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The experiment


© rbd.ragdoll.queen

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

'Well the mayor gave me allot of work to work on for next Halloween.' Said Jack to his son Peter. Then Peter replyed to his dad 'But wasn't Halloween yestorday?' Then Jack said 'Well you know he can't wait for next Halloween.'

Then Peter said 'Um dad can I go out for a walk with Zero?' Then Jack said 'Of course son but don't come late. Cause you know how your mother gets worried.' Then Peter nodded and went out the door.

Peter walked down the town to the grave yard to get his buddy Zero in his grave yard. He called out 'Zero come out. I need your help?' Then Zero came out and went to Peter.

Then Peter gave him a snack and said 'Good boy!! Zero I gonna ask you for a BIG favor I need you to do for me?' Then Zero answered Arf and nodded. Then Peter said 'I need you to discribe me what is the Doc doing in his lab tonight.'Then Zero flew in the air to the Doc's lab. And Peter ran to catch up with him.

Mean while........

The doctor exaimed everything that the experiment did. She was waiting quitly in the table and was humming. And then stoped and stared at the doc how was reading something out of a book. Then the experiment asked 'Docter Finklestien?'

Then Finklestien said 'Yes experiment?' Then the experiment said 'Do I have a name?' Then he giggled and gazed at her and said 'Of course you have a name. Why would you think that?'' and then she said 'Then what is it?' Then the Doc came closer and said ''Your name is Avangeline. Do you like your name?'

Then she answered 'Of course I like my name thankyou very much Docter Finklestein!!' And hugged the docter and then the hug broke. Then the docter said 'I'll show you your room. Were you'll be staying in this house.' Then Avangeline nodded. And followed Dr. Finklestein. Dr.Finklestien took her to were Sally was. Dr. Finklestien opened the door for her and said 'This is your room lil one.'

She then entered to the room. Then he said 'Goodnight little one.' and closed the door. Then she gazed around the room and saw a picture. Then she walked closer to the picture and saw two people and a dog in a colorful place. The skellington was hugging a red hairded ragdoll almost his height. And a cute little ghost dog next to them. And a christmas tree next to them.

Then Avangeline thought ''Who are they?'' and then stared at the window and gazed in the moon. And then said 'How beautiful is the town is?''and sighed.

Mean while...........

Zero and Peter were now waiting out. Peter was wondering how to sneak into the lab. Then he was ready and knew what to do. He then told Zero. 'Zero I think I know what to do know. I want you to guide me to my mothers old room.

So I can go to the lab in my mothers passage way to there. Kay. You know what to do now. So lets go!!!!!' Zero nodded yes. So now they were climbing to the window where the experiment was.


The experiment was walking around the room humming Once upon a december. And she was dancing and singing quitly so she wouldn't wake up Dr.Finklestien, Jewel, and Igor. She had a lovely voice. She stopped when she heard footsteeps out side.

And quietly changed her hair color to blue and eyes yellow quick and said whispered 'I'm day dreaming stuff arent I?' and quickly turn around she saw a big shadow on the wall from the window.

Then heard the glass from the window brake. Peter had broke them. Then she turned around and ran to the window and searched for what had happen. Peter was hiding in the dark and carried Zero in his arms. Covering his mouth so Zero wouldn't bark. And Peter thought Who is she? I've never seen her? I thought nobody was in this room. Now how the heck I'm suppose to get o the lab now? I feeling ashamed of doing this? Maybe she's his experiment? Zero manged to get out of Peter's arms. And went to the experiments view. Then Avangeline said and smiled. Her hair color changed in Purple and eyes Green. Her mood changed to Curiousoty who killed the cat she knew. Then zero liked her and put his head in under her free hand she held out. She patted his head and told him 'Oh and who are you? were you the one who broke the window?' Then Zero stared at her blankly. Then Peter stepped out and said 'Umm...I'm the one who broke it miss.' She then turned around to him. He and Zero looked familier to her. He looked like the 2 people in the photo and Zero looked like the dog too!! Then before Peter could answer she stepped away and walked away to get the photo. Then while sheb was going to get it. Peter followed her and told her 'Sorry I walked in likev this to yuo but you see I came to see something. I think I already saw what was it. I thought nobody was here. So I know you may be mad right now...' she put her free little hand over his mouth. And said 'Its okay. Ummm I don't want to be rude but....Who are you guys and.....(took her hand off gently and took out the photo and handed the photo to him gently to him. She was suprised that his 5 fingers in each hand were big and spiderey. Then Peter took the photo gently from her. He exaimed it carefully)these two people?'

Then Peter giggled and took her hand and sat with her closey next to him on the bed and said 'Well these two guys are my parents. They are Jack the pumpkin king and Sally the pumpkin queen. In fact this used to be my mother's room. My name is Peter Skellington. And yours?' Then she said 'Well my name is Avangeline the experiment.'

To be continued..............

They had finally met. But what awaits now in Halloween Town.

Guess what now is gonna happen?''
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Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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