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I was thinking about you

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

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Author's note:
Sorry For the LONG wait you guys Smile. I didn't get a chance to log in for a very long time at home, because I had computer problems you see (my laptop kept turning off a minute right after it turned off, and like my mom's network didn't allow me to acsess the internet, and like my computer started getting other dysfuctional problems on the way each day, it was losing memory in 2007. But later on in 2007. I got the advantage to use my sister's computer while she was studying in winsconision, but then she came back 2008, she told me to stop using it, behind her back(she has germ issues -_- *sigh*, everyone has germs, even her. she such a biatch). In 2009, my dad finally took my dysfuctional laptop to best buy, Best buy took most of my programs off. Such as microsoft works. But luckily I had my writing for you guys in my notebooks at home Wink. When I got my laptop back in June 2009. Best Buy took my internet off. The internet was disabled. They had disabled it. So a few weeks later I went to visit some of my relatives with my sis, to Mexico. During the summer my parents came to Mexico with my dog. She had told me she had packed everything at home in boxes. Because this lady had brought this vermin things on her dog, to the building where we live. But I did get a chance( a bit) in 2009, during the summer, in Mexico (while visiting my relatives). But I only had one chapter in my hand that time to upload a chapter for sweet lies that time, i had left my writting for have we met before back at home that chance. When We came back to our apt, here in New York. Everything was still in boxes. So I recently just got my laptop a few weeks ago(Around the last weeks of January, I think or early of January). But my mom only lends it to me, on the days I don't have school the next day. She only lends me my laptop on Fridays, Saturdays, not on sundays, cause I have school the next day. I figured how to enable the internet on my laptop. And now it's not disabled, (stupid Best Buy, forgot to enable it.). But this week I did get to use it, cause It's president's week. No school this week Smile, but the internet didn't want to work that well -_- *sigh*, cause It's not really my internet, it somebody else's. It kept saying "Limited connectivity*. So today in Febuaury 19, of 2010. I'm at my mentor's work, in schoolastic Smile. She gave me a chance to use one of the computer's here, which I'm really happy about Grin. Right now I have a chapter for you guys Smile, please forgive me for the long wait. I'm still looking around at home, the chapters I wrote for this, but I'll have every chapter I wrote for this story and all the other's soon! Grin. Some stuff are still in boxes, like my sims 2. (I miss playing that game, used to in 2007 Frown ). I'll promise to try to upload one each week for now on. I just hope you guys aren't mad at me Smile. I haven't abanden this beautiful site, which I fucking love! since 2004(or was it since 2005?)! I promise I'll try to log in once a week. I'll have to be careful, cause It's not really my internet so yeah. So if you live in my apt. Don't tell that person, please Grin, like srsly xD.
Sorry again for my abscence Frown. Please forgive me Smile. I'll try to log in, once a week, or twice a week. I hope you like this new chapter that I will write after my author's note, Smile. I hope you enjoy this new chapter, and the many that will come out sooner on this site. I love you guys Smile. I hope you enjoy my new chapter!

Angie R.

Jack was getting ready for the show. He had his his white blonde hair sprayed, in a fo-hawx. His eyes were green at second. His eyeliner was around his hazel eyes. All straight and perfect. His tux was sparking. He put perfume on himself. He didn't get a chance to shower well. He only got a chance to take a quick bath around his body, he took my scrubbing around his armpits, he didn't want to be stinky around his beautiful Sally bun. He had fogotten all about Audrey, but never about that girl back in Kentucky. Who he never got a chance to really know well. He couldn't remember her face anymore, it was all a blur now, he remembered that she never talked, that she was always quiet. She never wore any make up. She wore very old clothing always. She never exposed any skin. She nevr dressed sleazy. Her lips were always naturually red, like roses. Even her hair was always red like roses. Like Sally's hair. He also remembered, that he still had feelings for her. That he still liked her. ''I wonder where she is now?" As he looked at the mirror. He heard a voice saying, followed by two paled arms covering around his neck. "What girl?" Jack quickly blushed into a smile. Jack quickly turned around happily. ''Sally!" He excitedly said as he turned around. His face quickly lost it's light of happiness. It wasn't her. It wasn't her at all. His face quickly turned to a depressed bother' ed rudely look. ''Oh It's you." He sighed in a crude way and turned around back at the mirror, fixing up his bow once again. "Why are you here?"

