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The night I met Jack

The father, the son and the Corpse Bride

© Tifa, the Strange

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When Robin finally restored his energy, he noticed Jack gazing upon the stars in the night sky after he putted back his mask over his eye holes. He hardly remembers anything of the fight against the Stealth Sneak boss Heartless that happened 2 hrs. ago.

"Dad?," he said, trying to get up from the hard ground, but he still had the pain that Heartless did to him a few hours ago.

"Robin! Don't get up, you need your rest and when you fully recover we'll go home, you are in much trouble already by sneaking out of the house to see the Corpse bride," said the king with a little bit of worryness and anger.

"But dad, I need to see the corpse, I have to. I made a promise to Krystal," he said trying to reason with him. " And what promise is that? To bring her back from the dead? You know this is dangerous," Jack interrupted with much anger in his heart, he dosen't want to loose him like he lost his daughter, but Robin wanted to do this.

Jack sighed, "Well, okay, we'll see the Corpse together," said Jack, relieving his son. "But only this once, then you will not do it again, promise?." "I promise dad." said Robin with a grin on his face.

"Well, what are we waiting for? let's go already," Said the almighty king with the young prince by his side.


It took a 1hr walk to get to the entrance of the corpse's home in the deepest part of the Hinterlands (No, it is not where the holiday doors are.)

"Hmm...," said Jack. "Nobody's home, aww man!" said Robin sadly. "Don't let your hopes down Robin, were not alone, she's here, I know it by experience. She's hiding somewere, not in the tree's, but underground."

"What do you mean 'underground' dad? Do you mean, right beneath us? But... How?."

"She's a corpse, Robin, some corpses can go underground with the use of magic dust made by a banshee, mythical creatures, beautiful, but dangerous."

After this little talk Jack sat down on the cold hard ground, making Robin even more nervous, but he had to do this, for his sister. Not both of them noticed a skeletal arm reaching out of the ground near where Jack was sitting, the arm grabed and pulled Jack's own bony wrist to the ground. Robin was even scared than usual when seeing the bony arm that came out of the ground.

"DAD!," shouted Robin, while running towards Jack to save him, but it was unesesary because Jack pulled up his own arm and broke free, but the bony arm was still graving his wrist.

"Oh My GOODNESS!," screamed the king, very, very scared, even scared than Robin. His son ran and kicked the bony arm, saving his father. The ground started to shake when a hole appeared in the ground with a figure arising from the depths of the earth.

Even if Jack knew that the figure was his long lost friend, he was scared out of his guts as well as Robin. The figure started to walk towards the bony arm so she could put it back on in its place of her body.

"Hello... Jack... and... Robin... Skellington... I've been expecting you...," said the Corpse Bride, revealing herself releaving the two scared ones.

"PLEASE, STOP DOING THAT!," said Jack angrily, making the bride giggle a bit. "Yeah, your gonna get the crap out of me," said Robin without thinking.

"ROBIN SKELLINGTON!," said Jack very angrily to Robin, he had to be nice to people at all times.

"Sorry dad, it will never happen again. Okay, now let's get back into business. So you're the Corpse Bride, never heard of you in my life thanks to my father," Jack blushed a bit when the corpse looked at him a bit sadly with confusion.

"I heard you have the answers of anything in this universe, so I'll test your knowledge right here, right now... "

"Don't you be so sure, dear prince," interrupted the Corpse Bride. "I may know anything but, I don't give the answers straight away young one. You have to do a little something first," continued the wise one.

By hearing this Robin lost his patience and tried to attack the Corpse Bride, but Jack stopped him as quickly as posible. "Hmm... so the young prince lacks patience, well... it was going to be something easy, but by your interest on fighting convinced me to have a little duel with you two."

"All right, a fight," said happily Robin, making his father nervous on how him and his son will work together in this battle.

"The fight will start..." said the bride. "NOW!"


(atk means attack and def means defence)

This is Halloween:

[ Corpse Bride, Jack, Robin ]
Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween

This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbor's gonna die of fright

It's our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween

[ Robin ]
I am the prince who is a brave black belt
Powers of the wind that can make you melt (atk)

[ Jack ]
I am the king, master of the fright
I maybe dead walking thru the night (atk)

[ Corpse Bride ]
I am the Corpse Bride and I'm very wise (def)
Don't make me questions that are bad or nice(atk)

Oogie's song:

[ Corpse Bride ]
Well, well, well!
Jack and the young prince
Finally made, huh?
Oh, I've been waiting!
So how do you like
My home sweet home?
Ha, ha, ha, ha!

