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Boogie's Boys

© Trevor Serrure

How Lock, Shock, and Barrel reach Halloweentown, and their version of the events... told mostly from Barrel's POV.

Chapter: 1 2

I am Zeke Cadavre. (A/N: Cadavre is pronounced kuh-DAH-vruh. It's a French word.) And I have finally acquired friends! Ever since meeting them, I will always remember how my life suddenly changed. It all started at the "Little Angels" summer camp when I was seven.
A shout from behind made me freeze in my tracks: "There he is!" Uh-oh. Time to escape! I broke into a run and glanced nervously over my shoulder. That was a mistake. I ended up running into a tree. Laying on my back, dazed, I had no choice but to let the mean older kids shut me in that barrel.

"Oh nooooo!" I shrieked as the kids gave the barrel a big shove. I bounced and rolled, bruising and cutting myself on nails that stuck out of the inside. I was furious. "That's it! I'm gonna go run 'way and make 'em wish they was never mean to me!" I whispered, then laughed. My laughter quickly turned to a yell as the barrel launched off a small cliff and landed with a splash in the lake. The barrel broke open upon contact with the water, but what can you expect? This was the fifth time that day that those stupid kids had given me a ride in that barrel. With a start, I realized how far down in the water I was, and still sinking. "Crap..." I thought, flailing around and hoping that I would suddenly somehow be able to swim. Not surprisingly, the world went black.

I awoke to the sound of plastic spoons digging through sand. "Come on, dig deeper! It's not a grave until it's THREE feet deep, moron!" a high-pitched girlish voice shouted. "That's only two-and-a-half feet deep!"

Another voice, still sort of high-pitched but kind of raspy, yelled back. "Yeah, well at least I'm actually doing something instead of sitting around like a lazy butt!" I decided to stop the fight before it got worse.

Sitting up, I asked, "Who are you two?"

A guy and a girl both froze and slowly turned to face me. The girl had darkish hair, it appeared black, but you can never tell these days. She had a purple T-shirt on and a pair of blue jeans. The guy was wearing a bright red T-shirt and blue jeans. His hair was a reddish-brownish color. He was a little paler than the girl.

The girl finally spoke. "My name is Amber Choquer, but everyone calls me Shock."

The guy told me, after glaring at Amber, "I am Amber's cousin, Trevor "Lock" Serrure. And we thought you were dead! Amber made me dig a three foot deep hole for NOTHING!!" he shrieked, tackling his cousin. He had a sudden thought as Amber pushed him away with a growl. "Hey, why were you in the lake?" he asked curiously.

Amber turned to look at me. "Yeah, why?"

I glanced away, turning red. "Well, it's, um, you see..."

"Yes?" Trevor said.

"The other kids don't like me very much, so they shut me in wooden barrels and push them into the lake. If I'm lucky, they'll get bored after the second or third time," I said quietly.

"What was your name again?" Amber asked thoughtfully.

"I don't have cool nicknames like you two... I'm just Zeke Cadavre. Oh, and I can see why you're called Shock, that's your last name, right? But why..." I turned to glance at the "Lock" kid, "why are you called Lock?"

Amber rolled her eyes. "You're thinking S-H-O-C-K," she explained. "My last name is C-H-O-Q-U-E-R. Similar sound, different spelling. And if you don't want to tell him, I will, Trevor!"

Trevor sighed. "I am called Lock because when I get mad, I lock my family out of the house. Once, they were out there for five hours in the snow!" He turned to Amber. "Remember? You snuck around back and made snowballs for me?" he asked, laughing.

Amber was also laughing. "Yeah, I 'member that! And they got soooooo mad at us!" Still giggling a little, she asked me, "What sort of tricks do you play with your friends or relatives?"

I looked away. "I got none. I got no friends, who would wanna be friends with me? I'm just the seven-year old who is hated by everyone!" I said, tears starting to form in my eyes. "And I got no family because they're dead. All of them. I'm the only one not dead, so I'm just stuck being passed from family to family, all promising to take care of me but ditching me at the nearest orphanage as soon as they could... the longest I remember being kept by a family was two days..."

"Then why are you here?" Trevor asked.

I sighed. "The orphanage dumps me here for the summer. Even they don't want me... they dump us orphans here every summer, to try to get rid of us." Standing up, I turned my back on the two. "I'm going now. See ya, well, maybe, Trevor and Amber," I said sadly as I walked away from them.

"Hey! Where are you going!?" Amber yelled, tackling me. Trevor grinned evilly and dogpiled on top of Amber.

"I'm going somehwere far away! Like maybe France or Indonesia!" I shouted, trying to push them off of me, without success. I ended up holding Amber away from me, with Trevor laughing and jumping up and down, standing on her back.

"Why would you leave your friends, meanie head loser face!?" Amber screeched, giving me a death glare. I would soon come to hate that glare... But her words surprised me. I stopped pushing her and was "rewarded" with the weight of two people suddenly crushing me.

The breath knocked out of me from the sudden force, yet pleased that Trevor had tripped and landed on his face when Amber fell, I gasped, "I'm a friend...? But why would you want me as a friend?"

Trevor rolled off Amber and pushed himself to his feet. "Why wouldn't we want you as a friend?" he grumbled, annoyed.

Amber got off me and, with a thoughtful look on her face, said, "I think I may have a nickname for you, Zeke... yOu said that the other kids trapped you in barrels, right?"

I nodded.

"Well, then, your new name is Barrel."

Chapter: 1 2

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