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The experiment

The truth begins

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Lock said 'We need a plan Oogie, we need to now what we'll shall do to them.' Then Oogie replyed 'Well yes my son we do need a plan for my revenge of that Ragdoll and Skellington. I already have a paln for them. I have a big Oogie present for them....' Then Barrel said 'And?' Them Oogie screamed at him 'LET ME FINISH FOOL!! DON'T INTERUPT ME!!!!!! For there kids kidnapping. Ragdoll and Boneman a sad life like mine. a sadder life for Bone man. The Ragdoll will die also in front of him. Jack will lose his town.'

All trick-or- treaters sighed and Shock said 'That sounds like A-LOT of work Oogie!!!!' Then Oogie said 'Your right. Mabey just one gift for Halloween Town. Mean while I need you guys to practice your Kidnaping skills for 2 marrow.'


'Experiment I need you to stay inside while I tell the town about you tonight and your abilities. So If you need any thing you can come out and do what you need to do. Bye Experiment.' Shuts the door shutly. Then the Experiment walked out of her room when they left to the town hall. She went to the libary.

Went quitly to shelf. Took out a book. She was suprised theyre were music notes. Then she walked around the house. Found a old dusted piano. She then quickly ran in the dusted floor to the piano. She triped and got up. Then ran toward to the piano. Then she reached it. She found a small seat next to it.

She sat down. She placed the book next to it. Then she stared at the leters confused. Her hair chaned Orange and eyes Hazel.

Then she saw her hands geting up. Then her finger tips touched the piano. Began making music. She was suprised they could move on there own. Wathed as her hands began making music.

Mean while....

Jack and Sally were getting to the door. Jack said one last reminder to Sandy and Peter. 'Guys I don't want to see you guys still awake when we come back like last time we came back and you guys did a party while we were away. The house was a mess. Zero chasing Black Snow ball agin.....Understood? Or you'll be grounded and no allowence!' Then Sally said 'Hurry Jack we don't want to keep them waiting for us agin for the fifth time.' Then Jack told them agin 'Remember go to sleep earlier!'

Then Jack got out with Sally out of the house then he shut the door hard. Then Peter saw his sis looking worried. Then he asked her 'Sandy what happen?' Then she turned to him and said 'I'm not going to tell you!' Then Peter said 'Please!!!' Then she sighed and said 'Fine I'll tell you...don't tell mom or DAD! or else!!!' Then he said 'I promise!'

Then she said 'Okay I'll tell you about Oogie Bogie.' Then he interupted 'Oogie who?' Then she said 'OOGIE BOGGIE!!!' Then he said don't get mad get glad!' and giggled.

Then she said 'It's not funny bro. This is really important. You need to hear this good.....(then told him all of Oogie and his stuff he did in Halloween Town.) ...that's the whole story of Oogie Bogie.' Then Peter looked worried and said 'Who t-told you that?'

Then she said 'I rather not tell you' Then he said 'Please!!!'' Then she said 'The mayor. I promised him I wouldn't tell no one. Don't tell no one. Please!'

Then he said 'I won't ell no one about this. Then he said 'I meet the experiment the Doc made yestorday and shes my friend.' Then she said 'How? When? But Doc haven't showed her yet...Don't tell me you sneacked out agin? That's not fair mom always catches me!'

Then he said 'I bet shes bored like us....Lets give her a visit? Mom and dad won't come until...2:35 am....and its just 6:00 pm.' Then she said 'But what about Zero and Black Snowball?' Then he replyed 'Let's take them too!'

So then Sandy and Peter left the house with theyre pets
out of the house. They saw one there friends coming out of the Witches house. They're friend said 'Hi guys!' They told him 'Hi Moo!'

To be continued..........


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Wat Is Oogie planing to do??

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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