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The night I met Jack

The beginning of the destruction

© Tifa, the Strange

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After all the bad news that happened a little while ago, everyone in the family of the light (Jack and Sally's brothers sisters and niece and nephews and son) had to do very extended training.

The people that could control fire had to learn the Fire Blast tecnique, while the water bearers the sheer cold; earth, solarbeam; wind, aeroblast, and last but not least darkness, Jacks element, with the most powerful spell of all, the total darkness.

While the others trained to master even more greater their elements, Jack didn't. He was in the tower of the Skellington manor, staring at the night sky, still wondering when will Kenashi attack his home world.


Since Kenashi knew where her child would go to reclaim her dreams, the evil queen set out a powerfull army of women who desperately wanted revenge of their children who were turned into creators.

"My people!" Shouted proudly the queen to her people. "The time has indeed come to an end to this misery and pain, for it is time to destroy the world that took our children away from us. HALLOWEEN TOWN WILL PAY DEARLY, ESPECIALLY THE SKELETON BY THE NAME OF... JACK SKELLINGTON!!!!."

The members of this evil empire roared with excitement, this moment was the one they were waiting for centuries. The most evil members had no name but they had only the reflection of their fallen daughters.

Their daughters also had no name but, only a nickname to replace their real names, they are some of the most marvelos creators anyone had ever seen. Their creator names are: Venezia, Jack Nightmare 2 U and SoraSkellington.

"Now we can destroy our daughters by their betrayal." said the mother of Jack Nightmare 2 U and SoraSkelllington when Kenashi gave the announcment.

But behind the evil queen stood her secretary with a sad face, she didn't wanted to destroy the world that changed her niece. But that was not why she didn't spoke in all that noise. Because she kept a secret like all other people.

She became that very same day, a creator by the name of Orube, a feline warrior, trained by Luba in Candracar.


When Jacks family whent out on a stroll in the graveyard they heard a sonicboom in the atmosphear. Sirius noticed it was The N.E.O. organizations ship and all the women inside it fell to the ground making a little earthquake. John contacted his older brother with earth magic.

"Jack we have a huge problem here at the graveyard, hurry!"

Jack, Sally and Robin had arrived by teleporting, "Easier said than done John, contact the others. The biggest war is about to begin."

But before the members could make their attack, Kenashi made an anounement. "Jack Skellington, you look shorter than I espected. WHERE'S MY CHILD YOU MONSTER!!!"



"YOU'RE WRONG SISTER!!!" shouted Maribel at Kenashi, transforming herself into Orube. "HE'S NOT A MONSTER, HE'S A GOD TO EVERY CHILD THAT BELIEVES IN HIM AND SO DOES ESTEFANIA AND I, TITANIA ARGENTUM!!!!!" she launched a powerful psychick attack at the queen, but before it could reach it, Kenashi countered the attack right back at her.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! TRANEY OUYA!" after she was harmed dearly, she teleported to the Hinterlands not knowing her niece was there, still crying for what happened hours ago.


"ESTEFANIA!!! YOUR ALRIGHT!!! What happened to your face?"

The young princess still didn't talk by her scar, she was ashamed of herself. Orube stared at her worringly, but she kept silent, she knew her niece was in much pain. So she only sat near her, quietly, hugging her.

"Mom's here, isn't she?"

"Yes... But she wants you to be back with her, when she destroys your god, everyones god."

"What will I do to stop her? She's to strong and I'm barely an expert on air and water bending, I feel so lost."

But then, pasted a slight breeze and she heard an echoing voice calling to her, more like an indian song:

Kwe kwe natura
Motto sada ku
Listen with your heart
you will understand

Le shinke nefa botu
Lacora ning meda
Listen with your heart
you will understand...

And her heart started to glow, but instead of transforming her into Krystal, her heart freed herself from darkness. And it destroyed the family jewels, the one in her crown and the one in her necklace broke to bits.

"Auntie, I think I know what to do but, going back means I have to face my past."

"Just remember this, it's an old saying that Luba taught me, A human can't make this journey alone, but, maybe a creator can."

That made Estefania giggle a bit. "Now, go, you must go save your god... Tifa, the Strange..."



Orube, Luba (c) W.I.T.C.H.


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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