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Have we met before?

I think I love you

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

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P.S I decided to put it as what happened when they were together, were it says Sally gets beaten up by Olivor everyday. He had problems in life when they're married. So I decided Sally to have some 2 bruises on her body and one on her face only.

Jack looked around. He reliezed where had his dog went. Jack replied in a worried voice. "I think I just lost Zero Sally.'' Sally looked around and called his name.

No answer. Sally smiled and comfort him by saying "Don't worry Jack. I think he went to the lobby.'' Sally and Jack went to the lobby.

Zero was still with Bella. Bella did look cute Zero thought. Bella's owner was getting up when...a dog was coming. He ran to Bella. Zero said WTF...I thought she was SINGLE!! That's so not fair dude!

Bella opened her mouth to talk and said "Zero this is my...'' Zero said please don't say it. "My brother Jon...'' Zero opened his mouth and said "WHAT! I thought he was your boyfriend.'' Bella giggled with Jon Lol .

Sally was talking to Jack. Jack noticed a ring on Sally's hand. Jack told himself. Is she married!? Jack now was nervouse. He was curious and asked "I noticed you have a ring on...'' Sally looked down at it with a sad sigh.

Jack put his fingers on sallys chin. They met eyes. "What's wrong Sal's?'' Sally said " that I'm divorced....a long story.'' Jack said "Sorry I..'' Sally replied "It's okay Jack...It's not very important. I just forgot to get this ring off.''

She put it inside her pocket. She knew it was time to stop loving Olivor. But they were still friends and roomates.

Jack felt sad. He didn't meant to make her sad. Sally finally smiled agin. He was glad agin. "Jack someone called.'' Jack and Sally turned. It was Chuck and his god children.

Bella and Zero turned. Zero saw little barrel coming to Zero and Bella. Barrel said "POOPIES!''

Bella said "I'sn't he such a cutie...(Barrel then farted)..oh dear.'' Zero burst into laughs.

Chuck walked towards them. Jack said "This is Chuck. He's like a brother from another dude. And this rose is Sally''

Sally was fluttered. Chuck said "Nice to meet you.'' Sally smiled nice to meet you also Chuck!'' Chuck said "Doll, do you have any lady-friends who would this hunk of a dude.'' Sally nodded. She said "I do have a frind for you to meet. EMILY!"

Emily took her dog Bella with her. Zero groarned and said "HEY HEY HEY I was talking TO HER!''

Chuck said "Hi babe. Whats your name.'' Jack was annoyed "She just said her name was...'' ''Emily, Emily Brookes.'' Emily answered in a sweet tone. Emily said "Cutie why don't we go on a double-date.'' Chuck was curious and said ''With who?''

Emily grined and said "Silly, with them.''

Sally looked nervouse. She told herself "WITH JACK!?'' Jack said "Of course we'd love too!'' Sally said WHAT!? Emily wrote down the adress of Sally and her's ''Chuck said ''Sure we'll see ya guys at eight tonight.'' Jack waved goodbye and carried Little Barrel and Zero with him behind Chuck, Lock, and Shock out the door.

Emily said "I can't we're going on a date with these TWO HOTTIES!'' Sally said "I'm nervouse.'' Emily said "Don't be nervouse!'' Lets go home and get ready!''



Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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