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Axels Failure

Axels Failure

© LDK Sparda

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Chapter 2: They have come.

Axel was walking around still slipping deeper into what he hated the most, the darkness. He hated being banished. Since eleven he was forced to leave. He was now twenty-nine. He was also becoming deperessed as the long hours go by. He soon heard the bushes shaking. He grabbed Alastor off his back.

A demon lunged at Axel knocking him off his feet. The demon lifted up its arm and changed back into a woman. She jumped up and ran away screaming.

Axel sat up. "What the heck was that about?" He asked grabbing Alastor. He changed into the Alastor demon form and flew up into a tree. "A group of so-called demons...Wait that lady is dead." He flew towards the demon and landed. "Whats going on people?"

A green demon with angelic wings laughed. "We are hunting down the legendary demon Firebrand. Do you know where he is?" He then described his human form as Daetrin. "So do you know him?"

"I do, but will I tell you where he is? No." He put his sword up and started to cut down the demons where they stood. He was then knocked back by the winged demon. "You weren't supposed to fight back..." Axel said dizzily.

The green demon whose name was Armas was flying away. "He must be in Halloween Town. Everyone whose left and can fly come with me." he said as a huge army of demons followed.

Axel turned as he heard human breath and running. "Who is that?" He asked as he followed after the humans. "Wait stop!" He shouted after the two.

One was dark, middle-eastern. He turned back and ran faster. The other was alittle on the pale side and looked about fifteen. He started to run as fast as he could.

Axel stopped, turned around and went back. "Maybe the army got lost and went back?" He asked himself. When he reached Halloween Town he saw all of the demons dead except Armas. "Where is that green demon?"

Firebrand looked at Axel. "He escaped me you better run away...If they catch you here your dead!" He said with a shooing motion. "Good luck and Godspeed."

Jack was pacing around and Sally was watching him. "This is my millionth time asking, but why did you want to banish our son?" Jack asked Sally.

Sally replied. "He was turning evil! I didn't want him to stay!" She nodded. "Its not like you tried to stop me."

Jack nodded. "Actually I did, I tried to sneak him into the Doctors lab." He said as he looked down. "Besides being dark doesn't make one evil. Look at Vergil. He was once evil and still has that evil urge in him, but we let him stay."

Sally sighed. "Thats because he saved us all. Without him we would be dead." She said with a nod.

Jack shook his head. "Our whole little army saved everyone not just Vergil. Just because he killed Mundus."

Vergil was sitting there comforting Cola. "Its ok a fourth child already won't hurt right?"

Cola glared at Vergil. "You don't know what its like giving birth." She said resting her head on his shoulder.

Vergil nodded and smiled. "I don't thats because I can't become pregnant."

Revenga was roaming around far from Halloween Town. He still had that fake sword on his person. He found a strange gate that had an indent in the middle. "The shape of the sword!" He said excitedly. He put it and watched the door spin as it opened he walked past it. He saw a strange looking pedastal with a strange wavy sword in it.

Chapter two everyone and yes Cola and Vergil are going to have a fourth child a girl to be exact.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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