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~The son of Oogie Boogie~

Town Meeting

© N.B.C. fan freak

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

~Town meeting~

Jack walked up to the group of monster and ghouls and said his hello. Like always, Lock Shock and Barrel were up to ther tricks. They were found in front of the door and charging admission. "Hey, miss corpse would you like to have tickets for the meeting." Said lock trying to hide his evil grin. "I did not know town meeting cost anything." Said Mrs. Corpse as she looked at her husband in confusion. "Yeah Jack charging now, he said something about the town needs to look scarier and it cost money." Shock said trying to back up the lie. "Yeah it cost money, and he trust us." Barrel added. But stopped when he received a evil look from his partners. "Well fine, how much does it cost?" Said the corpse father as he got out his wallet. Mrs. Corpse looked at them in disbelief. But her husband didn't notice her look. "How much do you have on you?" Asked Shock. "I guess 100 dollars in Halloween coins." "Then it is 100 dollars," said Lock as he snatched the money away. The Corpse family walked in with a feeling that they have been tricked and the three got a new victim.

"What are you doing," asked Jack as he walked towards the booth. He looked around to see people making a gape around the door. "Nothing just showing you how much people really care for our town, see look at all the money they gave us to give to you." Said Lock in a nervous way as he took the money and showed it to Jack. Shock and Barrel were behind Lock cowering in fear. "That not true give back all of ther money now." Jack said in a fierce way as he picked up lock and shook him so he can get the point. "Ok Jack, ok, let go." Said Lock screaming, Shock and Barrel were holding each other."Fine get inside and behave yourselves." Said Jack as he pointed to the door. He made sure that those three went in there without any trace of money on them, and everyone who paid got ther money back.

"Ok everyone sit down and enjoy this meeting." The Mayor said in his loud speaker. Everyone sat and waited for Jack to get on stage. He finally arrived making sure that his speech was going to be a good one and with a delightful smile on his skull. He arrived and started with a topic about that the pumpkins were becoming short this year and that needed to be fixed. Then he switched topic cause he knew he was losing the audience with his tiring speech.
"Monster and ghouls please listen I have something I want to tell you but it is a secret." Jack said as the audience paid close attention on what Jack had to say. "As you well know Sally and me are seeing each other for some time now and I know you citizens approve of this, that why I need help on what I am about to say." "Are you saying that you want to propose Jack?" Said a voice in the audience. "Yes, I want to but I want it to be special for her, and I do not know what to do." Jack said. He looked around and people were talking in a whisper. "So you want us to help Jack." Said another voice. "Yes, I would really appreciate it." Jack said in a cheerful voice. "Fine Jack when shall we all get started." Said the mayor. "The sooner the better." Jack said. "But what should we do Jack." Said another voice. As that question went on three little children still wanted to have fun.

"We are going to get in so much trouble Lock," Barrel said in a worried whisper tone. "Since when do you care about getting in trouble? Shh, this is our chance." Lock said as he was about to do something. "So, any other questions before I move on to the next topic." Jack asked as he looked around the room. "I have a suggestion not a question." Said Lock in a girly evil voice trying to disguise his voice. "Ok tell me," Jack said. "Well why don't you take her out of town to a nice place were she would love to spend time with you and then propose." Said Lock giggling when he finished his sentence. Shock looked at Barrel who was giving Lock the sign that he was crazy. Lock saw him and punched him in the stomach "That a splendid idea, I should of thought of that before." Said Jack in his happy way. Then all of the sudden the audience had an evil glare and looked at where the voice was coming from. Barrel was gasping for breath then stopped when he notice something changing in the audience. Lock, Shock and Barrel looked at each other until Shock said something. "Hey, what happen to the little girl that was sitting next to us?" Said Shock trying to keep a good lie. "Yeah... what happen to... that ghost girl?" Asked Barrel who was still trying to breath. "I do not know Barrel guess she disappeared," said Lock as he looked at Barrel waving his fist to tell him if he does not stop acting strange he would beat him up again. "Well the next time you see her tell her the town and I thank her." Jack said looking at the trio. "Now then on to business." Jack said tying to get paper out of his suite case.

"Hehehe, Lock, Jack called you a girl," Barrel said as he and Shock started laughing. "Shut up before I punch your teeth in instead of your stomach. " Lock said as he waved his fist. "Hey, Lock why did you say that to Jack anyways," Shock said. "Don't you get it if we kick Jack out of town, ther will not be anyone to protect it, giving Louie a perfect shot of running the town and we will be next to him running it also." "Good point let's get out of here." Barrel said and they all left after the meeting was over.

So what is going to happen when the evil trio go and tell Louie about what they done, and is Jack going to go through on what the "ghost girl" said. And, how is Sally going to react towards this going away thing anyways?

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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