[ Robin ]
It's over! It's over!
This time you've gone too far! (atk)
It's over, I'm serious!
Just who do you think you are? (atk)

[ Jack ]
Just because you fool the town
Doesn't make you wise! (def)
You'd better give up, surrender now!
I'm fixin' everything nice! (atk)

[ Corpse Bride ]
That's what you think, hah!
But you couldn't be more wrong! (atk)
And this will be the last time
You hear the Corpse Bride sing! (atk)


[ Jack, Robin ]

[ Corpse Bride ]
Oh ohhh!

[ Jack ]

[ Corpse Bride ]
Whoa oh!

[ Robin ]

[ Corpse Bride ]
I'm the only wise Corpse here! (atk)

Hail to mister Oogie:

[ Corpse Bride ]
Laa, la, la, la, la, laa!
La, la, la, la, laa!
Laa, la, la, la, la, laa!
La, la, la, la, laa!

Hail to the Wise Corpse Bride!
Jack will never win! (atk)
When you find my own magic
They will do you in!

First you thought of your daughter
To take this town away from you!
I knew you'd fight to set things right
So I got banshee to my debt! (atk)

[ Jack ]
Stop! I've had enough of you!
Your own riddles are over due! (def)
You've instigated confussion here
And turned this town onto its ear! (atk)

[ Corpse Bride ]
Hail to the Wise Corpse Bride!
Put them to the test! (def)
Keep them guessing all the time
Never let them rest!

Then the only Corpse Bride here

Can take the whole town over then!

I'll be so pleased, I do declare!

[ Robin, Jack ]
But right now you will fall! (atk)

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH," shouted with pain the Corpse Bride, knowing she was defeated fairly.

"Is she alright, dad?" said Robin resting a little bit, dancing really takes a lot of energy if it's too long.

"I'm not sure," said Jack, with worriness. "I'm fine, this is not the first time I experienced pain before," said the bride standing up with her flowers aside her.

"And know for the question," said Robin happily. "How can we bring back Krystal from the dead?"

"For that question, you must do it yourselves..." said the corpse sadly while Robin interupted. "I KNEW IT! I KNEW THAT YOU WOULDN'T HAVE THE ANSWER FOR THIS QUESTION, WHO'S WISE NOW, HUH?"

"It dosen't mean that I'm not wise, young prince, but her spirit was released 10 years ago on the night of her death, and has been hidden inside the body of a young 10 year old girl inside the N.E.W. organozations ship"

By hearing the N.E.W. pronounced both the king and the prince got a bit scared, "What, was that again? Did you say, exactly inside the ship? Now this is terrifying," said the king nervously.

"I don't mean to be mean but, I must go now, farewell, my friend," said the Corpse Bride, returning to the hole were she appeared from before.

"WAIT," screeched Robin. "HOW CAN WE FIND THIS GIRL?"

"Time will tell... young prince," said with her last words the bride, returning to rest in peace until the next night. "Well, I think the search begins, right dad?"

"Yes my son, the search starts now."


While nearing the exit of the Hiterlands were the Spiral Hill was near, Jack and Robin stopped. Both of them heard a noise behind one of the nearest graves, Robin got closer to them until something... or someone they knew pounced him.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH," shouted with fear the prince. The person who pounced on him was Blackfire, his girlfriend from another world.

"Hey there, lover boy," said Blackfire with happiness.

"Blackfire, not infront of my father please,"

"Hello Blackfire, I see you are doing well with your surprise attacks, you've been practicing a lot since the war had ended. And how is Voldemort and your parents?"

"Well, uncle Voldemort has changed alot and my parents are fine, while my mother is trying to turn my daddy into a mutant gargoyle or something like that," she said, helping Robin get up.


And now since the loved ones have been reunited, who knows if the whole family will be reunited since the departure of the princess. Both families are huge together and now, the search begins.


How did it turn out? tell me, Voldemort Chaos is the magitian of black chaos and blackfire is from teen titans as well, and she's the girlfriend of Robin, yay.

Comments please.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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