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~The son of Oogie Boogie~

~What a Day~

© N.B.C. fan freak

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

~What a day ~

After Jack was done with the meeting, he thought of what he said to the town's people would leak out and finally reach Sally's ears. But he also was thinking of what to say when he got to the stairs and opened the door to see her face. Jack walked out of town hall, and tried to keep himself undetected. He snuck behind the mayor and the town's people. The Mayor looked back but didn't see anything. Jack was leaning against the wall of town hall and slowly moving away from the crowd. Jack held his breath and continued around the building. He was half way home when the Mayor spotted him. "Wait Jack, come here we want to talk to you" the Mayor said with the town's people behind him. "Shi...oot, the mayor spotted me. (hehehe, I almost made jack said a bad word.) Jack grumbled under his breath. Mayor cant this wait, I have to go home and see Sally." Jack said trying to escape. "No, we want to know when shall we get started with the plans." The Mayor said in a loud voice because he saw Jack trying to run away. "Shhh, Jack said as he put a finger to his lips. Jack walked towards the mayor in a stomp. "Do you want her to know I am making plans for her?" Jack said in a whisper. "No" the Mayor replied also in a whisper. The town's people were looking at them both. "Okay then, so I will speak to you later maybe tomorrow perhaps." "Fine Jack but don't forget, okay." "Don't worry mayor I wont." Jack said, and then left towards his home again crossing his finger that Sally didn't hear what the big mouth mayor said.

Finally, when Jack got to the stairs he heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen. He tried to open the door but it was locked. He ran towards the kitchen window, luckily, it was open. He looked around in a dust of flower powder and waved the dust around so he can see better. Then he heard another crash right beside him and waved his hands again. Finally, he saw Zero on the floor licking the mess up. "Zero where Sally?" Jack asked as he was trying to clear the air. "I am right here Jack. Sally said trying to clean up the area she was in. Oh, Jack, I am so sorry please for give m- Jack interrupted. "Don't worry sally it is ok," Jack said giggling because Sally was covered in flower. "What so funny Jack." Sally said in a confused look. "You covered in mess Sally you look quite like that." Jack said still giggling. "Jack I thought you'd be mad at me." Sally said, as she looked very confused. "Sally, how can I be mad at the person I love. You know I love you to much for that sort of temper, but if I may ask what happened." Jack said as he picked up sally in his arms and carried her to the living room couch.

Jack sat sally down and she began to speak. "Well it all started when you left, Zero and me were looking at each other. He was on the floor and I was on the couch. We were waiting for one of us to do something. We wasted at least an hour looking at each other. Then I asked him if he wanted to play fetch, but he shook his head no. So I asked him if he wanted to go outside for a walk, but he shook his head no again. So finally, I asked him if he wanted me to make him a treat. Right when I said treat he jumped in the air and started twirling." Sally said finishing her sentence, and cleaning as much mess as she could. "But Sally that still does not tell what happened." Jack said as he cleaned mess from her cheek. "I was not finished, I just stopped so I can clean up myself so you can stop laughing at me." "Oh, sorry, continue than." Jack said as he looked at Sally and gave her his sorry look.

"Okay, so I walked to the kitchen and looked for some ingredients. I looked in the cabinet and saw some flour, so I picked it up. but Zero was on me trying to see what I was doing. He pushed me and I dropped the flour all over, and dust clouds started to form all around us. Zero got uneasy and started to get out of control and hit pans and things. I tried to stop him but he went on. I looked in the sink cabinet for some pans so I can use them for fans. But zero flew right in ther, so I tried get him out and as I tried, pans started flowing out all over the floor. And Zero got more scared and crashed on to the powder again, so he ran to a corner and I tried to clean the house before you came home. That when you came. "

Jack had a look of amazement, he never thought that leaving those two alone would cause so much chaos. But then broke his thought and looked at Zero who was on the floor, whimpering because he knew he was going to be in big trouble. "Zero have I not trained you to behave better, I am very disappointed in you boy." Jack said as he pointed a finger. "Jack please don't get mad at him he just wanted a treat." Sally said in a way that made jack fall for her. "Sally, I know, but he knows better then that," Jack said. "Don't worry about it Jack, we can all let this be behind us now, okay." Sally said as she picked up Jack hand and took him to the kitchen. Jack looked at Zero with a evil look before leaving the room and Zero jumped in the air, cause he knew he was out of trouble when Sally was around.

Wow, what a mess, thank god I was not there to clean it up. Anyways Jack got lucky, he didn't need to tell her yet, but how long can he keep this up. And what happening to the three evil henchmen now.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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