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Curse of curves

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

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And smiled at her and played with her long red hair a little. Then held her close. "Escape with me?" He whisphered to her ear. "Yes, i'd like too." And hugged him.

Emily and Oggie were slow dancing now. Emily looked at Oggie. Was he always doing this? Oggie looked at this girl with big hoops. He didn't stop staring at her. She looked so.."Charlie." He heard Emily calling him. "What babe?" and smirked at her. She looked pretty pissed off he thought. "Why are you giving atention to some one else and not me?!?" and pinched her date at his shoulder. "Oww." Oggie mumbled. "Well Charlie you ASKED me out not her." She teased him with a sad look. "Aww babe." He held her close. "But i asked you, didn't you read the newspaper i got hit on the face." "Aww you did, my poor baby, i'm sorry." And kissed him on the cheek. "How about my mouth?" "No." And grinned at him.

Sally felt like she was being stalked. She glance around, it was too dark too look around. "Jack?" "What babe?" Looking at her. He liked how scared she looked like. "I feel like someones watching me." She held her purse tightly, while glancing around. ''Aww babe. You're mind is playing around you. Probably some biatch is stalking me." And kissed her at her cheek. "Babe don't.." His cell phone rang. "Ugh it's my manager. I'll be right back." Kissed her mouth and went to the bathroom. She looked pretty scared. "Oh shut up Sally. It's your mind playing with you again. I'll-I'll just read my book." Oh great Sally thought. This kind of book to take my worries off. It was Eye candy getting similar to what was happening to her. "Oh great now I'm more scared." And put it back to her purse. She drank a sip of her drink and took a piece of pizza. She knew she was getting drunk but it would take her mind out of things.

Jacks POV

I look around. Everyone was having so much fun. This was the life. I walk towards were my girl stayed. She looks so inoccent from here. "Sally I'm...back?" She looked so drunk. I Sat next to her. "Sally? are you okay?" "Yes. Why do you ask." and giggled. She then getly put her head over my shoulder. "Oh Jack, you've gotta try this." And tried to make me drink voodookoo. "Oh Sally." I hugged her in my arms. Trying to make her go to sleep. She started to sleep over my chest. A red lipstick stain got on my shirt. Her hair tangled over my shoulder. It looked like blood. I love it. I gently played witth her hair, trying not to wake her up. I heard a little groan of anger. I giggled and held her close still. I signaled Oggie and Emily that i was off. I gently covered Sally with my coat and lifted her up in my arms. I heard a little yawn coming out of her mouth. I got to my limo finally outside the club. "Jack?..." She fell asleep again as I held her close in the limo. Good thing It was a limo. She slept like an angel, a cute one by the way.

We finally got there. I helped her get out the limo. Was she that drunk? I didn't really know where she lived so I took her to where my band was staying at. I held her again and gently lifted her to my hotel room. I layed her gently on the king sized bed. But she rolled gently to the middle of the bed and continued sleeping. I put the sheets over her while she slept. I went to look out through my window. "Jack?" I heard her call me. I looked back with a smile at her. "I sat near her on the bed. "What Sally?" She held my hand and said "Where am I?" She looked at me and yawned. "At my hotel room. Sleep babe, you just got drunk." She then looked deep into my eyes. Then she smiled and then she said to me "Sleep with me?" I smiled at her and said "Okay..." I got under the sheets as she asked me to. To my suprise she started to kiss me hard. Her arms warped around me. Luckily Zero was being pampered down stairs with other dogs. Then she whisphered to my ear. I whisphered back. This was too fast, we've just met and stuff. And this? I asked her was she sure? "Yes, I'm sure Jack." And held her close. I wish I could take her with me at my tour. That's a great idea. I could invite her back stage tommarrow. I looked at her. "I love you." I smiled at her. "Didn't you already say that?" She gave a giggle. "I did? I wanted to know if you knew that I loved you still. "Aww Jack. Nothing in this world would change my love for you." She held me close still. She whimphered a little and got back. "What?" She looked nervouse and sat up. She turned the light on next to her. "Sally?" I put my head on her lap asking her what's wrong?

to be continued......very soon

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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