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Axels Failure

Axels Failure

© LDK Sparda

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Chapter 4: Of ragdolls and swords.

Revenga kept his eye on Axel from the window his house. He noticed the strange trenchcoat. "I saw someone else with one of those..." He said to himself quietly. He looked at his new sword. "I have to learn a whole new fighting style for this sword..." He said alittle louder. He grabbed it and walked outside and behind his house. He started to practice with the sword.

Axel was still good at heart, just not in his mind and soul. He looked around one last time and left. He ran to where he had encountered the demons. His katana in hand, he noticed something standing in the distance on a tombstone. He looked at the figure. "Your wearing the samething as me." He said to the figure.

The figure nodded and looked at the Skellington. "Yes, thats because you were approved to join my little order. Welcome number thirteen. I am Marluxia, number eleven." He said with smirk coming over his lips. "There is another running around with one of these cloaks, he is not in the order, we need to kill him. He came to this world to lock it away in darkness." He said, these were lies. "I also need you to recruit Revenga, we need a new number twelve anyway." He said pointing to Revenga's house. "Don't worry, Vergil and Jack will never find out."

Axel nodded and took the spare coat at his new friends foot. He turned and ran towards Revenga. "Revenga I have something for you. Its one of the coats I wear." He said as he gave it to his nephew. "Wear it with pride, number twelve."

Revenga put it on. "Thanks, what number are you?" He asked putting the Reaver blade on his back. "Are you a lower number? Or a higher number?"

Axel sighed. "I am number thirteen. In the Order of the Thirteen. We are apparently a group against evil. So yeah, we need people like you. No Vergil or Jack though. Number Eleven or Marluxia decreed it." He said with a nod.

Marluxia was talking to another cloaked man. "Well superior, we have this world under our grasp. Nothing can stop us. Nothing, not even the defect."

The man nodded. "Good, carry out our plans." He said as he walked away and dissappeared.

Marluxia nodded and dissappeared into nothing.

Vergil and Cola were sleeping. Vergil woke up when he found out Cola was biting his arm. "Dear...What in Gods name are you doing?"

Cola woke up and let go. "Sorry, I thought it was just a dream." She said blushing.

A cloaked man was walking around the town. He was different then the other. His face was slightly visible. He had long bangs that covered his eyes. His nose and mouth was still visible. He carried a strange weapon. A sword handle.

He stopped infront of Town Hall. "This is it..." He said walking inside. He stood behind the podium and set the orders for everyone to come. He then quickly ran away.

chapter 4 took me awhile to come up with, but I did it anyway! The cloaked people play a HUGE role in this story. Only a few of thirteen will survive. Betrayal and Treason work in so many ways. And the defect to that order is a cool character which I am developing as it goes.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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