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The night I met Jack

The Stealth Sneak attack

© Tifa, the Strange

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Jack's nightmare:
Light flashes............light fades...............He and Sally run towards the Spiral Hill............ Sally begins to cry............ both of them stare at the pale face of their daughter.......... lying there........ dead............... clock.... 10 years have past....... Jack can still hear the voice of his daughter............ singing her favorite song along with him... the Spiral Hill song..... Lighting crashes throughout the night........ Krystal disappears with a scream...... dream fades......

Jack awoke from his nightmare, and sighed of relief that it was only a dream, or a memory. He stared with a lovingly smile at Sally, still dreaming. He aproached the nearest window his room had and gazed upon the horizon.

He started to cry silently for his daughter, while whiping of his tears from his bony cheeks, he noticed something flying towards the graveyard. He transformed himself into an Absol (why? 'cause he's somesort of an animagus) to observe more closely to the figure. 'NO!' he thought, transforming back to himself.

'Robin! Why is he up in these hours and flying to the grave..... Oh My GOD! he's going to see the Corpse Bride, he's soo grounded.' He changed from his pijamas and in his Phantom costume and left a note to Sally, if she ever wakes up at this time.

He ran as fast as he could towards the graveyard to stop his son into seeing his long lost friend.


Robin had landed near the Spiral Hill, Krystal's favorite place. He noticed his sister's grave, and gazed sadly at it. "Krystal," he said, remembering the things she taught him.

The memories:
Light flashes... light fades... The two Skellington heirs are on a little island next to a waterfall in an indian forest... Robin tries to contact an airspirit... but fails many times... Krystal encourages her little brother to keep trying... she sings an indian song:

Kwe kwe natura
Motto sada ku
Listen with your heart
you will understand

Le shinke nefa botu
Lacora ning meda
Listen with your heart
you will understand...

memory fades....

"I can't let her down," said Robin, snapping out of his memories. "I'll bring you back Krystal, I promise, and noone will get in my way to do so." So he began walking throught the entrance to the Hinterlands, wich it's still a long way before he meets the bride.


The Corpse Bride was no longer near her grave, but near the exit of her home, waiting for a young prince to ask his questions to the wise corpse.


Robin had some trouble on his way, he encountered many Heartless before and they were the same, very difficult to defeat alone. "Take this you little freaks!," he thrown some electrick disks at the Heartless, and one by one they were disappearing until there was no more. "I gotta lay of these heartless for know, I'm all out of elecdisks," he only had like 9 or 13 normal exploading disks that took 2 or 3 to destroy a Heartless.

It only took 4 seconds until a Stealth Sneak Boss Heartless to appear and battle, "Aww, man!" said Robin, with a little bit of strenght left not risking it to fight. He now knew that this was now his moment of death and he went out cold, fainted, but it was not over yet. Jack came to the rescue before the boss charged an attack on Robin.

Jack reflected the attack with a Light Screen barrier. "NO ONE WILL HARM MY CHILDREN NO MORE YOU BEAST!!!!!!" shouted the king and unleashed a burst of black flames from his body and attacked the heartless finishing him once and for all, and it gave his heart to the other Heartless, laying there with no life and it's body vanished.

While Jack came to his sences again, he started a campfire so his son could rest from the battles, carrying his son and putting him near the fire while coating him with a warm blanket. "Don't worry, my son, no one will harm you anymore," he said, running his bony fingers through Robin's hair lovingly, like any other father would do to their young sons.


TELL ME, WAS IT GREAT OR WAS IT GREAT????? Well, the heartless are not mine, they are from Kingdom Hearts. And sorry, but, I think till nezt chappy they'll meet the corpse bride, and NO, JACK IS NOT A WUSS, he just cares for his children and he doesn't whant to lose Robin.


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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