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Sweet Lies

© rbd.ragdoll.queen

Jack is the handsome rich guy at school. Sally is the docter's daughter whose a ragdoll. Will Jack and Sally get along?? stay tune!

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Handsome young Jack was very popular in High school known as the pumpkin prince. Jack dated lots and lots of girl ghouls. He was an average teenager. He had sister name Britney(spoiled gurl), a dog name Zero(cute and fluffy), and his mother's Beauty(but cranky) and his father Robert(

Sally a young beauty. She always had a dress on. She had always had her lucky socks on. She always had her red-brownish hair loose. Her bestfriend is Gem. She and Gem met. When Sally was just created.


She and Jack had never met. She was just built. Her fist day of school terrifed her ragdoll body. She was nervouse. It was her first day of highschool. Well her first school. You get the point. She was juts built.

She was pulled to the school by her friend Gem. She kept strugglin to pull Sally. But Sally kept saying ''NOO! I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!''

''DUDE...(SIGHS)....It's your first day OF school!'' Gem kept yanking Sally. Sally couldn't beat it. She was already in school. Sally kneeled and yelled out ''I'm melting!'' Gem then slapped her on the face and said ''CONTROL YOURSELF! Everyones STARING at YOU!''

Sally got up and ducked and ran to the girls bathroom to throw up.

Gem ran after her and said ''Sally! WAIT!...''Then she froze when she saw Jack. She went to the nearest locker to stare at him. He waved at her. And then she fainted and said ''My life is complete!'' She then reliezed about Sally and said ''SALLY!'' and ran to the girls bathroom were Sally ran to. She saw Sally throwing up on the sink while girls there stared with a disguted face and ran out. Gem came toward Sally and said ''Sally....are you okay??''

Sally turned and said ''I'm fine.....just a little sick form being nervouse of thr fist day of school...'' Gem then helped Sally clean up her face. Then told Sally ''Come on! It's almost time for class HURRY!'' Then Sally replied with a nod and ran after Gem to class.

Gem and Sally came on time. It was still early. Ten minutes til the time went to 8:00 pm. Gem helped Sally find a desk to sit at. Sally sat next to Gem. Gem told her what to take out. Sally stared at the clock. It was almost 8:00am. Shde then asked Gem when was school ending. Gem told her ''Five more hours and ten more minutes.'' Sally was shocked and sighed ''AH MAN!'' and Gem gave a blank stare and said ''Sally clam down!...Hi Jack!''

Then sally went to the gaze were Gem was staring. It was a skellington like no other. He was tall. He was skinny. Had a foot ball jacket and jeans. He was handsome for one thing.

Then Sally stared down went Jack met her gaze. Jack was curious who she was. He noticed she was a ragdoll. The bell rang Jack looked saw his classmates struggling to get it. He craked a lil when the teacher almost fell. He then sat down infront of Sally.

Sally felt that she was getting nervouse and she couldn't stop blushing infront of the skellington. She huged her bookbag in front of her to keep her clam. Sally gazed at Jack when Jack turned around to talk to his friend Troy.

They're poetry teacher got up and said ''Guys quiet down! DO YOUR WORK!!!!!'' Then the teenagers kept talking. Then she said ''SHUT UP!!'' Then the students quieted down.

Jack then turned around and said to shy ragdoll. ''Hi my name is Jack, whats yours doll?'' Then Sally gazed to him and said ''Ummm....It''s....Sally.....'' Then Jack said ''Oh nice to meet you Sal!'' Then he looked in his bookbag for his book of poems. Sally turned mad blue and stared down at her hands agin.



Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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