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The experiment

Peter's hope

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

It's been some time I haven't uploaded another chapter to this story. I regret making kind of damaging the experiment. Sorry that I did that little accident years ago. Please forgive me. I feel bad what I did to Peter Skellington's love.

So here's a continuing of the story. Hope you guys like it Smile.


Peter was in his room quiet at the window. He was still depressed his love was gone. He thought what he would have done that night.

Someone was opening his bedroom door.
Sally said to her soon.

Peter slowly turned to her. "Has my grandfather Finkelstein fix her? Mom Frown?"

Sally sighed. "No dear son. But your dad is looking for Lock, Shock, and Barrel."

Peter got angry. "I hate them so much mom. How could they do that to the one I love. I hope dad catches them and throws them to jail." Peter told his mom.

Sally nodded yes.

Peter looked at his mom sadly. "Mom do you think Ava will be back like how she was before?"

Sally sighed and hugged her son Peter."I'm not sure dear. Lets just hope Frown."

Mean while...

Dr.Finkelstein worked on Ava. It was kind of difficult without the things that were taken off. Dr. Finkstein groaned. "Those evil trio."

At the tree house Lock, Shock, Barrel laughed.

Oogie's henchmen waited for Oogie in the tree house. But they didn't know Jack was going to give them a surprise visit.

"You three!!!" Jack angrily said.

Shock escaped through the window.

"Oh hello Jack. You came for these eyes and heart?"

Jack replied to him. "Give them to me."

"Nuh uh. They're Oogie's now."

Jack walked to him and pushed him him hard away while he took away Ava's eyes and heart from Lock. Barrel ran away. Lock grunted. "Jack this won't be the last I tell will rue the day..."

"Shut up." Jack said as he jumped out the window. The skeleton police handcuffed Lock and Barrel.

Shock outside hid in abandoned house in hinterlands.

"Those two idiots. Why did I listen to them?" Shock said to herself.

Jack returned home.

And gave Peter a surprised hug.

Peter was confused.

"Peter I got back her eyes and heart."

Peter sadly smiled.

Jack took his son to Dr. Finklestein's lab.

Ava was then shot with powering bolts.

The experiment failed...wait....Ava was moving her hand. Her eyes opened.


Peter smiled with tears of joy. He hugged his gal.

"Oww." Ava said. Her chest hurted.

Dr. Finklestein gently pushed Peter away.

"Sorry grandson. You have to let her rest for a while. She got her eyes and heart back y'know..." Dr.Finklestein told Peter.

Dr.finklestein asked Jack. "How did you get her eyes and heart back Jack?"

Jack told him. "Just looked through the cameras in town and figured it out where Lock, Shock and Barrel where hiding at."

Peter looked at the experiment. She looked beautiful and charming still.

Ava couldn't remember what happened last night. Her eyes and heart hurted still. Peter held her hand and told her that everything's okay. He kissed her hand. She blushed.

"Oh sorry Ava...I..."

She held his hand. "It's okay Peter." She looked at him with a smile on her face. "I liked it."

A few days later...

Peter told Ava the experiment everything that happened that night. How she asked if the moon was made of cheese. How they ran like kids to the top of the spiral hill. How they confessed they had a crush on each other. Ava kissed him. He kissed her back.

They started dating. But something was still in her mind. She was scared Lock and the other two would do something bad to her again.

Meanwhile in Oogie's lair. Shock followed Oogie's orders. Oogie still hated Jack and still hated he had lost again. Well not him. It was Lock's and Barrel's fault.


To be continued stay tune for more Smile.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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