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Escape with me

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

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ugh...i just erased the whole thing here i'll try again -_-.

"No Sally, don't stop. I don't have a lover, i never had the chance to have a lover..." "O rlly?" Sally asking in suprise. "But what about those rummers?" "Just kiss me fool!" And they began to kiss again.

Sally's Pov

His kisses were so good. So I peeked a little, oh no! it couldn't be. It was Oliver. Oh no, but wasn't he at work? Flash backs came in my mind. Oliver beating me up, i was so stupid back then. I stoped kssing Jack. He looked concerned at me then tried to reach for another kiss. But got up and said "I have to go." But when i turned around, i felt his soft warm hand grabbing my wrist softly. "Sally dont leave." and turned me around gently and motiongly sat me down next to him. I wanted to leave, but those kisses. So warm...and made me feel so safe. He held me with his arms around me. I never felt this way with no one. I felt like i knew him a long time ago. I didnt care about anything else that moment, not even about Olivor. I just wanted to be in Jack's arms forever and never let go....

Olivor's POV

I can't believe i decided to go in this trashy place. The food ahd so much fat in it. I see Alicia eating this fatness infront of me. I couldn't blame her. We've been working all day at that college. Then my jewel put on her lipstick, that disgusting lipstick with a bad taste then smoked a fatty and looked at me, started to say these words, but i didn't listen and then started to careress my hand while talking. i glance a around a no, it can't be. That can't be...Sally? She was kissing this white haired guy in a corner of this restruant club. She looked so pretty, more prettier then my date. But Alicia came from a good family, not like that tramp. I looked back at my Jewel. Her blonde hair was shining blue with the light of this place. Then she reached for a kiss, i gladly gave it to her. It tasted so bad. Cigar smoke filled my mouth with an awfull taste. I kept looking at Sally, then back at Alicia.

Back at Sally. She blushfully looked down. Jack kept telling her he was gonna write a song about her. "Oh come on Jack. I'm not that special." She said in a shy tone. "Yes you are." Jack said looking at her pretty face. "Yes you are." And held her hands into his. She knew he had to go on tour again in two days. "I love you." She said looking deep at his Hazel eyes with a smile. "Yup, I know everyone does." He said grabbing a bite off his burger. She then layed her head over his shoulder. And looked up at his face. "Really?" Then looked at Emily and his bud Oggie at the dance floor. "Yup, most of my fans tell me." He then sipped off his coke. "Do you love me only?" Sally said holding his hand as she looked at him. "Yes, you're my girl..." She smiled. But wasn't it they're first date and looked shyly."Are you asking me to be you're girlfriend Mr. Reshington?" 'He smiled and looked at her. "Yes, I was wanting to know. Would you like to be mine?" He said looking at her.

It was so cute. She didn't believe it. But she wasn't pretty, she wasn't tall, and this?" She was a fan of his music, but this? She smiled at him. "Yes I'd would like to be your girlfriend."And kissed him softly. It was love. "But I'm not special, pretty, interes.." And kissed her. "To me you are, youre my girl." And smiled at her and played with her long red hair a little. Then held her close. "Escape with me?" He whisphered to her ear. "Yes, i'd like too." And hugged him.

To be continued........

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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