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The night I met Jack

Final Goodbyes

© Tifa, the Strange

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'It's Sunday morning' Tifa thought to herself after she awoke in Jack's manor in Krystal's bed. 'Now the others had left, but now, my auntie and my sister are leaving too'. She didn't want them to leave at all, they were her family, her most closest friends. But she had to let go of her family, so they could go to new worlds or being in their own created world or galaxy.

Someone knocked at the door, awakening her demon cat, Kilala, (sometimes gets out of the house to wander off to some parts of Halloween Town, but this time, she just stayed.)

"Tifa? Breakfast is ready, come down here" said her aunt Maribel (Well, make it Orube-.-), the girl just sighed, she still wasn't prepared for their departure, but she did it anyway.

"Okay auntie, I'm comming", so she just got out of bed and whent down the stairs to the Kitchen, she realized that Jack and Sally weren't there, not even Zero, only Orube and Natalie were there, eating some strange soup with a very strange smell (gues wich soup^_^).

"Hey, where's Jack, and Sally?"

"Natalie will tell you that and, good news, Sally's pregnant" said Orube with a happy face, this also surprised Tifa, she's gona have little one's to take care of (AWWWWW!!!!!!).

"Jack and Sally are at the town hall for a meeting," said her little sis. "I think I'm not gonna eat this."

"Hey, Natalie, remember what mom said, before I murder her (YEAH!!!^_^), you have to try something before judging it's taste."

"Well, this 'soup' looks kind of 'Icky', Jack said it's called 'wormswart soup', don't wanna know from what's it made of" then she made an Icky face.

Tifa just moaned at her sister and took her soup and spoon and tried it, Orube was shocked for seeing her niece eating that stuff, but Natalie still stared at Tifa with a disgusted face along with barfing noises.

With a few tastes, she put down the plate and spoon on the table. "There, happy now?" she said, sarcasticly, "I think I'm gonna be sick" Natalie just ran to the bathroom and really vomited, "Me too" and Orube ran outside and barfed at the garbage can, ignoring the bad smell.

"What are their problems? this soup is great!^_^" so she grabed the plate and she put more soup in it until she got full.

It was noon at the Halloween Town airport, Natalie and Orube's flight to other worlds or galaxies were now departing. "I'm gonna miss you guys," Said Tifa to her sis and aunt. "Go... away... Icky person..." said Natalie, she still remembered the 'soup thingie' that happened this morning.

That made Tifa giggle a bit and hugged her sister, and now, it's Orube's turn to say goodbye, this was really hard for all of them. "Guys, you may want to hurry up because the Gummi Ships could leave at any minute." said Jack, snapping them back to reality.

"Okay Jack, Tifa, Natalie..." started Orube, almost breaking into tears. "I'm gonna miss you" she hugged her nieces very tightly, crying also, not letting them breath until she let go, whiping the tears of her cheeks.

"Tifa, Natalie, these are for you," she gave a little wrapped box to both of them, "You can open them later, bye."

So she left them alone to get in her plane to Kandrakar. "Well Tifa, this is it, now we have to say our goodbyes."

Tifa didn't answer her, she grabed her sisters hand and she put something in her sisters grasp. "Here, you'll need this more than I do Natalie." Natalie noticed that her sister gave her a Keychain that had a rose simbol.

"What's this?"

"It's a chain that shows your chosen keyblade, I've found it on the ship were it used to be our home, you must go now, your plane is waiting for you."

"Thanks sis" Natalie hugged Tifa and ran off to her flight to Hogwarts. Tifa felt really sad for letting them go, but she evdaded her crying and whent back with Jack and Sally, who were waiting for her outside the Gummi Ship airport.

When they say her, she just ran to them and hugged them, crying with all her heart. "We know you miss them Tifa, it's just they way things are," said Sally, trying to make her feel better and evading the harm to her baby, or babies, cuz she already had a big belly.


Now Tifa has left her family and she is also waiting for Sally's newborn baby (or babies) to come, because by Kenashi's death and Tifa's acceptance to this world changed time, advancing it to 10 years, the very same years that had past from Krystal's death. Soo, that means the teens from Jack's brothers and Sally's sisters are now adults and now married, with kids to take care of.

It also means that the newborn babies (yes, you guess right, their babies) are now teens, quadruplet sons and triplet daughters, born separately.

Dun Dun Dun DUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jeje,

~*The End*~
Well, what do ya think?? I now, chappy Too long, next chappy will describe Jack and Sally's sons and daughters... I now, I now, too many kids but, I'll need some time alone now, byes

~*Tifa, the Strange*~^_^

coments please!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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