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The experiment

Oh cheese...

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Srrry for the longest wait....I think this almost ends here....last chapter......will it dosn't end here.....sequal will come in the weekend

Mean while......

Oogie was asking the trio questions of what had happen know to the town while he was in his vacation. He became interested when Barrel told him about the experiment. So he said ''Guys I have a better plan!'' Shock asked him ''What kind of plan Boss?''

Oggie ''Well I have a plan! bigger than your head imbecile!!!'' Shock turns furious and throws rocks at his belly. Then Oggie shouts at her saying ''Don't you EVER DO THAT AGIN!!! I'M YOUR FATHER!!!! Any ways this ''Experiment'' could be a part of our band. So this is what your going to do guys!'' Lock, Shock, and Barrel just stand there. ''COME HERE!'' They all run up to him quickly. And oggie starts telling the paln to them.

Mean while....

Peter and Ava were walking though town. Ava and Peter blushed everythime they gazed at each other. Ava saw a mysterious gate and ran toward it. Peter yelled ''Wait for me.'' and ran toward her. She replied to Peter ''What does this gate lead to?''

''To a grave yard located next to spiral hill.'' She said ''I heard theres a Hallow tree over there!'' She smiled so cute and said to Peter ''Can we go there? pretty please!!''

''Why yes we can. Come with me.'' he took her hand which made her ticklesh, giggle like a little human child, turn to white hair and black eyes. Peter asked her to wait there and went to talk to the gate keeper and said ''Can you open the gate door?''

''Of course you can.''

''Thankyou!'' and gave a tip to him. The gate keeper replied ''No thankyou!'' and galdly open the door for them. Then Peter told Ava ''Shall we then?'' and Ava said ''Oh course!'' and they both ran like little human kids.

Ava was amzed at how bright the moon was. She cirously asked Peter ''Is it true the moon is made out of cheese?'' and Peter answered '' isn't but I think if it was cheese I would start drooling over it all day'' and giggled with her. Then Peter started to feel shy agin. He said to him self. Good Peter - Come one Peter tell her already!! You don't have much time!!! Bad Peter - Come on! If she says no...then dude it will be..ummmm...your fault forever. so what the heck tell her NOW!!! Good Peter - You shall not force him that way!! Bad Peter ''Oh please!!''

''Shut up!'' Peter shouted. The Experiment turned to him ''Peter what happend?''

''Uh.....noting..hhehhehe...'' Ava repiled ''Okay...if you say so..'' Peter felt so stupid for saying that outload in front of her. Then Peter went toward her and he began to tell her what was bothering. She said ''Oh so you have a crush on me then?...'''

Then he said to himself oh no I blew it!''Oh yes..I mean no...n-no no I mean yes...I love you!!'' tehn he blushed so hard in front of her. Then she said ''Well this is embrassing for you...'' she blushed so hard too and said ''Well I have a biggger crush on you!'' She turned around to cover her embrassment.

Peter said ''R-really? since when?'' and and went in front of her ''Don't be wasn't shy when I told you!'' and she repiled ''Well...since I first saw you! I new It was love at first sight!'' and he added ''me too!'' They both giiggled and gazed into there eyes. Came closer, hugged, and kissed. Then Lock, Shock, and barrel came and separted them. It was to blurry they couldn't see them. Shock and Barrel held Peter. Lock held Ava while he took her her heart, and changed her eyes with gem rock eyes. And threw her to the ground.

Shcok and Barrel kicked Peter and ran. And Peter got up weakly and searched for her. He shouted Experiment where are you!!'' And then he gazed around for her until he found her quiet body next to the hallow tree. He kneeled and hugged her. He shed tears and screamed 'Noooooooo!!!!! What have they done to you!! Oh why!!! Experiment don't leave me. I l-love y-you!!!!!'' And carried her slowely to the docs lab.

Mean the raining and thoundering night.....

Moo, Sandy, Suzie, Cindy, Lizzi, and Moo's little cow wacthed a scary movie of a killer killing humans in friday 13th. The lights were turned off. Sandy ''No don't go in there!'' The young lady went in and the killer kills her with a knife though her skins!! and her guts coming out. They said ''Ewwwww!!!''' as the little cow got behind Moo. Cindy ''What's in there!'' As the guy came lookinf for a way to escape with his love. Then they were creeped out what was gonna happen next. They all shivered and hugged each other.

As they heard a noise. BANG BANG. They went under a blanket. As Peter came a shadow in they're view holding a big object. And they all screamed like humans. Zero and Black Snow Ball growled and hissed
at it. And Peter turned on the candle. And weeping slowely in sad tears and n his wet face carrying life less Ava in his arms. Sandy and the rest of them stared at shock at him. Sandy asked in terror ''W-w-what happen?'' Peter replied ''Someone did s-somthing ve-ery te-rrible.'' As he went to the other room and laid her life less body at the table she was created. Closed her eyes.

The end?

To be continued in ''Oggie's Back''

Expeiment is still ALIVE OKAY!!!!

They are all staring in a sequal.

PLZ comment and rate ^^

Sage- Locks Love

Moo- Sora Envy Girl

Sandy- KatrinaVanTassel

Peter- Me

Suzie, Lizi - ~ArTLoVer4LiFe

Cindy - Frodo Lurvur

Moo- Sora Envy

TNBC characters - Tim Burton


Plz rate and comment! ^^

Thankyou all you fans for reading the experiment!!!! Sequal will be called ''Oggies back!!''

and of course The experiment, old ones, and other new ones will be added too!1!! stay tune!!!! ^^

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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