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Sweet laughs

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

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Dudes.....srry don't hurt me......i had writers block for each expect me to update the other stories too!

So she showed him around the dog section. She was worried if he was a friend of Olivor. She couldn't trust no one. But felt as if she new Jack from before. Her best friend that moved to another state. Kentucky was her home before, but now lived in a sad loney prisen. She felt happy and joyful to meet some one new. She kept her head down and didn't want him to see her weeping of her joyness.

Jacks POV

Sally.....Sally....i think i remember her could it be.....or it can't be her....stop making stuff up Jack.....shes not the girl.....shes not.....stick with lost her years ago....shes not Sally...even though they have the same name dude! And your dating Mary! Yea but I don't like Mary...shes the one denying i don't like her stuff....shes the one asking me out all the gumbo time.....Mary is Pretty...Beautiful...but not for me. Stick with that BRAIN!

Back to normal

Sally and Jack walked through the hall way. Sally kept feeling something inside that made her feel.....happy....she never felt happy since Olivor stopped loving her.....why did she moved in him when they got out of College for a weekend......Sally loved Olivor....but there wasn't a miracle to be together...agin...Olivor told her he liked her Sally thought....liked! she wished she heard loved...not like...which made sally heart to break by a stone of unloved.

Days had been told...Olivor came late from college...Sally...asked how are you....and always he answered by a nod......He was a proffeser and she was a student. They had fell inlove...but now was to deal what life was now....

Sally got baked to relliaty when Jack grabbed her sholder...he was blushing a little and said ''Ummm...miss....what h-happen?'' she answered ''Nothing...just...trying to rember.....when....i went to sleep..''Jack wondered what? then he smiled and said with a giggle and answered ''The dogs?''

She responded with a blank stare with embrrasment and said ''Oh bugs....i compeltly forgot....come here...'' Jack followed where the young lady took him too. He realized
this was the normal thing that happen to be...intsead of girls screaming I LOVE YOU! and other gushy stuff like love letters. Presents and all that gushy gifts. He was surprised Sally didn't turned to be one of them.

He liked her. She was very nice and cute. She wasn't that hot...but he liked her. His gaze stopped with she spun around and said ''Here we are!'' Jack nodded and said ''Thankyou!''

He gazed at the dogs...they all looked with him with a blank stare...Jack gazed until he saw a dog sleeping. He quietly asked Sally and turned to face her while he said ''What happened to this pup? why is he not like them..staring...?''

Sally sighed in a sad tone '' do i explian...he can't.''

He repieled and said ''What do you mean by that?'' She got something out of her pocket. Its was medicen and walked toward the dog who soundedly started to cough. She finally replied and said ''He was found abanded and wet near a park. We brought him here...but got very sick. We don't know what was the affection.''

Jack was shocked and said ''Poor dog.....I know I will take care of him! I give him everything he needs!'' Sally was suprised '' would adopt him???'' Jack said ''Of course!''

To be continued......soon!

I will update the next chapter soon!!

Lock, shcok, barrel will star next! I promkise they'll be on it soon! And Mary Jack's....friend.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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