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Have we met before?

Here we go again...

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

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A guy was talking in the cell phone looking angerilly at Jack. What has Jack done? Jack catched her galnce and waved Hi. He hit Oggie behind his head to make him say Hi to Emily. Which he did.

Jon saw where Jack was glancing. He rolled his eyes, shes probably the one who made him wake up late he thought. He said "We'll be there soon." He looked at Jack again. "Look Jack. You may be the singer of this band. But I'm the manager! We're already late cause of YOU!" Jon shurrged and breath easily and looked at Jack again. Jack looked gulity "Sorry he whisphered while looking down at the floor.

They got there already. Jon didn't let him say bye to Sally. Jack looked around. The place was huge. What a beautiful place they got booked at he thought. Two girls were waiting and quickly reconignzed him. "OMG! It's Jack Reshington!.'' One was crying, and the other one stood there screaming of joy. He felt flattered and walked towards them Jon wasn't around. Such a bad tempered manager they had. "Hi, you're here early...." The crying girl hid behind the other girl. He smiled and put her hand over her shoulder "Aww c'mon. Why are you crying?" Jack smiled at her, trying to clam her. He rememberd his first time he saw his idol for the first time live..and meeting them in awkward. He knew how she felt. She looked up shyly, with her hair in the front. Asked him "Can I-I have your-e a-.." She froze staring at him. While he signed her cd. "Autograph." He ended saying. He chuckled a bit. The signature was one he randomly never gave. 'For my biggest fan, xoxo J.' With a curl at his letter. He saw a smile behind her hair. "T-thankyou!" The other girl rolled her eyes. "She's my best friend. We met eachother in one of you're old concierts. If it weren't for you. We wouldn't be best buddies!" She said. He felt happy whenever a fan told him that. It was very falttering. He wasn't popular when he was young. He was an outcast, who liked that other person who felt the same way like him. Oh how he missed her allot before. She took out her camera for a picture. He galddly took her camera and motioned for them to get next to him while he took it. It flashed quickly. "Thankyou!" She said before Jon called him interruptly. "See ya guys later after the show!" Both girls creamed with joy after he left.

"What Jon?"He was shoved to the dressing room. Where the band was gonna be interviewed. The pink haired lady asked questions while they were getting ready. Some of the questions were already asked allot. He got black eyeliner smuged below his eyes. With some water to make him look like he cried a bit. Brushed his white short hair. Helped him put his show oufilt on. "So there been rummors that you're dating Audrey...'' "That be cool. But no. We're just friends." He replied. Where did they get information from? They dated but who knew that? She dumped him four months ago. She continued asking questions as he got dressed. He got to tell her ''Sorry for making you wait for us. Is that I.." "Oh it's okay, We pretty much have to be the ones...'' "No. It's my fault."She smiled and continued asking. The pants icthed a bit. But still comfortable he thought.

To be continued....

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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