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© SugarPrincess47

Following the life of a Ragdoll who thinks her parents never wanted or loved her. I mean, they sent her away at the age of six to live with humans. She didn't quite understand why at first, and jumped to conclusions.

Chapter: 1 2

Part 1- Strange Forces in the Graveyard

It all started one late afternoon. Lailie was playing with her father, Jack Skellington, in one of Halloween Town's many graveyards. They always played together at this time of day, and if Jack had to work she would follow him around.
Lailie had long brown-red hair that was in Pig-tails, bright Brown eyes, and was wearing a black dress with white swirls. Her skin was a pale color, and had always been. She had always been a very cheerful girl who loved to play, bake and make friends; but her favorite activity was to play with Jack in the graveyards.
"I'm gonna get you, Lailie!" Jack laughed, sprinting after her.
"Hee hee! Just try and get me!!!" Lailie said, running a little faster.
"Gotcha!" Jack said, grabbing and tickling her.
"Hee hee!!! Ha ha! Stop it daddy!! Ha haa!!" Lailie squealed, giggling and rolling around.
"C'mon, It's getting late, we should head home," He said, smiling and standing up straight.
"Okay," Lailie said, giggling a little still. They had started leaving when an eerily cold wind blew by. Lailie's happy smile seemed to drift away into the wind. It was replaced with a scared frown, then a shiver.
"What's wrong Lailie?" Jack asked his daughter, looking at her frightened expression.
"I'm cold Daddy, and this place is starting to scare me," She responded, shivering again.
"Cold? But there isn't even a breath of wind here," He said worriedly. Lailie's eyes scanned the graveyard, the strange wind blowing in the direction of the forest at the edge. She stared at the trees, ignoring the words of Jack telling her to keep walking. Suddenly two bright green eyes appeared through the trees. More eyes of different colors appeared in between more and more trees. Soon every gap in the forest Lailie could see was filled with Green, Red, Purple, Yellow, and even Orange eyes. She tugged on Jack's pant-leg.
"Daddy, why are there eyes in the forest?" She asked him, pointing towards the eyes in the forest.
"What eyes?" He asked, looking down at Lailie after looking at the forest.
"Those ones, right there. There's green ones and yellow ones and purple ones!"
"Lailie, there isn't anything there. C'mon, let's just go home." Suddenly wolf-like creatures seemed to be ripped from the shadows of the forest. All but their colored eyes were pitch black and seemed to trail the shadows of the forest and they headed for me, black fangs bared. Lailie screamed and was forced backward by one of the creatures, soon to be tackled by most of the rest. She screamed and kicked and scratched, but they wouldn't get off. Instead, they started to bite her and tear at her material-like skin.
"Daddy!!! Get them off!!!" She screamed, very much in pain and scared. Jack bent down and tried to calm Lailie down, but he moved his hands away quickly when he felt something bite his hands, then noticed the gashes that were appearing all over the girls body. He didn't seem to know what to do since he could see anything attacking Lailie, but he knew something was.
Lailie kept screaming and kicking, until one of their sharp fangs impaled the side of her chest. She froze instantly, and any color that was in her face in the first place had drained out. Her pupils were small as she choked silently on her own breath. The creatures seemed to melt into a thick, gooey, pitch black puddle that outlined the small girl's body. Jack noticed this and stuck his finger into the puddle, looked at the goo, then at Lailie. Her eyes were still wide, and she was still choking on my breath, but this time Jack could hear the air trying to be forced down his daughters throat. The puddle seemed to stick to Lailie as he gathered her up in his arms and ran towards the main part of town to alert a doctor.
~*Lailie's POV*~
"Will she be ok?" I heard Jack ask someone through her half consciousness.
"Yes, but I have examined that black substance that was stuck to her, and it appears that it will slowly turn her into Human after she has gone into complete unconsciousness," I heard Dr. Finklestein say.
"She will be turned into a human once she goes into unconsciousness. You have to give her to a human family for 6 years."
"Why? Can't she just stay here? Can't we wash it off?"
"I'm sorry Jack, but no. The substance has already entered her body, and it will also erase all her memories of you, Sally, and even Halloween Town. She will not remember anything of any of this." After this sentence what little consciousness that was left melted away and left me in blackness.

Blech x.X sorry this is so short. I promise they'll get longer as time goes by. Most of this will be in Lailie's P.O.V cuz I'm too lazy to type in a different POV. >>'

Chapter: 1 2

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