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Axels Failure

Axels Failure

© LDK Sparda

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Chapter 11: The Oogie Boogie Man.

Lock, Shock and Barrel had spent the last five years trying to resurrect Oogie differently, this time as an immortal. When they were finished they started to laugh at their boss now invincible.

Back in Halloween Town all the new born children had grown five years of age. Well only Soliyue, Gidion and Era. Lina and Fias kids were almost five. Linas son was oddly named Zilong. Fias daughter was named Cielle. Zilong looked only human, but had inherited some of his fathers power. Cielle was doomed to have nothing special about her, but atleast she was part Harpuia. River was only around 15 or 17. Kilmatio was still missing, he wouldn't be soon. DiZ was planning to return with the child at his side.

DiZ looked at Kilmataio. "Your done here, time to return to you to your father and mother." He said with a nod.

Kilmatiao nodded. "I'm ready to go, DiZ." He said looking up at the red bandaged Enigma. He was then led to a strange oriface. Before he knew it he was back in Halloween Town.

Zilong and Soliyue were running around playing tag. Soliyue was laughing at his friend. Soliyue was a strange being, not skeleton nor ragdoll. He was an unknown race, and that didn't bother the child. Cielle and Era were talking about the quiet Gidion. They looked at him every once and a while. He then shook his head and walked off.

Kilmataio looked down he had missed alot of things. He then walked over to his mother and father. "Hello?" He asked.

Cola and Vergil picked him up and hugged him at the sametime. "We missed you, lets hope DiZ taught you well."

DiZ nodded. "I taught him to use mainly spells and only his fists as weapons." He said.

Vergil nodded. "Alright, thanks buddy. Also when you see Dante next time tell him I said 'hello'."

DiZ nodded again and walked away, he then vanished, but not from the town.

Zilong stopped and Soliyue crashed into him. "Ow...Heh heh!" They both said in unison. "Who was that?" Zilong asked. "I dun known." Soliyue said with a nod. "But I think I lost tooth." He then said. "Lemme see." Zilong ordered. "Eh...Sorry?" He shrugged. "I did lose a tooth?" Soliyue asked. "Heh heh! Nope." Zilong said with a grin. "Well now your it." Soliyue said as he ran off, while Zilong chased after him.

Gidion walked upto his father. "I don't like playing outside...I guess its not for me."

Kilmataio looked at his little brother. "Your my opposite little brother. I loved outside, I would do anything for it."

Vergil nodded. "Kilmataio this is Gidion. More like me, then you. You were actually like my father and my brother. Energetic and happy to the end."

Kilmataio nodded. "I figured as much." He said.

Cola picked up Gidion and took him inside. "Its alright Gidion you can always stay outside." She watched him shake his head. "Outside is it?" She put him down outside.

Gidion joined in Zilong and Soliyues game of tag. They were all laughing.

"Either you lied to him father or he is just shy." Kilmataio said as he looked upto him.

Vergil nodded. "He is most likely shy." He said.

Lock, Shock and Barrel saw their new Oogie. "When and where?" They asked.

"Couple of months, I need to get used to this new body." He said as he looked himself over.

Chapter eleven over.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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