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Oogie's Attack!

Oogies Attack Chapter 8

© the pumpkin king

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

( Jack and Sally stand atop Spiral Hill. They are heading towards the Mayors roof to search for Lock Shock and Barrel )

Jack: Ok, so we have to go back through the graveyard and in the residential area we will find the Mayors house

Sally: Got it

Jack: Well we can't waste any time, let's hurry now

( Jack Stops in place )

Sally: What's wrong?

Jack: I feel like we're being followed, or watched

Sally: Oh Jack, don't be silly, we have to hurry

Jack: No Sally, I mean it, someones watching us

Sally: No one would be watching us, come o-

( Something falls from the sky )

Jack: What's this?

Sally: It's..... it's a piece of wood!

Jack: A piece pf wood?

Sally: Not any piece of wood Jack! This wood is painted!

Jack: You mean? Oh no! This is one of the holiday doors! What is Oogie thinking! He will screw up all of the holidays by destroying the original doors!, Sally, I'm sorry, we don't have time to check for those three, we have to get to the holiday doors!

Sally: I can't do that, how about we split up?

Jack: I don't wan't you to be in danger! Come with me Sally

Sally: I won't be in danger, trust me Jack, we will meet again, soon, I promise, Now show that no good Oogie Boogie who is the real king!

( Sally leaves towards the mayors house )

Jack: Your right! I'm the only Pumpkin King!

( Back in Oogies Casino he is spying on Jack with a crystal ball )

Oogie: Jack!? no! I thought you were dead, oh well this will make it better! I get to have a final finale with that Bone Man! I just have to hope he doesn't find Boogie, then I'll be done for, So I must take care of Boogie before Jack gets to him

( Back to Jack as Spiral Hill )

Jack: Will I be able to sto Oogie, I don't have as much support as I did last time, Oh well, there's only one way to find out

( He runs towards the Hinterlands )

( Oogie in his Casino )

Oogie: Oh, this is gonna be one nice Finale Jack! You just wait till I get to you! I'm gonna do the best I can! To the Hinterlands Holiday Doors!!!

( Jack in Hinterlands )

Jack: I must find Oogie! The fate of Halloweentown and all the other holidays depends on me!

( Runs towards the holiday doors )

Jack No!

( Jack looks around, all the holiday doors were ripped off their hinges, nothing was there except the complete black inside the holiday doors )

???: Oooooh Jack, the Pumpkin King!

Jack: What's this?

???: You get reay Boneman, this is one finale you won't survive!

Jack: Oogie! Show yourself, let's end this once and for all!

Oogie: Oh I have no intention of ending my little game so early Jack, I want my reign over the worlds to last, I only intend to have a little sparr!

Jack: What? We must finish this now Oogie, you can't cause all this trouble! You destroyed the other worlds completely!

Oogie: Oh not really Jack, I am turning them into Oogie Towns! Watch this!

( Lights fly towards all the doors, and they turn into Oogie doors )

Jack: No! We end this now Oogie, I can't let you get away with this!

Oogie: Well then, shall we get started?

( Oogie Appears )

Jack Let's get started!

( Jack and Oogie starts to fight )


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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