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The experiment

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

The Doctor created a new creature. Will she find her density? Will she have a friend? Will she find EVIL? Find out in ''The Experiment!!!!''

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Dr.Finklestien was tired of rejecting his experiments he made in his early years before creating Sally, Jewel, Igor, and other kind of experiments of his older years. He was walking thru his old rejected expariments he had never finshed in years.

He later saw while walking a blury thing in a tube. She had long pink hair covering her. She had a blue gown on her. She had her hair loose. She had a strange curly pink circle in her right cheak. She had big eyes like Sally but Green blueish BIG eyes.

She was staring blankly at Dr.Finklestien. She was like that since he built her from a full body dead corpse. He thought hes experiment..... Was ruined. So he froze her in water in a Long tube to keep her alive in there still. He had rembered he had made her to be his wife in his teenage years.

But he even put her different moods. He had rembered she failed cause she couldent wake up. So then Finklestien said ''I should make her alive agin. I should try to relive her agin.'' So he quickly called Igor.

He came and said ''Yes dr. Finklestien?'' Then the docter said 'Igor I need you to disconect the tube of that corpse to bring her alive today! WAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!(CHOKES Igor helps him) Thankyou Igor!

Now plz continue what I told you to do.'' So Igor obeyed and did what he told him to do. So then he removed the dead corpse and followed Finklestien to his lab. And laid the experiment lightly on the table.

'Now Igor it's time to relive her. For once and for all!!!' Finlestien said. So Igor and the Doc put on there goggles. Then Igor said 'Ready!' Then Doc replied 'Good!'

Then Dr.Finklestien pulled the lever on the wall. Then he gave a crazy laugh out loud that was echoing all around the Town. Everyone was sleeping in the foggy night. The noised stop until Dr. Finklestien un swicthed the lever.

Now the Experiment got up and stared around until she saw two guys in the lab. And had changed her color of her hair. Her color was Pink but changed into Blue hair. She had a worried face. Her eyes even changed colors. Now theyre were yellow.

Then she was looking scared. And said ''Who are you?'' Then Dr.finklestien said ''Don't worry lil one. I'm your creater and this is Igor. My assitant. He also helped create you. This is my lab. Were I study diffrent kinds of things and much more.' Then she then had a blank stare. She then had her normal eyes, hair, and everything else.

''Well you have different kind of moods which change the color of your hair I see.'' Dr.Finklestien cheacked what reaction the experiment had. He even pinch her to see her mad reaction. As he saw it even had his favorite color red.

She later asked ''What is my name? Whats this place called?'' and other kind of questions she evn asked him. But he only answered ''Not now! Experiment! I have to see what kind of stuff you can do!!''

Then she stared at the floor and played with her hands and said ''Okay.'' MEAN WHILE...............

Peter was with his telescope outside his room. And tried to look for something new in the sky. Then he stepped away. Then he gazed around Halloween Town. Until he saw a spark coming out of Dr. Finklestiens house. He was wondering what kind of creature his Grampa was making.

Then he couldn't stop wondering what was his Grampa working on in his lab. So he quickly sneacked out of his house without making a sound in the house. Then he hard someone say 'Peter where are you going.'' He quickly turned around and said ''Oh hi dad. I didn't know you were still awake checking the plans.'

to be continued........

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Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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