''Aren't you happy to see me?" She said with a sad smile, as he scoffed at her, and showed his back to her, with his arms crossed around his chest. He opened his crude mouth once again. He mumbled some curse words in Italian, and some in French. She opened his sketchbook. ''When are you gonna draw me naked again?" She smiled at his reflection where he was looking at himself, while he fixed his bow tie. She hummed a song, during the silent reply. He still didn't answer her still. "Oooo I like this drawing...."
"No idea who you are any more?" He turned around to her, with his hands on his hips. "Why ARE you here? Who the fuc* told you to come?" She quickly hugged him again, "I wanted to see you!" he shoved her away. ''Nuh Uh!" She met his eyes on the mirror, with a smile on her face. "I wanted to see how you where doing?" His face turned red, as he turned back to her. "To see how you left me, after you fuc*ing cheated on me, with that other fu*king singer?!"
'It was an accident! I was fuc*king drunk!" She looked at him angirly. " I fucking told you that a hundred times already! I'm sorry!" He pointed at Zero, not meeting her eyes again. "Zero forgives you,....But", he then looked at her, as she looked away from Zero towards him again. "... I DON'T forgive cheating wh*res like you Audrey!" Jack had never told that to a girl, It was his first time using it. He was a gentlemen. She slapped him across the face, and left with the sound of a crying woman old woman, as she ran out the dressing room. "I love Sally" As he stared back at the mirror, once again before the show. As he fixed his makeup on the spot, where she had just slapped him across the face. "Only you, me, and Sally only, my dear little furry friend" As he continued to pet his little sleeping pup. Zero woofed, in a little sleeping tone back to sleep.

Meanwhile Sally was at home. She covered her bruises. The show, was in hour. She didn't want to get late. Emily was just coming home. She had a pink shopping bag and said "I'm home.'' Sally got out of the bathroom. ''Where were you?" She demanded, ''The show starts at 8"
"I know! But I saw this really cute pink dress at the store, in fifth avenue! I thought it would look cute on you!' Sally shyly smiled "For me?"
"Yes for you!"
''Aww! Emily you shouldn't have.(she said sweetly) No this is for you!'' She tried to give it back to Emily. But Emily insisted and said "NO! THIS is FOR you!" Emily took hold of her right wrist, with her right hand and took her to mirror in the living room. "This is for you. As Sally held the dress in front of her. "It will look great on you.'' Sally modestly look at her. "But it's very expensive Emily." "Sally, you're my friend I want you to have it." "But I already have a dress for tonight. Emily saw the dress in Sally's bed, across the whole. "It look ugly! Put this one on." It made Sally gasp, as Emily threw the old used dress on the garbage can and Sally quickly retrieved, but Emily took it off her hands and threw it back in the garbage. "You wouldn't want Jack to see you i that dress?" Sally shyly answered "No...." "Come with me to my room. I'm gonna make you into a princess!" "But Emily!" Sally protested, as Emily pulled Sally to her room.

Jack waited outside the stadium. He looked at his watch "Sally where are you, my pretty princess?" Two minutes before starting the show. It was 8:41 pm. The other band already was playing at 8:00 pm. He saw a taxi coming. He hid, out came out a giggling girl, from a distance. It was Emily. Where was Sally she thought. He heard Emily yell "Come on Sally!" As she tried to pull out Sally from the car. ''No!" He heard Sally protest, like a little kid who didn't want to go to school. Emily managed to yank out Sally's purse, but not her body. Emily groaned, as she fixed her fixed her sparkling black corset and angirly said "Sally!". Her blonde hair had black extinctsions. Then his eyes met Sally, as she got out shyly. She was all in pink, as she shyly looked above the place. Sally looked so beauitiful, she glowed more than anyone outside. His mind thought of words "...hey hey hey Juliet!...." Of the song 'Hey Juliet!' By lmnt. He ran towards her(not caring if anyone else would see, and hugged her. He had literally carried her feet off the floor. He kissed her supprised face! "I missed you babe! You look so fuc*ing pretty!" That made her blush as he put her down to her feet once again. 'A man came, he said you knew me?" Sally happily smiled "Oh Mr. Norwhich he's a friend of mine! Did you let him in!?" Jack grinned "Yes! and his other four brothers." One of Norwhich's brother's waved from upstairs. Sally's eyes met Jack's eyes again, as Jack looked at her. "My manager got mad BTW, about giving them free backstage passes. She gave a cute sad face. "I'm sorry. I should have told you first!' "AWWW! That's so cute!" he said, as he glomped her again!" Emily saw Sally eyes bulged out."Hey! not so hard!' Emily told Jack." Some one was spying at them from a distance. As he smoked. "I'm sorry Sally!" Jack said as the man listened from a distance. "It's okay Jack!" She said happily as Sally reach for another hug, and gave him a another kiss before they entered the place. When they left, the man stepped out the shadow. "Oh Sally (he moaned) How much had you changed. He said in a grin as he smoked out his ciggerate once again. Oliver smiled evily. As it started to rain hard again.

to be continued......

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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