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The experiment

Oogie's back tell a friend

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

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Then shock said 'Hmmm....mabey we should bring him back? Cause it won't be fun with out that?' Barrel replyed 'Yeah it woulden't be fun with out Oogie.' Then Lock said 'Well I'm the leader(Shock and Barrel start coughing with a hand over they're mouth)....I'll always be the leader if you like or NOT!!!!!! The mayor almost caught us today with the bugs and we are gonna bring Oogie BACK TO LIFE to do very bad things in Halloween!' Then Shock said 'Well then lets begin losers!' Then they begin arguing.

Mean While.............

The mayor came humming with joy to Jack's house. He knocked and Talked thru his mega phone. He was saying 'Jack you did the plans!!' Inside was Sally cooking food in the kicthen. Peter and Sandy were in the living room playing fetch with Zero.

Then the door rang agin. Then Sally said 'Can one of you...' Then Sandy said 'I'll get it.' While she went to get the door. Peter threw one of his rib bones for Zero to fetch. Then Sally's black cat was walking to the kicthen. Zero ran to the cat and growled at the cat. The cat hissed and tried to scratch Zero. But Zero barked at it and made the cat run to the kicthen. And Zero chased the cat to the kicthen. It made Sally make a scream from the kicthen.

Sandy was opening the door. The mayor was still screaming in the mega phone. Sandy said 'BOOOOOO!!!'said it loudly to him. It made the mayor screamed like a girl. Then the mayor turned Then he said 'Hi Sandy!(Turned to a sad face) did you hear that noise?' Then she said 'What noise Mayor?' Then he said ' d-didn't hear it?' Then she answered 'Nope not all!' Then she added 'Maybe it's a echo that came when you was screaming?' and she was smiling. Then the mayor said 'Maybe?. Is your dad here?' Then she said 'Nope he went to visit my gramma and grampa... but he did leave the plans. Here they are!' Then handed the plans then the mayor said 'Thankyou!' Then she replyed 'You welcome!!' Then the mayor remembered and told Sandy 'I saw somthing supesous today....from the trio...they had some big bag of something. I hope they don't bring Oogie Bogie back. Uh-Oh jack told me not to tell his children of him.!(Then slaps his head).'

Then she was interested who Oogie was and asked 'Whos Oogie?' Then the Mayor said 'Sorry I'm not allowed to tell you!' Then she said 'Please!!' Then he said 'Fine. Promise you won't tell nobody of this!' Then she said 'I promise!' Then he said 'Even your dad!' Then she said 'Okay!' So he told her the WHOLE story of Oogie Bogie. Then she said ' mom and dad never told me and my brother of him. How could you guys never told us about him?' Then the Mayor felt nervous and said 'Well your dad and mom wanted to protect you guys. Oh and tell your dad and mom that your grampa and gramma wants to see them tonight.' Then Sandy said 'Okay I'll tell them.' Then they both said bye to each other.The mayor left and Sandy closed the door. Then she thinking that she should tell somebody of Oogie. Then she say Zero chasing the black cat around the house. And Sally and Peter trying to stop the chase. Then Sandy helped them.

Mean while.....

'DONE!!!' Lock, Shock, and Barrel finished building Oogie. The Oogie got up and said 'You guys look the almost the same like my trio' Then Lock said 'We're Lock, Shock, and Barrel. You trio Master.' Then Shock and Barrel said 'Yeah Oogie!' Then Oogie said 'Thanks for bringing me back boys. How ya got my parts back?'

Then Lock answered 'We found it in the Doc's house yestorday Oogie. Also things had not change since you were gone from Halloween Town. The skellington kids have grown. And Jack and Sally are still Pumpkin King and Queen.' Then Oogie growned and said 'That Ragdoll and Bone man! Oh how I remember them! They ruined my LIFE!!!!! I'll have my bigest revnge on them. I'll even kidnap there children. I'll show them how I felt all these years!! It will be like the Nightmare before Halloween.' Then Barrel said 'Boss Halloween already passed.' Then Oogie said 'I know that idiot!! But it will come sooner than they think! Wahahahahahhahahhahaha!!!!!

TO BE CONTINUED...............

What do think is gonna happen in the next chapter of the story?

Sandy is KatrinaVanTassel's character.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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