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Have we met before?

He loves me, he loves me not

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

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He got to tell her ''Sorry for making you wait for us. Is that I.." "Oh it's okay, We pretty much have to be the ones...'' "No. It's my fault."She smiled and continued asking. The pants icthed a bit. But still comfortable he thought.

Mean while...

Sally was on her way to get her check. She got thru with her metro card to the train station to wait. She heard foot steps walking behind her, but was afraid to turn around. It would be rude she told her self. Until she heard ''Hey Rose.'' Rose? Rose? Olivor used to call her that. She was effing scared. She turned around slowly with her eyes on him. Scared as Death. She trembled. Her heart had stopped beating. He smiled at her. She was scared. She looked up, at those gray eyes. "Oh my of how you..."Got closer."...How you changed allot." He smiled. Sally stepped back terrified. "Don't worry. I won't hurt you." She was lost in his eyes. They were very peircing. It gave her chills. She finally opened her mouth to talk. "Leave me alone!" She spat at him and tried to run away. But a strong hand had held her, from her wrist. He pulled her closer in the lonely train station. "Oww you're hurting me! Let me go!!" A train was coming. He moved her towards. He still held her close. She panic'd. "Why so serious? She looked at him teriffied. "Why so sad?" She gave him a mad look but couldn't. "Why so angrey?" He grinned in a evil smile. She turned as she saw the train coming quick. The worker wasn't at the train station lobby. "Oh Sally don't be so..." He smiled."...So blue." She wanted to burst out crying. He held her life in his hands that moment. "Help! Help!" He let go of her aggresivly. She almost fell on the edge where the trains usually passed. But held her hand and puller towards while the train passed quick. She fell on her face. She got on her shoulders. She weeped quietly. She stared at him while the train passed. "AWW SALLY DON'T BE SAD!" He laughed as a maniac and stopped when he was already leaving the station before the train stopped. He sended her a kiss. Went thru his left breast pocket in his coat. He laughed as she stared at him sadly and terrified still. 'Thought it was a GUN? Don't judge Sally." He laughed. "Silly Sally." He chuckled and stopped sensually. Blew her a kiss and threw a rose at her. He whisphered. "Theres a dozen reasons in this gun...." His voice faded as he left. The train had stopped and opened it's doors"Next stop..." She weeped and hid her face behind her long tangled red hair. She gently got up. Her leg hurted. Her purple sliver leggings had ripped a bit. She threw the rose at the garbage and went inside the train. People were around. But she didn't feel safe there. No more. All she could feel was horror. Nightmares of those terrible days. Where he beated her up. Where he came drunk and ignored her. Where.....''Shut up Sally. Shut up..." She wanted to cry. She sat down near the window. In the edge of the train. Where she was feeling safe. "Olivor's not near. I'll be safe. I'll be with Jack tonight. Safe and sound in his arms.'' She tried to smile. But sadness was on her. She heard a song of his band. From someone hearing loud music from their head phones while looking thru a spin magazine. She smiled bravely. But pain was still there.

Sally got out the train as usually. She had forgotten about Olivor. She was now happy thinking about Jack. She had a yellow flower. From the flower. "He loves me...' As she walked in the 2nd avenue. "He loves me not..." She skipped. "He loves me." In a long note as she began to sing quietly. "Tonight! Tonight! We'll see eachother again!" "Yes TONIGHT!(long note)." She sang still....and hummed every happy step on the street. She continued to dance and parnce around in her skips. She giggled when she had to stop. For the light to change and continued. She stopped when she got to the pet store where she worked. "Why so happy mama mia?" The boss asked. Suprised to See Sally happy again. "Oh Papa mio. I'm so happy!" He asked. "Is there someone special?" He teased. "Yes there's someone special."

"Who?" He asked. "Look in the front page." She reffered to the news paper on the page she left the other night. "Who? is a band?" He asked looking at the group in the picture. "The Blonde one. Jack Smile." "He was suprised. "Really? how?" She smiled remembering when they met. Him sliping on the floor. Lol she thought. And her helping him up. Him taking out the question to be his, ragdoll ^-^. "Sally? Sally?"
She came back to realism. "Huh?" She said."Oh Yea. He came and adopted Zero. I was close to closing the door..." "What happened to your leg?" Was concerned. "Oh it's nothing." It was wounded. He looked a bit sad. "Don't worry. I tripped on the way....I saw Olivor again." "Oh Sally. I'm so sorry. Did he hurt you?" "He almost did. He pushed me to the ground before the train came." "Son of a..." "Mr. Norwich! Don't worry he didn't do nothing...' "But I bet he wanted to throw you infront of the train. If he get's near you again. I swear he's gonna go to jail!" Sally smiled."Aww. Please don't worry." Mr. Norwich."Sally you're like a daughter I never had. I'm sopouse to be worried Sally. How the hell am I gonna let some guy do this to you again." Smiled, trying to calm down. "So I'm sorry. Whose this Jack sweet heart?"
Sally smiled. She didn't want to talk about Olivor no more. Or remember the nightmares. "The lead singer. With the white hair Smile." She said pointing. "I'm gonna go see him tonight. Want to go?" Mr.Norwich "Hmmm...". "Aww please. It will be fun! And I want to inrtoduce you to him. Please. You're like a papa to me. I've talked..." "OKay. Okay. Okay. Let me just close this place. He better be nice." "He is don't worry." She said smiling. She felt safe around Jack. He was her dark knight.

to be continued......

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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