess! and you know what! I'm the king! Ha!

Sally: Who is that?

Lock: I have no idea! sounds suspicous though?

Sally: Could someone possibly be controlling Oogie Boogie from here?


( In Halloweentown )

Oogie: Welcome back! did you catch that Ragdoll and the Devil?

Mayor: Lord Oogie? I am sorry, they got away

Oogie: What!? Ahhhhhh! They know what I am gonna do to my 3 minions! if they bring news to them they will leave me and all of my plan will be lost!

Mayor: Ahem, they are at the treehouse, you could arrange for them to all end up in your casino right?

Oogie: ( That's where "He" Is ) Uhhhh...... Sure I can, that's a good idea Mayor

Mayor: I never fail anyone!


( Casino )

???: Ahem! Jack! it's been a while! remember me?

Jack: Who are you!? let me out of here!

???: Look closer Jack!

( ??? Rises from the ground and is a big pile pf bugs )

Jack: Oogie! I thought you were in the town!

Oogie: Wrong Boneman! Ever since you pulled my string off, A single bug of me has wondered around, and when I found more and more I came back! That's right!? The Oogie Boogies that you have been fighting off have been fake! I'm the real deal!

Jack: You mean when Halloweentown was in trouble last time you were a fake!

Oogie: You catch on quick! Now listen up! That "Imposter" As we will call it, is taking over! and Telling everyone that it is me! and I don't want that to happen! I'll leave you alone for good! Just help me stop him!

Jack: Work with you! Ha! now tell me why I would do that!

Oogie: He is telling everyone you are dead, and with you dead there will be no more Halloweens or anything! and you will be king of nothing!

Jack: Still! why would I work with you!

Oogie: Jack I don't wanna talk forever ( That would bore the readers ) Just help me get rid of the Imposter!

( Sally and Lock Break in )

Sally: Who is that!

Jack: It's the real Oogie, get me outta here Lock or Sally

Sally: That's not Oogie, he was saying how Oogie was a pawn in his game of Chess!

Jack: I know........ w-wait........

Oogie: Hmmmm? You got me! ha!

Jack: Well then who are you?

???: I am the other half of Oogie! you can call me Boogie! Ever since you destroyed Oogie Boogie We were split in two!

Jack: Well you want to Overthrow Oogie right?

Boogie: Do I ever!

Jack: Sally? I think we have a new partner!

Boogie: Woah! I want to Overthrow Oogie but I don't want to be good!

Jack: Good is the only way Boogie, we need someone like you!
You know almost everything Oogie does!

Boogie: Yeah I do! whats it to you?

Jack: Boogie, please help us, you are the only one who can help this time!

Boogie: Hmmmm......... ( Thinks ) Yeah, I could!, Then........
Yes! I'll do it! Consider me on your side!

Jack: Ok........

Sally: Jack, don't trust him, he's to suspicous

Jack: We are desperate to overthrow Oogie, and he is too, that means he is our friend Sally, don't worry.

Everything Fades out and Jack wakes up in the middle of the Casino

Jack: A dream? That was the weirdest dream ever! It had to mean something! Ah! my head! Sally? Lock? where are you?

Sally: Jack! your up! Oogie is about to go into Christmas Town! you have to stop him before it's too late!

Jack: What about Oogies other half?

Saly: Oogies other half? Jack you need to rest, come home and I'll let you have some rest and then we can go fight Oogie ok?

Jack: ok

Lock: Sally! Shock and Barrel finally Joined us! now we can definately stop Oogie!!!

Jack: All 3 of you are against Oogie now?

LSB: Yeah

Jack: Do you three know anything about Oogie having another Half?

Lock: Ummmm, oh..... that......

Jack: Tell me now, I had a premonition about Oogies " Other half"

Shock: When were were bringing Oogie back the first time, we made a mistake and discarded the sack, then another Oogie must've grown from that one bug that was in there!

Jack: So there may be two Oogies Out there! That doubles our Journey

Sally: Think we can do it?

Jack: Whaddya say, Think we can Stop " Oogies Attack? "?

ALL: Yeah!


(( I'm sorry that there was no song but this was a major chapter and explained another major part of the story, as now their are two Oogies! ))

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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