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Have we met before?

Can we both be ugly

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

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I'm sorry for not uploading chapters sooner. I was in writers block srry Frown. I wasn't sure what to write after the last one. This is gonna be a long one so enjoy Smile.

"What?" She looked nervouse and sat up. She turned the light on next to her. "Sally?" I put my head on her lap asking her what's wrong?

"Jack I'm not pretty at..all" She sadly looked down at her shoulder. Jack sat up by her side and rested on her shoulder. Cause you're not like anyone else in the whole world. Like..." He thought or was it cause you remind me...of her...He sadly thought. He had forgotten all about her. But it was you're fault Jack. For leaving her when she needed you the most. She was alone in the whole world. Had a dad who would beat her up and you. Maybe this is better off this way. She was with another guy when you got to late. It's you're fault Jack for not being there for her, when she needed you the most. She's probably happy with someone else now. He got up from the bed."Jack, what's wrong?" Sally said, interupting Jack's troubled thoughts. "Oh nothing...just some..nothing, nothing I promise you." He smiled trying to hide his lack of sadness. It was to late for him, or maybe not.

She kneeled up to meet his glance and kissed him from the edge of the bed on his forehead but he tackled her to the bed. "Sally I love you." He gave her a peck and went thru her hair with his fingers. "Then show me." She gave him a grin. Jack quickly turned on the streo. The room was sound proof. Granented or you're money back with the control. She turned off the lights with the control. She didn't want Jack to see her bruises. She didn't want questions asking where she got those. But she had forgotten they fading away everyday. Jack didn't want to. He didn't want to be doing this when she was drunk. It's not respectful for a young lady when she's drunk. But those lips he thought. Gimmie gimmie more! he thought. The lights stayed off. The moon was shinning beautiful at night, over the place that never sleeps. "Jack can we both be ugly?" "Yes, let's both be ugly forever together." He whisphered back. They're first date was beautiful then he thought. Something special dashed all over it. Something he never felt before. Thankyou Sally, he thought. Thankyou so much for this he thought.


Jack's POV.

I opened my eyes. I got up, gazed around, trying to find her. But she wasn't here. I looked at the unopened envolope she had left next to me. I smiled and opened it as i began to read. Blah Blah Blah....She really loves me. Loves me so much, that it's hard to believe. I usually don't date fans n' stuff. It was so beautiful last night aww...I stoped reading as I heard a knock on the door. "Open it's Chuck!" "Coming!" I said as I sighed. I put my skeleton pjs on. I was naked, i probably would be running all day naked in this hotel if he decided to run away with it saying that i was naked infront of people in the hall way. I opened the door as he pushes me to my room. "HEY!" I said in defense closing the door. "Like wtf Oggie. What's wrong with thy bloody's name." He looked excited and said "I just got laid last night..." "Me too Oggie. How suprising?" I grinned"And it was beautiful and...." I gave a real smile about thinking about how beautiful it was. He interupted "You did too? I thought you'd never promise of doing that that until marriage LOL. Please don't tell me details nasty. Well anyways I came up to tell you that Jon has been waiting for hours downstairs for you to get ready. He look's pissed off dude..."

"Oh Shizznorich! I forgot!" I then approched to the door. "Dressed like that?" Chuck giggled. "Yea, so?" I said as I put my black sun glasses on and grabbed my messenger bag. We then got out. "You look so ridiculous!" He tried not to laugh. "Oh shut up!" I said as he conitnued to mock me as we got to the lobby finally. The rest of the band was there already. Jon, our manager looked at me. Trying not to be mad, and act calm down."Jack, like wtf dude! We're already late cause of you. Now lets go!" I didn't care, i just wanted to be with my Sally. I miss her more already."I'm sorry J.Walk." Jon mubbled "Yea right.." These no one else like you Sally, no one else.

Sally's POV

"So how was your night? with Jack?'' Emily said as I jogged with her outside in the park, today was my day off. "Beautiful and romantic! It was like a dream...and yours?" Emily sighed and replied to me "Not really. He was bit drunk. But it was secksay tough. We threw grapes at people last night. It was fun. We also went to a gig, then back at his hotel room. Are you going to the conceirt?" As she drank some from her water bottle."I really don't know. I really like him Emily. I feel so safe around him. He's the first guy I really feel comfotable and safe around with....Olivor." I stopped. "Sally? It's the past. That physcopath isn't with you no more. And you know that. Just think about Jack, not him. Okay?" "Okay." I said hoping to forget those nightmares of Olivor. I didn't want to see him again. He broke my heart so tragically. I glanced at the right side and stoped. "Emily? theres Jack?" "Is Oggie there?" she said glancing where I was glancing at. We had stoped and looked closer. Jack was talking to this guy with a big fro. And Oggie being his Chucky self. A guy was talking in the cell phone looking angerilly at Jack. What has Jack done? Jack catched her galnce and waved Hi. He hit Oggie behind his head to make him say Hi to Emily. Which he did.

to be continued....i hope you guys liked this chapter Smile.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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