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The experiment

Hello friend

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Sandy ''Where you going?'' Then Moo said ''Just to the lab to pick up something special.'' Then Peter said ''Where just about to go there. Would you like to join us?'' Then Moo answered ''Sure! The docter told me my baby cow is in the lab.'' Then they walked to the Lab.

Mean while......

The docter was talking about the experiment. Some of Jack and Sally's children where getting bored in the Town Hall. Jackie and Cathy where little twins. They were weeping of boredness in the Town Hall. Jack had to carry both of them in his arms and cover they're mouths from crying out load.

Cathy manged to bite her dad's hand and Jack gave a small weep. Then Jackie bit her dad's hand too! And then Jack weeped more. And made the two twins cry.

Then Sally said ''Jack please your scaring the kids..'' Then Jack said in a sad face ''B-But!'' Then Sally said ''No buts!...Give me the twins!''

Then when Sally had the twins in her lap. The twins turned to there dad and gave a evil grin and a scary laugh with it. Jack stared at the twins. Very worried. Sage was then giggling softly next to her dad. He said ''It's not funny Sage!'' Then she answered ''Yes it is Dad! LOL!'' Then Jack told Sage ''Look if you don't tell no one of this you'll have a raise on your allowence!'' Then she answered ''YEY! 2 thousand dollars woohoo! I'm Rich!!''

Then one of the citizens asked Dr. Finklestien ''Why does isn't the experiment here?'' Then the crowed said ''Yeah?''
Then the Doc answered ''Well I have to let the experiment inside for a few days inside before entering this town. Next question...''

Mean while.....

The experiment stopped palying the piano when she heard a moo from a little baby cow from the lab. She was interested from what was it. So she walked toward the lab were Dr. Finklestien worked allot.

She opened the door. She gazed around the lab until she saw the cow. She saw a little creature mooing inside a cage. She walked toward the cage. She read a letter over it. It said.

''Experiment! Give this cow when Moo comes to visit you.''

Then saw why the cow was mooing. She saw tears coming from the lttle cow and opend the lock. And gently took out the baby cow and said ''Don't be sad little one. It's alright little one.'' She took the cow's tears off gently. Then the cow stopped crying and gave a happy moo.

Then she went to the living room and carried the little cow to the coach. And sat down playing with the little baby cow. The door rang. She put the little cow on the couch. She walked to the door.


Peter, Sandy, and Moo waited outside. Moo was so excited to see his birthday persent. Sandy was tickling Black Snowball. While Zero growled at Black Snowball. Peter was waiting quietly.

He was wondering why he was always shy around the Doc's experiment. He didn't knew he was falling more inlove with the experiment. The Experiment too was falling inlove with Peter. They both didn't know still. It was true love after all.

Experiment opened the door. She said ''Hi welcome. Please come in.'' They went in with the Experiment. Peter said ''H-hi you look beautidul in that dress''. And ran quickly after Zero. She was then blushing. Which made her eyes Pink and Hair curly and Red. Which macthed her Short Red dress. She saw a shy face on Peter. She was wondering why he was lookin shy.

She came to the room and saw who Moo was he was playing with his new cow with Sandy. Then Sandy manged to ask the Experiment '' So your the experiment the Doc made?'' Then The experiment said '' Yes...Finklestien created me yestorday.'' Then Sandy asked the experiment '' Would you like my brother to give you a tour aroung Halloween?''

Then Peter was shocked. Then the experiment said ''Okay...'' Then Sandy whispered to Peter '' Go already...'' Then Peter was very quit and got up to the experiment. Then they both walked out to the town. The Experiment was gazing around town she was very happy!


PLZ comment and rate ^^

Sage- Locks Love

Moo- Sora Envy Girl

Sandy- KatrinaVanTassel

Peter- Me

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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