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Have we met before?

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

A theory story of jack and the crew when they were humans......I wrote it like two or one month ago

please rate and comment dudes!

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Jack was the talnted guy kwown through England and France. He was born in France. He was forced to leave his best friend in Kentucky. His tour buddy was Oggie. Oggie always tought Jack was the reason his wife left him with his kids. Cause they were like brothers that made her jelly. Oggie danced and sung like a competitor with Jack. He always put jokes on jack when theey're off stage. Oggie was his nick name his kids named him.

He danced and sung Beautiful. He was very handsome. Ladies were all over him. Well he never noticed that there was one tht felt the same like him.

Sally was a beautiful young lady. That was kind.
She was a timid and beautiful young lady she understood him like no one else. She was a orphan. She was had a mean husband.

He beaten her up every day. She was locked in her own Aptpartment. Altough it was beautiful and nice. She wanted to be free and escape from his prison. While her husband cheated on her and hanged out with his buddies all day. He's name was Olivor Breed. He didn't love Rose. He was rude and mean to her. She was his punchbag ragdoll.

Olivor lets her go to her little orphange of pets. He had threatned her. She would NEVER leave him tough. Which she will never be free. She put her self turtle neck sweaters every day.

So people around didn't thought she was beaten up. Olivor told her not to tell no one or he'll kill her. And she wore makeup to hide her bruise on her face.

She crossed the street carefully every day in the big city. Where she felt free. She always took care of the dogs and cats. In her little pet orpahnage of adopting inoccent animals.

But there was one little dog. People never adopted him. He was white as snow. He was very sick. She took care of the little dog every day. She wished she could adopt the little dog. But her husband will never allow it. She always prayed for the little dog. She didn't want the little one to sufer each day.

She was in her little pet store. She was very tired. She didn't sleep well. The manager told her to sleep a while. So she slept.

Jack and Oggie are friends even though they fight allo over stuff. They're manager was Vincent Mayor. They always called him Mayor as a joke that made him snap allot.

Jack and Oggie went to NY for a conceirt they were going to do. Oggie slapped the back of Jack's head which made Jack get mad and snap to Oggie 'Listen Chuck I am serous..(sighs)...I don't like my life...All day I sing with my kindness...I need some one that will make me happy....'

'Jack listen I'm here....don't think negative..kay...' Oggie answered. 'Ogg...I know your here. You're my only friend I have....' Oggie ingnored him and said 'I saw this lovely lady in the day care center. She so beautiful. She takes care of my kids....Would you like to come with me?'

'I would like to but I am gonna cheack the orpahange to adopt a dog. I always wanted one.' Oggie laughed and said ''You should name it roach or go with me to get some dates.' 'Ogg I'm tired dude. I already went on the double date we went yestorday in France. Altough she wasn't the one...(sighs)...'

Oggie patted his shoulder and said 'Well you will find her someday...or you might catch one today on your way bye!' Oggie went to go to the day care center.

Jack then walked towards Time Square in the cloudy day. Jack kept thinking a original name name for his pup. He kept thinking of one for his new pet.

Mean while....

Sally was awake and was cleaning the floor. She listened to the radio station. They were talking about this two dudes who fought each other on stage while they're proformance. She muttered ''Idiots.'

The door rang. Sally went to the door. And pointed at the flyer 'Closed''. Jack said ''Please....I just want to adopt a dog...please let me in!'' Sally kinda felt bad and said ''Fine you can come in!''

She unloceked the door and said 'Don't walk ont the wet floor.' Jack entered the door and manged to say 'Thankyou.'

Sally finally gazed at him while he passed the door. He was handsome, cute, tall, and black hair. blue eyes. He looked that singer she saw in a newspaper Daily News. That he was doing a conceirt. He looked like him allot. She blushed and mange to ask 'What's your name anways??'

He was nervouse and turned around to look at her ' name i-is...' And bent and whisphered to her ear 'Jack Reshington.' She had a falsh back from her past of a friend she had with the same name. Then she looked up at him. The same blue eyes. The same messy snow hair. It was the same but grown uped.

He finally said 'Yea...I am here doing a tour.' She said 'Oh umm...nice to meet you!' And he said ''Yes nice to meet you too..(walked towards her)...whoa.' And slipped on the water that didn't dry.

She was shocked and said in a worry tone. 'Let me help me get you up!'' She offered a hand to him and he took her hand. It felt weird like if they touched they're hands before. They both gazed and blushed for a sec. He found his feet. She looked down and said in her mind 'Am I falling inlove with some guy I just met? I hope I don't I don't want Olivor to get mad. Jack inturrupted her thoughts and said 'Ummm...Ms.....'

'Sally' she answered. He replied 'What a beautiful name!''
'' really think so?' 'Why yes. Miss. Sally?''
'Yes?' she answered quietly. He asked 'I came here to ask you if I can adopt a dog here?'' She said 'Oh yes...let me show you sorry!'

So she showed him around the dog section. She was worried if he was a friend of Olivor. She couldn't trust no one. But felt as if she new Jack from before. Her best friend that moved to another state. Kentucky was her home before, but now lived in a sad loney prisen. She felt happy and joyful to meet some one new. She kept her head down and didn't want him to see her weeping of her joyness.

TO BE CONTINUED...........................

Please comment and rate thankyou! ^_^
I'll be updating some of theses chapters.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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