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Axels Failure

Axels Failure

© LDK Sparda

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Chapter 10-Dark Metamorphosis for both Alucard and Orlox.

Orlox finally reached Halloween Town, but found he was too late. He found all the married men badly wounded. He lifted his hand and healed them all. Except, he couldn't heal Alucard. "What happened? They were planning a different type of invasion."

"They are in Jacks house..." Alucard said with a nod. "We now have to ambush them, but I don't know if we should wait too long. We shall leave right away."

All of the Skellington men that were there nodded. They looked towards Jacks house and saw a shadow walking towards them. "Who is that?" Revenga asked. "He has the same pointy ears as this blue vampire over here." Axel said with a nod.

This vampire happened to be Nosferatu. He smirked. "Orlox your too late this time! You always defect and let down your wi-" He was cut off.

"MY WIFE!?" He shouted as loud as he could. "No! She betrayed me for other women! I hate her and I will end her life here and now!"

Jack looked at his house. "She gave me a new house!" He said with shake of his head.

"Thats Rosencrauntz...Camillas castle." Alucard said with a nod. "We need to keep their wives from anymore harm!"

"Yeah and with my wife being sixteen!" Revenga said with a nod. "I can't let anything wrong happen to her."

Orlox nodded. "All of you...Go to the castle. I'll meet you there." He looked at Nosferatu. "Ready!?"

Nosferatu nodded and went to slash Orlox chest with his sharp claws. He missed as Orlox hovered backwards. "No fair cheater! You have all these powers and I don't!"

Orlox made a bunch of bats appear. "This should kill you!" He launched the bats at Nosferatu and the bats tore him to nothing. "This took awhile." He said as he turned into a bat and flew into a high window in the castle.

Jack and his allies were fighting through the castle. "She has too many minions!" Axel said with a nod. "Obviously." Alucard said. "She does need protection." Revenga said with a nod.

Camilla looked at her brides-to-be. "How about some kisses before our wedding?" She asked.

The ladies were mesmerized and were about to kiss her, until the spell was broken.

Jack and his allies had reached her huge chamber. They ran and grabbed their wives. "Your...Ok." Lina said looking around Axels body.

Axel just smiled. "Yeah, thanks Lina." He said with a nod.

Fia jumped into Revengas arms and she kissed him. "I knew you would come for me." She said with a smile.

"Ofcourse I was going to. I wouldn't want to lose you." Revenga said with a nod.

Orlox changed into his vampire form. "Ready to fight Camilla? This is your third shot at life...When do you resurrect? Every fifty years right?" He asked as she nodded. "Nice." He said with a smirk. "Our wedding is over." He said as he crushed his right. He crossed his arms and started to focus. He then gained a red aura and started to slash at Camilla, trying to catch flying spats of blood in his mouth.

Dracula burst into the room. "Alucard!? Orlox!? Camilla!" He said with a shake of his head. "Well Alucard...Happens every a hundred years..." He then awoken his powers. "We shall fight and you shall win."

Alucard nodded and activated the same power as Orlox and ran at his father. He grabbed his sword and started to slash at his father.

His father teleported behind some ways back and lifted his cape and summoned forth hellfire and launched it at Alucard.

Alucard turned to mist as the fire went through him. He ran upto his father and slashed him a final time.

Dracula jumped back. "What no! Darkness...grant me power!" He said as he activated his ancient ritual. He then turned into a huge monster.

Alucard started to finish the fight with his father. He stabbed his dad in the chest. He watched his father start to disolve.

Dracula smiled. "Thanks son...I can only see Lisa for a hundred years at a time...Thats why I want to be killed every hundred years."

Alucard nodded. "And your lucky, you actually get to see mother. Well father, see you in a hundred years." He said.

A few months later, Fia and Lina were pregnant. "This better not change anything between us." Fia said with a nod.

"It won't change a thing trust me." Revenga said with a nod.

Lina looked at Axel and sat on his lap. "Thanks for everything." She said as she kissed him.

Axel nodded. "Your welcome." He said as he wrapped his arms around her.

Alucard and Orlox had left, and those two took different paths then the other. Orlox had gone to a human-forbidden land and Alucard went back to sleep for a hundred years.

Jack and Sally smiled over their new child. "What should we name him?" Sally asked. "I got a list of names from Alucard. How about...Soliyue?" He asked. Sally nodded. "Sounds great."

Cola and Vergil were both holding a new kid. "Twins. Wow." Vergil said with a smile. "What are you going to name her?" He asked Cola. "I don't know yet. What are you going to name him?" She asked Vergil. "I don't know yet either." Vergil said with a nod.

Lock, Shock and Barrel were trying to resurrect Oogie Boogie. "This time we will stand and fight! We are older then last time!"

Oogie Boogie is coming back at twenty something years. Wow. Two characters you can expect to show up soon is Kilmataio and DiZ.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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