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The experiment

What a tragedy....

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Peter was sweating to know he was outside with Avangeline. He was getting very nervous of this. He never been with a girl alone. She actually felt the same about him too! Avangeline was inlove with Peter but she didn't know how to tell him her crush on him.

Peter was inlove with Avangeline too! But he didn't know how to tell her. He was afraid Avangeline might reject his crush on her. Or even worse lose his frendship with her.

Avangeline finally spoke out ''So were is eveyone?'' Then Peter answered ''Well they are out the towh meeting.'' She asked Peter. ''What's a town meeting?''

''It's were someone invite the town citizens to the town Hall.''

''Oh. And what's the meeting about?''


The experiment blushed agin. '' Really but why?''

Then Peter asked himself what to say. He mumbled out ''Cause...your very interesting and important right now. Shall we go to the tour?''

Peter held out his big hand at Avangeline. She was still blushing. and she whispher ''Sure!'' Took his hand carefully.

Mean while...

Sandy asked Moo ''I wonder what's in the lab? I bet he has new experiments. I wonder what's he working on?''
Then Sandy felt bored ''I'm bored'' Then Moo asked ''Me 2'' The baby cow bit his hand.''OWW!! Okay I'm not that bored.'' Sandy said ''I wonder if..'' The door bell rang so hard. Which made the little cow shout a moo.

An hide behind Moo. Moo went to answer the door. There was Lizi, Cindy, and Suzie. Suzie said ''Hi! We manage to escape the town meeting.'' Cindy replied ''It was BORING!'' Lizi added ''The Doc kept Asking and staring at us with his evil eyes.'' Suzie told moo. ''You should have seen his face!''

Cindy burst a little laugh and said ''Jack WAS scared!'' Lizi added ''Those little skellingtons made Jack scream like a little human gurl!Poor old Jack! lol!!'' Cindy added ''We recorded it!'' Then Moo said ''Let me see!!'' Moo let them in the labortory. Sandy helped them look for the tv.

Sandy looked through the hallway. She went to the ecquipment room. She took the tv. She also saw something in the room very shocking. The doc's old bug experiment was dissapeared from it's self.

Sandy new that this was his very important experiment. It was a machine that made clones of bugs. She wondered if his experiment went wrong. She commented ''Oh well things just don't work sometimes. I was really looking furward on how the machine was gonna be. I wanted to scare Peter with the bugs at night. Oh well...'' And left the room but she knew something was wrong. She could feel it in her guts.


Sage and her little brothers and sisters were getting bored by there grand fathers shoutings in the town hall. The toturing twins were sleeping which made Jack happy. Sally was holding her little twins tightly by her arms. And rested her had on Jack's shouder. Sage was writing her ideas for her dad. While Dr. Finklestien was shouting in his mircrophone answering questions. Jack saw her ideas and said ''Excellent Sage. I'm so exccited that someday you'll rule this town. I know your gonna be knowing what to do. I raised an very intelligent daughter.'' Sage replied with a smile and told her father ''Thankyou dad! I'm glad to have a father like you!'' Jack answered her ''No, Thankyou!'' And gave her a quick hug. Sally was very glad to see them happy.

Mean while......

Oogie was asking the trio questions of what had happen know to the town while he was in his vacation. He became interested when Barrel told him about the experiment. So he said ''Guys I have a better plan!'' Shock asked him ''What kind of plan Boss?''


Sage - Lock's Love

Sandy- Frodo Lurvur

Suzie, Lizi - ~ArTLoVer4LiFe

Cindy - Frodo Lurvur

Moo- Sora Envy

TNBC characters - Tim Burton


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Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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