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Have we met before?


© rbd.ragdoll.queen

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Author's note. Well it's been some time I haven't written another chapter. I've gotten some health problems in my nervous system. I'm sorry I haven't written for some time. I'll try to continue writing by now on. Please forgive me Frown. I hope you'll enjoy these chapters I'm gonna continue writing.


Sally sang along as her king sang on staged while the rest played live. Emily scream "Chuck. I love you!"

Even though people kept pushing Sally and Emily in the crowd. They didn't care. They're men was in their thoughts only. But Sally would have to admit it made her bruises hurt.

Jack's crew threw water. Sally was terrified. She quickly ran out the crowd. She got to the merchandise area. And bought a black shirt of Jack's band. She put it on. She got back. Emily was worried. "Sally what happen? Why you ran out?"

"I-I got worried my bruises and scars would show. So I got a t shirt."

"Oh okay. I'm glad your okay my friend. If something were to happen to you again. You let me know so I can punch somebody." Emily told her friend.

Sally was worried Jack would think she left the concert. So she jumped at the corner near the stage and waved at him. He grinned while he sang on stage while looking at her.

The concert ended. Jack was giving autographs and taking pictures with his fans outside the stage room near the merchandise area. Sally and Emily chatted with her boss and his brothers. "It was nice meeting your boyfriend and your friends Sally. I gotta go. It's getting late. I had fun. Tell your boyfriend Jack hank you for inviting
us Smile." Mr Norwich told Sally. "You welcome." She smiled at him. And waved goodbye as Mr. Norwich left with his brothers.

Sally gazed at Jack. She never knew she'd meet the perfect man one day. He made her happy.

A pink haired lady named was near Jack. She looked angry. Jack said something. And a security took her away from sight. Sally was wondering who was she. What happened. The signings were finished. Jack waved goodbye at the last fan in the line and hugged him. Sally blushed as Jack came up to her. He hugged her. "Ready for our date my lady?"


"By the way I like your shirt."


"Who's that guy in your shirt."

"My boyfriend who I kissed today Smile?"

"Oh yeah you did."

He kissed her again. They made out in his hotel room with the lights off. Jack carefully carried her to his bed.

Sally giggled as he and she marveled at each other willies they key kissed.

Jack started to sing to her "I can't take my eyes off you baby."

Sally sat up.

Jack purred. "You beautiful Sally. May I turn the lights on doll?



"I like it better this way." She lied to him. She didn't want him to see her scars and bruises.


"Yes Sally"

She smiled big. "I love you Jack."

"I love you too Sally."

He sighed. "What Jack?" She smiled.

"You know I gotta go continue touring."

"Aww man. Don't go." She said.

"But I have to." He said.

"Well..." She looked down sadly.

Jack smiled. "Sally its my job. I have to you know Smile."

He sighed. "Plus I'm gonna be back soon. So don't worry okay Smile?" Jack looked thru his sketchbook. "But I have a extra train ticket if you're thinking of reaching me in Boston...I..."

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Take me with you Jack." She kissed him and hugged him.

"Awesome." He said.

Sally then remembered. "And Emily?

"Don't worry. Emily is coming too my love. Chuck got her a ticket too."

In the hotel room next to them someone was hearing them. It was no one other then Oliver. He looked angry. He has been spying on Sally since she left their house in Kentucky. Why was she with this man from a band. Didn't she love him? Like he loved her. Oliver couldn't understand. She was HIS. Not from that punk guy from a band. He continued hearing Sally next door.

-The next morning.

Jack yawned and hummed. He traveled his hands looking for Sally. When he couldn't feel anything. Sally was gone.

He sat up. But he found a letter. Than filled his heart with joy. He kissed it. Sally had left him a love letter.

"Oh Sally. I love you."


Sally had gotten back to her apt by taxi. She waked up stairs and found dead roses. She looked at them suspiciously. There was a letter with the words "I know where you live. And you're not getting away. Your mine."

Sally was scared. She ran inside her apartment. She sat down all scared by the door and cried.

Oliver watched thru his camera hidden in her apartment. He was enjoying this.

To be continued...

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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