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The night I met Jack

The escape

© Tifa, the Strange

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"Estefanía, sit down, I need to talk to you about your behavior aroung the ship," Said angrily Kenashi at her daughter. "I've heard that you were singing and dancing all this time and for me it's bad news, I guess that you were... How do I say this... DREAMING?!"

"No, it's nothing like that mom, it's just that..."

"What Estefanía? That you were only practicing for you battle tecniques or was it that you were just lying to me right now?"

"Mom, please, you must understand, I met someone that showed me something amazing in my dream that you never showed me before," 'Oh my God, why did I said that for?'

"Well, that SOMEONE doesn't really exist, dreams are pathetic and they are not real, they show nothing but misery in the andromedas."

"MOM, would you JUST LISTEN TO ME ONCE IN YOU LIFE," said angrily the princess back at trhe queen, but she just ignored her. "ESTEFANIA MORENO RUBIO, YOU ARE A PRINCESS OF THIS ORGANIZATION AND..."


"Bloody Hell!! I gotta get out of here, ALESTIAS AFARENSIS!!!"

Thanks to that spell, all of her clothes and things got packed in one suit case, and her spell books and magic powder were in a magical briefcase to protect the magical objects. Then she ran out of her room to the escape shuttle at the end of the corridor.


"STOP HER YOU FOOLS!!!! STOP HER!!!!"yelled the queen seeing her daughter running to the escape shuttle and opening the door to the outside of the ship, "Uh oh! We got company Kilala, turn to lion form now!!!"

Kilala then bursted with flames and changing form, but this time she was more powerful, "KILALA, AVERETE MANDALA!!!"
And Kilala released a flamethrower at the guards and Kenashi, giving them both time to get out of the ship.

"Don't let them escape you assholes, get them *cough* *cough*" But it was too late, because thanks to another of Kilala's abilities was that she could fly without wings, made them too far to reach. "Thanks Kilala, you're the best!" said the princess, petting her humungous fire demon cat, heading towards the world she dreamed of being in, Halloween Town.


"Wh... Wha... What happened?" said Natalie a bit awake from her sleep, staring at the window. She got shocked that she saw a lion that looked like Kilala but running thru the stars. "Woah! Is... Is this a dream? No, it's gotta be a dream," then she went back to sleep like a little angel.


Back in Halloween Town, Jack was in the graveyard still trying to forget that he saw a girl in the world of dreams. "Okay Jack, It was just your imagination, there was no girl there. But, if that girl was made up in my mind, why was she hiding from me? Who the hell knows, but, what if she was a real human?? It will change everything."

As he stared at the stars he saw a fire comet in the night sky, well, that's what he thought, but it was really Kilala and Estefanía flying towards him, but they were too far so it gave them time to make plans.


"Oh My Goodness, what a beautiful place." she said to herself, but when they got a bit closer, the place where her heart was started to glow brightly and transforming her bit by bit into the dead princess that once was in this magnificent world.

"WHAT THE HELL?? WHA... WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME??" Her body transformed into something different, instead of her black dress, were black shorts, her flat shoes into sneakers. Her upper part of her dress was a white T-shirt with a black sweater, and the color of her brown hair turned blue.

But the most freaky part of all was that she changed of mind and face, because of the spirit that was inside her all those years transformed her into Krystal Skellington, and adding articuno wings on her back and the ability to summon the Oathkeeper keyblade.


Now it is finally happening, will the king know that this person is not his long lost daughter, or will he be decieved like man others......... Time will tell......

TELL ME, WAS IT GREAT OR WAS IT GREAT, okay, remember, Kilala is not mine, it's from Inuyasha and you can find the REAL KRYSTAL on google on the images part. Just write this:

Marina from pokemon

and then click, and there ya go.

Comment's PLEASE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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