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The experiment


© rbd.ragdoll.queen

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Then Peter stood up and then thought 'Wait so shes the experiement he did tonight?'. Then he said 'You must be new here?' Then she said 'Yes I was created today.' Then she went toward the window and said 'It must be wonderful living out there isn't it?'

Then he followed her and said 'Yea but sometimes dangerous' Then he said 'You want me to show you around the town someday?' Then she faced him with a smile and said 'Yes I would like that to see the town closer some...' But something interupted her.

Dr.Finklestien was walking thru the hallway. Then the experiment changed her colored hair into brown and black eyes and said 'You have to hide with your dog or the Doc will find out your here!' Then Peter said 'I'll see agin soon! So bye!' and got out tru the window with Zero.

Then he headed home with him. The experiment watch as he left. Then she heard the door open. Closed the window quickly and faced around. There stood Dr.Finklestien next to the door and said 'Still awake gurl? Don't you go to sleep? Don't you?'

Then she said 'No? well I think I'm not feeling like going to sleep still..' Then the Doc said 'Me either. What do you think of this place?' Then she said 'I feel happy of living. Thankyou very much for creating me. Thankyou very much!' Then Finklestien said 'You welcome! This week I'll show you how to act, eat,read, and other stuff you need to know to live int this world. Goodnight.' Closes door behind him. Then the experiment grabbed a dusty chair and rested down her head and slept.

Mean while in the Skellington Maner......

Jack was finishing the plans then Sally came down looking worried. Jack told her 'What's wrong Sally?' Then Sally said 'Peter is not in the house!' Then Jack thought 'I don't want my son to get caught...I've got to make a lie.' Then Jack told her 'Are you sure he's not there?' Then Sally said 'I'm sure!' Then Jack said 'Lets go check together okay?' Then she smiled and said 'okay'

Then they both walked in the stairs. Then the hallway to Peter's room. Peter sneakly went to the bed and tucked into bed quickly. Zero flew to floor. Peter and Zero closed they're eyes. The door opened. Jack and Sally saw them sleeping quietly.

Then Sally was shocked and said 'B-but he wasn't here with Zero?' Then Jack pulled Sally closer to him and said 'Maybe your imaging stuff my ragdoll. You should sleep. Come with me I'll take you to bed.' Then Jack tucked Sally to bed. Sally said 'I love you!' Then Jack kissed her on the mouth and said 'I love you too!'

Mean while......

Lock, Shock, and Barrel were walking thru the woods with a huge bag of bugs to fill Oogie Bogie and bring him back to life. They didn't look happy. Then when they filled Oogie back. Then Barrel said 'I wonder what kind of bad stuff we'll do with him when he comes back to life.' Then Shock said 'Who knows maybe he'll have his revenge to all the citizens of Halloween. Even the Skellington family too!' Then Lock, Shock, and Barrel gave a big evil laugh. They al laughed 'Wahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Then Lock said 'Well Now Ooggie is almost done. We'll just have to get some frog lance to bring him back to life.' Then Shock said 'Yeah....No we can't do that! Sissys!!!!' Then Lock and Barrel said 'WHY NOT!!!!!!!' Then Shock said 'If we bring him back to life he'll boss us around us agin!!'
Then Lock said 'Yup Shocks right if we bring him back he'll lie and boss us agin!' _______________
To be continued......................

Guess now who's the first victim of this story?

(theres a clue in some pictures of the experiment)

Plz rate and comment!

Who would like to add they're fan characters?

Guess what will happen now?

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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