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My Undying Will

On the Edge of the Underworld

© SoraSkellington

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Falling through the darkness
If you can hear me, my love
Then please, say something
You showed me your side
And every day I learn more and more about it
It fascinates me
Like you do
When I see you in the dawn of many mornings
And paper masks is how you see me
I'm shyer than you believe
And I'll leave it as that
My oblivion
Is drawing close to you

Sora POV

His face undying. Jack, I saw you rise up from behind me. You saw this. My display. My reaction of your doing to me, if this were the situation. I don't know why, but he showed up. You know, the boy I like? Feraro? Yeah, him. He stood on the edge.
The edge of hell.
And below him my weakness danced.
If we are to be, then he'd be affected by it. It did. I ran out from the darkness of which I landed into.
I saw him.
Then, I did something I never did before.
The tears ran out. It was something most people caught me doing but I never believed in myself to actually do so.

The paper masks are true
They arrive
Taking control of the world
Wearing one is easy
You find yourself in hell
You love it there
Live there
But once you realize that hope is gone
And all escapes are defining
You know you have lost
You know you have been defeated
And you die in your lover's arms
How do I know?
I dreamt it
I saw it
I felt it
I experienced it with a kiss at the end
And all for you
My one true love.

I remember that. It was my final entry in my diary.
Before I took the plunge just to save him.
And when I did, I died.
He lived.
I felt his blood shatter like diamonds across my face.
Rose petals flew everywhere, until I saw that they were my drops of blood.
My tears and blood together.
To form such beauty.
It was endless.
And then, he took my hand.
Then I knew we were meant to be...


"Sora! Sora! Get up!"

She awoke nonetheless.She expected to see Jack. Standing over her with his no eye vision which amazed her. She expected to be in his house. The feel of silk under her flesh. That, being his bed.She expected to find herself somewhere, lost in the cosmos of her daydreams that she had just seen. Witnessed. Experienced. But no. She was incorrect.
She was in a room of all candle lit glow. The opera ghost's lair? Never. She saw the walls, amplified with the color of jade. Her favorite shade of green. There were portraits of fantasy along the walls. Stars shining in her eyes. Where was she?

" Sora, do you remember this?"

" Yes, I-I do! I remember the memories of long ago. I remember the - oh where is it!"

She jumped off the furniture she was. Her adrenaline ran. She liked this sense of thrill. This constant remembering that sent chills down her spine. She ran over to the painting of the Mona Lisa and took it down. There, in the center of the wall behind it was something faded. Something written. Like a memory that was never lost.She knew she was home. But was it all such a dream? If Feraro was here then where was Jack?

"Its still here!"

"What is?"

"The thing we wrote!"

"Let the stars cross us and fall into the weakness of us, together. But forever?"

"A long word, yes, but what meaning it has. I'll jump after you."

"You'd jump after me?"

"I'd hold you close until I never breathe."

"But you need it."

"I don't care. For we will always be together. Forever."

"Now, Sora, do you remember me?"

She turned to see a figure. Wearing an elegant shirt of olive green with frills at its sleeves. He seemed a pirate at first, but quickly gave a look of a gentleman. His skin tight pants of all black made him seem a spy. But she knew he wasn't. His mask of golden shine, covered half of his face. Yet she could still see through it. His hair was back and tan like his skin, his wealth had gotten him even the most beautiful of models. They didn't matter to him. His Italian loafers seemed to even attract them. But with just a simple smile, he could get any woman in the world.
She cautiously walked up to him. Slowly she peeled off his mask. He stood there as if it were nothing. Heavily, she placed the mask on a nearby bean bag of shadowy black.

" Feraro?"

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her close.
They kissed on the lips.
And soon she realized Halloween Town was ok, it was all a dream.

But to her, it was a paradise.


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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