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The night I met Jack

Lies and the truth

© Tifa, the Strange

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Once Kilala and the reborned pumpkin princess arrived at the Halloween Town graveyard, the girl was amazed on how her home had changed since the past 10 years after her death. "Wow!, this place had changed alot. Wiat a minute, daddy?" She saw her father, the pumpkin king still sitting on the spiral hill gazing at the stars.

She aproached slowly to the hill, before she steped on a small fallen branch that made a breaking sound, Jack turned around to see who was with him. But before he could react, Krystal ran up to him and hugged him.

"Daddy!!!! I missed you!!!!" said the princess happily without noticing her father not reacting to this moment.

"Wait a minute... Krystal?! No... you can't be her!! You're... you're dead!" He said, seperating her from him. He couldn't imagine his daughter alive, he has seen her death 10 years ago. He thought this was a trick.

"What do you mean 'dead'? I'm right here in front of you, father"

Just as Krystal tried to hug him again he just got away from her, not falling from the hill fortunately.


"But daddy... I'm not dead, I'm here with you father and..."

"GET AWAY FROM ME!!!! AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!!!! REVEAL THE TRUE FORM OF THIS CREATURE!!!!!" He attacked her very badly with that spell then she transformed back into the N.E.W. princess, making her bleed from the nose and mouth.

"I knew it!! I knew you weren't my daughter, you are like other humans that try to replace Krystal. But you... you are the worst of them all, you are Kenashi's daughter aren't you, human?"

"Please try to understand, your magesty... you showned me a place filled with magic and wonder, but..."

Before she could finish, Jack slashed her with the Pumpkin head, leaving a brownish red scar across her face and making her bleed more. "You ungrateful being, you just discovered this world so you could destroy it alongside you mother..."

"But your highness... I'm no longer with her... I abandoned her with my demon cat named Kilala and left her so I could be wih you..."

"SILENCE!!!! I will not be decieved by your lies, and now I order you to... EXILE!!!"

"NO!!!!" she yelled when he attacked her but even stronger than before, almost making her faint, with more blood on the floor and he transported back to Skellington manor.

Estefanía cried with pain, Kilala tried to comfort her. "Kilala, I don't know what to do anymore. Maybe my mother was right, maybe worlds and magical creatures do bring pain and sorrow."

She just stayed there, crying with blood on the spiral hill.


In the Halloween town airport, arrived a gummi ship, it contained four huge families who were once in war with other families.

The ship contained the rest of Jack and Sally's family, Jack's three brothers were: Sirius Black (Thrax from oj), Imhotep (The mummy: the animated series) and last but not least John Silver (TP).

With Robin's and Krystal's cousins Sora Imhotep, Kairi Black and Riku Silver(KH).
And Sally's two sister's(Roxanne died, she's from pokemon advanced) Clair Black(Pokemon master quest) and Hathor (Tutenstein).

When Jack and Sally arrived to pick them up and welcome them, Jack was worried of what would happen if all of them mdied if Kenashi destroyed this world by the cause of her daughter.

"Hey bro, waz up?" said Sirius, trying to make Jack talk, 'cuz he was so silent during that time.

"Um... Earth to Jack... Hellooooooooo!!!"

"What? Oh, welcome to Halloween town bro"

"What's gotten into you Jack?"

"Nothing but I need to tell everyone something important," he walked away to tell everyone the baadd news. "I'm grateful that you have come, but I'm also ungrateful on your visit, you shouldn't have come, a new threat has come and soon Kenashi will arrive to destroy this world."

"Why Jack?" asked Hathor.

"Because her daughter came and tried to confuse me that she was my reborned child, to give time for Kenashi to come"

"Uncle Jack, Sora, Riku and I will defend our cousins home or die trying." said Kairi bravely, making Sora and Riku feel braver.

"I do apreciate that Kairi, Jack, I'll join also, and so do my sisters." Sally said encouraged. "Jack, we join also, We will not rest untill that devil gets destroyed." said John proudly.

"Thank you... My family,"


TELL MEEEE, WAS IT GREAT?????? I know it's been toooooo long but I think this story will be finished anytime soon, and as always, most of these characters are not MINE!!!!


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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