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Have we met before?

in once upon a dream

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Jack was shocked and said ''Poor dog.....I know I will take care of him! I give him everything he needs!'' Sally was suprised '' would adopt him???'' Jack said ''Of course!'' Then Sally said ''I think your gonna take nice care of Zero!'' Jack said Zero? Sally giggled and said ''Well...thats his name.'' Then Jack hugged Zero and said ''I will take care of him everyday!'' Sally smiled and looked down.

Mean while.....

Lock, Shock, and Barrel pulled pranks to the other kids in day care. Lock, Shock, and Barrel where Chuck Oggie's kids. Since they're mom left Oggie and they're kids after the divorced. So Oggie didn't care. He knew she was cheating on him with his cuzen Peter. Jack found out about it and told him the moment he found out.

Oggie came in. Hde flirted around with the lady wrokers. Who which knew who he was. They where like crazy. Which Oggie liked. Being famous. Then Oggie went to the desk to pick his kids. His kids turned around and called him to come. So he went and....he got furous and said ''LOCK! SHOCK! AND BARREL! WHAT DID YOU DO!''

The three had did something. He smiled and said ''What a piece of art!'' The three had built a satue of Oggie(play dough) He was amazed and the three had said to him ''Its for good luck tonight!'' Oggie opened his arms and said ''Thankyou my boys!'' Then Shock yelled ''I'M A GIRL!'' Then Oggie said ''And my girl!''

Mean while...

Jack and Sally walked through the hall way. Zero kept hiding behind Jack while the dogs were jelly Zero got a home. Zero said in his head wahhahahahahhaa! your jelly! whahahahhahahah! to bad so sad!

Any ways Jack kept staring at Sally. He felt like he knew her before. He was curious that it had killed his cat that he knew. So he asked ''Sally, so how old are you?'' Sally looked at him then glance down and said ''19. And you?'' Then Jack said ''22.''

Sally said ''Almost the same age I see. How is it like to be famouse Mr. Jack?'' Then Jack said ''It's quite....weird and freaky.'' They both laughed and kept walking still.

Sally tripped over something but Jack catch her right on time. They gazed for a secound then Sally looked away with a blush and said ''So how is your tour doing?''

Jack replied ''It's going good.'' Sally hugged her self. It was getting cold. Jack saw she was shivering. So he took he coat and said ''Looks like your cold. Here so you won't freeze.'' Sally giggled, took the coat shyly and said thankyou. Which he repiled by a smile. Sally told her self....Is this love? Then she looked away in a red blush.

Zero saw a pink poodle in the lobby. He stared and grins, and winks at us. Then Zero quietly walked to the lobby. The poodle gave him puppy eyes and told him ''Whta's your name handsome?'' Zero said ''Zero and yours doll face?''

The pink poodle walked around him and said ''Bella.'' (A fan character i made up 5 months ago.) Then she winked at Zero when they met gaze. He told himself ''I got a girlfriend.'' Zero couldn't stop staring at her. He fell in love be continued......well...guess whats happening next....

A. Jack invites Sally to his conceirt.
B. They fall in love at first sight?
c. His wannabee girlfreind Mary comes in
D. Oggie, Lock, Shock, and cute barrel come in
E. Oggie invites Jack and Sally on a double date....if he could get a date...(Oggie turns around).....fine you'll get a date!
or F. Zero gets a girlfriend

Guess....what will on ''Have we met before?''

next chapter coming very (really!) soon ^-^!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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