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My Undying Will

© SoraSkellington

Sora has to leave Jack. Why? Well its time for ehr to discover her destiny. But Jack being curious and all, will he follow? Or stay?

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" Sora."
" Jack, I have to do this. Please, don't let me harm you. You know I don't want to."

She stood before him. The darkness surrounding them, but yet feeling safe from the hated of the world. There was nothing to fear, except what lied beyond the door. The door, being black obsidian with a cherry color border, and golden door handles held the fate of one child.

The Loneliness of the Waves.
And that was Sora.

She desired to let Jack accompany her, but this was something that one had to do, and she knew what to do. It was on the last page of the Zodiac Wrathe. It was known as the Final of the Worlds.
When she read it, however, she felt her inner self die of stress, horror, and tears. It was like drowning her soul in herself, even though, that was highly possible.But she didn't have the power to do that. Because she only had power of one thing.
The Loneliness of the Waves.
Or so all the gods and goddesses believed. In truth, she had destroyed the hated, she had gained the trust of her friends, she had learned, and yearned to know what was beyond the door. But something inside of her, knew all along. For it was her destiny that lied beyond the door.But now those words on the Final of the Worlds,pounded themselves aganst her brains. Until she could resist it no more and say them aloud.

" When the stars fall and yet the worlds try to protect, they cannot.For they continue to fall, like water down the very cascading slopes of that one certain place.The meteorites shower upon the sunset. For there is no more love. But always will be pain. For there is no longer friendship. But instead, there is loathe. Just like rain to lightning.Remember though, this. Was it fire that killed your father? Or was it your own soul? Either way, your father is gone. You can no longer reach him. When he held out his out, you were too blind to even feel it."

Jack noticed the tears in her lumionus, piercing yellow eyes. They were like talons at first, just bearing into a person's core. Then in the end, leaving a blackhole from the Underworld ot Pluto and Hades.Either way, it was the same person, just a different name.He felt the pain in watery depths rising in his eye sockets of black.

" But now, you can feel it. The fall into your own spirit."

Her voice was gradually turning into a sob and Jack's eye sockets were starting to understand what she was saying. Tears were coming into his presence, as well as his own pain. Not physcially for his demise. But emotionally, for Sora.

" Then you know no one will save you. You have to save yourself, even in death.For you know your demise, it is your weakness!You have a choice now, let the arrow hit you and cast you into an eternal greiving rest. Or capture the arrow and use it as your own.Go on, grasp it. You know its there. Its in your blood! Its in your courage! Its in your strength!Face your heart! Its already an icy pool of vegance and desire!"

Her pain pulled her down to the ground. She now kneeled there, in the dark. Her voice now sobbing. She didn't want it to end like this. No longer she urged to feel this way.Her long billowing, yellow medevil style dress around her. She was like the sun, crying, and breaking down into an explosion.Always containing her hate and tears inside and never letting them roam the world. All because she didn't want the world to know her like this.

" Its - its i - i in you."

" Oh, Sora!"

Jack ran over to her, as he knelt beside her, and let the tears out. They no longer cared how the world saw them. Even though, they were away from the world. Darkness surrounded them, being protective just as Jack was to Sora now. He was letting her cry. Protecting her in the comfort of his arms, as their tears went beyond all the hated from the past. And to believe, this was the last time she saw him.
This would be the final memory of them together.
Crying in each other's arms.

He assisted her up, as she now stood in his arms. Hugging her still, with very few tears in his eye sockets. Her crimson hair, neat, and pulled back but a bit mangled from her sorrow.

" Will I ever see you again, Sora?"

She looked up to see him. Her yellow eyes tearing their way into his heart, as they gave a gentle glow of the invisble moon. The dress revealing her shoulders and the ruby that Jack gave her, encrested at the top of the elegant mannerly fashion. Wearing yellow shoes that clicked like a mouse from a DELL labtop, made her seem enchanted by magic. In truth, she was. She was the world to Jack, even though Sally was his wife.He knew he'd always be there for her, just as she to him. Like that one time, she tried to kill herself, and saved her. That proved alot more than friendship. It proved love, as a friend.

" Jack...............I'm not sure."'

" Well then, can I at least give you something to remember me by?"

" Yes."

He seemed as though he was going to whisper something in her ear, when in truth, he kissed her. On the cheek. When he pulled back, she stood there. In total surprise and amazment.She blushed a single color, her thrid favorite color. Carnation.

" I thought you loved Sally."

" I do. Its just that seeing you going away forever, it just breaks me. I mean, you're one of my best friends and seeing you -"

" I understand."

" Here," he retrived something from his pocket.Her favorite flowers. A forget - me - not and a lotus flower.

" With a single petal."

She smiled. As in her eyes, stars seem to be radiant and glimmer upon her life. He could tell her appreciation, as he placed the two flowers in her hair of crimson.Pink for the lotus with itscalling of gracfulbeautyand blue for the forget - me - not of memory and remembrance.

" We'll be together forever now. Won't we?"

" Of course, Sora."

She hugged him one last time, as she whispered in his ear.

" Before I leave, I must fufill my dream."

She traced the bottom of his skull, as she placed her finger on his lips. With a simple gesture, she removed her finger, and kissed him on the lips.For a while, their lips locked, and tongues battled, as she let her imagination soar. Her mind escape into another transparental world.That desire of never - ending fantasias grew, as finally the kiss ended.
She knew she had to depart from him.
Even if it meant never seeing him.Never again.
All because she had to save not just her life, but his as well as the rest of all hated, and gentle.All due to the very world, to whom which she belonged to.

" Jack, it is time."

" Sora, please.If you never see me again, just remember."

He pointed to the flowers in her hair, as she gracefully touched them.

" Thank you...................for everything."

She stood towards the door, a single tear trickling down her cheek. Her hands clutched the door handles and pulled them to her form.A light of a lone star arose, as she turned to jack. The brilliant radiance now glowing on her figure. Jack was intriged and enchanted by her, as she ran over to him.Throwing her arms around him, as if she never wanted to let go. But she had to and for it, she apologized dearly.
Once again, her presence faced the light.
That tear returned, as it slid down her cheek once more.She heavily sighed, as she began to walk through the light. Her one hand behind her, touched Jack's as he didn't let go, until she was gone.

Gone, forever.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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