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The night I met Jack

The task beyond

© Tifa, the Strange

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It was a normal day in Halloween Town, the children were playing in the town square and the adults were doing their daily activities, but for Jack and Sally, king and queen of this magnificent world, had other worries.

"What are we going to do Jack?" asked Sally to her husband, "I really don't know Sally, it has been 10 years since Krystal's death and nothing had changed, not even our son has changed or growned and everyone is acting as if nothing happened here." said sadly the pumpkin king, for what he said was true, they had two children, a daughter and a son, both with human and monster caracteristics.

Krystal was a fine young 15 year old with wings of an Articuno, blue hair, blue eyes, had a strong sence of justice and wielded the Oathkeeper keyblade, their son Robin, is a dignified young 14 year old boy with wings of a Pidgeotto, black hair and wears a mask that covers his eyes(no one from the town knew why but his family did, he had no eyes at all, he lost his eyes when he encountered a Heartless when he was nine years old) and he has a strong will.

And in this very moment, he was spying on his parents. If he could get the right information, he could go to the Hinterlands and complete a task that is at hand.

"I know Jack, but... I have a feeling that something strange is going to happen," said Sally, worried. "I feel, as if... a dark presence is comming... I really don't know why, but... maybe you could ask the corpse bride who lives in the Hinterlands these questions, maybe she has the answers we need to bring back our daughter from the dead."

"Maybe, Sally, but sometimes she doesn't give the answers straight away," continued the king. "Sometimes she gives in some sort of riddle that we must unrable ourselves, like she is toying with the person asking a random question," he said angrily. " But, she may have a reason why, but, she is your friend and, after all, she is wise though," said Sally.

"Wise?," whispered Robin to himself. "Helloooo, she is a corpse, corpse's are not wise nor alive, and, how could she be my fathers friend when dad never spoke of her in our lives?," he whispered angrily, walking silently to his bedroom to finish packing some stuff he'll need for protection from any harm of dark creatures named the Heartless.

While he was packing, nearing nightfall, the Skellington's ghost dog Zero, went to his room, curious. "Hey Zero," Robin said, still packing some weapons, unaware that Zero was knowing bit by bit of what Robin was going to do. The ghost dog bit his cape and pulled with all his strength twice, to warn the young prince to not go to the Hinterlands.

"I know it's dangerous Zero, but, I must do this for my sister," said Robin sadly. "But, maybe mom and dad are right, maybe the corpse bride really does have the answers. And the way to bring back Krystal. Dad must never know what I'm up to Zero, but you'll only tell him in an emergency, okay?" Zero just nodded as an answer. "Thanks boy," the prince said, opening his bedroom window. "Goodbye Zero," he spreaded his wings and flew to the graveyard by the moonlight, with many dangers awaiting him before he encounters for the first time the Corpse Bride.


In the Hinterlands, a woman was waiting for her next visitor, a royal visitor under the light that reflected the moon. She just standed there next to her grave, with her black flowers aside, gasing upon the horizon of the graveyard this world had.

"........ Robin....... Skellington.........." said the Corpse Bride.
"........... We'll finaly meet soon....... your higness..........."


Please tell me what you think, I hope this wasn't too long or too short. If all of you were wondering, Robin IS THE ROBIN WE ALL KNOW FROM TEEN TITANS.
And if many of you don't know who the corpse bride is, visit this site:

And watch the trailer, comments PLEASE.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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