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The night I met Jack

The Chosen One

© Tifa, the Strange

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Three galaxies away from Halloween Town, there was the ship the Corpse Bride had mentioned, of the most feared organization which its only purpose is to destroy every world that existed in this Andromeda: The mithical Era.

A girl, no, a princess, the heir to the N.E.W. organization, was resting in her most comfortable bed in her digittal room, four rooms away from the throne room. She was named after her great great great grandmother, the princess's name was: Estefanía Moreno Rubio.

Estefanía had awoken from her slumber before someone knocked on her door, making her scared (like always -.-). "Your highness?," said a female voice from outside her room while knocking again. "Your highness, you must get ready. The queen is waiting for you at the meeting room."

"Okay auntie, I'm up, tell my mom to wait please," said the princess, getting out from her very comfortable bed (And it feels good too). She reached for her closet and she opened it. She sighed, "Another day as a princess, why can't I be like normal girls who can go out and feel the fresh air of Haret?."

Haret was the home planet of the N.E.W.'s and the N.E.O.'s, where these two feared organizations have been created, one of pure women and the other, pure men. Both of those organizations need a ruler, for the women a queen and, for the men a king.

"I'll try this on first, Kilala, what do ya think?" Estefania said to her black and white pet demon cat, showing her a red dress with a bit lighter red sleeves, but she just meowed once, like saying yes to her master.

The princess had put on the red dress with the use of dark magic (the only source of the two organizations). But every time she used it, she felt even darker than before, and even sadder too. She only sighed and unlocked the door of her room and locked it again when she got out to see her mother, the queen.


"You're late, Estefanía," said a female voice, and even darker one than Estefanía's aunt. The queen of this organization's name is Sandra, but for magical creatures she is called Kenashi.

"I'm sorry mom, it will never happen again," said Estefanía nervously. "Well, enough of this. Let's see if you've been practicing your singing, fighting and dancing moves in battle. BEGIN!"


Oh No!:
[ Estefanía ]
Oh no! Oh no!
There's darkness everywhere!
Oh no!
There's smoke clouds in the air!
Oh no!
I can't believe my eyes
I have to kill them
Hurry Tif, they wouldn't dare!
Oh no!

Oh no! Oh no!
There's something very wrong!
Oh no!
These things here don't belong!

Oh no!
The streets are lined with
Little magic creatures
All the others must be hiding
N.E.W.'s power is subsiding!
Oh no!
Oh no!

Dr. Finklesteins song:

My attacks will slice you!
My sword will cut deep!
And when it's all over
All of you will weep!

The days of your good natured
May have my throw!
I'll tear up your worlds!
And I'm starting with you!

But before she could launch an attack she fell onto the floor inhaling and exhailing very deeply while her mother stared at her with anger in her eyes. "I'm very disapointed in you Estefanía, when I was at you age I trained every day 'till now. Maribel, escort my daughter to her room."

"Yes sister," said the secretary of the evil queen. "n...... no" said weakly the princess.

"What did you say?" said a bit angrily Kenashi. "I said that I don't need someone to escort me to my room, I can do it myself you know," said with a little confidence Estefanía.

"That'll be all for today my child, now, go to you room," then Kenashi and Maribel left the meeting room to do a little queen business. "Oh My God, why did I do that for? I better lay of That's 70's Show for a while."

Then the princess went to her room and she noticed someone was watching her, an 8 year old girl with a light blue dress and was wearing a crown on her head. She knew it was her sister Natalie spying on her for the first time.

"Come on out of there sis, it's just me," said kindly Estefanía. "Why were you spying on me over there?"

"Well..." said Natalie nervously, holding Kilala in her hands. The princess was shocked when she noticed her demon cat with a bandage on her left paw.

"What happened to her Natalie? what happened to Kilala?"

"Kilala and I where playing a bit when she was caught on some wires and she got electricuted by accident... I'm sorry sis" said the little one, almost starting to cry because her sister sometimes yells at her and locks herself in her room.

"Don't worry Natalie, I think Kilala is fine for now, but you have to ask me first if you want to play with her, capiche?" she said releaving her little sis while she only nodded for an answer.

"Okay, you must go to your room Natalie, it's almost 8 o' clock, you must go to sleep." "Okay sis, goodnight... Tifa, the Strange." said mischeviously Natalie. "Sis, not in these corridors, you can only call me that in my room. Do ya want me to get in trouble or what?"

Natalie only giggled and went to her room, and so did Estefanía. "Well Kilala, time to sleep kitty, we have another boring day tomorrow." she said sadly to Kilala, putting on her pinkish pj's, she hated pink and she went to sleep.


TELL ME, HOW DID IT TURN OUT?! Kilala is from Inuyasha, not mine. next chappy tells on how I changed, okay?

Comments please, THIS IS URGENT PEOPLE!!!!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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