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My Undying Will


© SoraSkellington

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Another door opened.
She simply walked through it, as she found herself in another room,of course. Where it all glowed of a pale blue. There was very little light, as a flame flickered before an altar.Upon the walls of the darkness dreaded, there were three stained glass windows.
To the right, three revealed different objects, places, or people. For the first one, there was Halloween Town with all the lights out. It seemed taken by the darkness and very uninviting.The next window revealed a violet rose, with one petal left. It seemed as though a person or another thing, was depressed.At the last window, it revealed a portrait of a person that horrified Sora.
Oogie Boogie.
She felt tears in her eyes of a piercing state, she held them back. But she dreaded him for one thing.

He raped her.

Then, since her sex wasn't so great to him, he beat her to a near death.Using everything imaginable, even his dice! She felt his malice at every throw of them. As hard as she tried to defend herself, she couldn't! For she was tied to his bed and yes, even if she did try to free herself, he would kill Jack!
She loved the pumpkin king, but still.
He made her suffer a near demise but only stole Dr.Finkeltstein's medication, just so he could revive her, and use her ashis personalrape toy! All the times, she longed to tell someone, but no. She didn't want them to feel this pain, so instead she took it. Even as though, it was a self sacrifice to her very core.

Desparately, she drew her attention to the left, and saw the same thing. Halloween Town all black. The one next to it, depicted a crown of royalty with pumpkins as jewels encrested in it.At last, the final one revealed Jack Skellington. However, there was something strange about it. Her attention drew her closer to it and there, through the colors of periwinkle and violet, horror came upon her.

There was the same stained glass of Jack Skellington, only there he was, in blood.
Cloaked in it. His own blood, being scarlet, but not the dirt, and bruises that cloaked him.Forthey was black, like his weary eye sockets, and the bruises violet, and blue.

" Sora!"

She turned to see them. Only staring in pure horror at the citizens of Halloween Town.
Torn, their clothes were.
Beaten and bruised with violet, blue, and black.
Upset with sadness, yet in hope for a citizen wasn't defeated yet.

" Mayor, what happened to Halloween Town?!"

He silently and solemnly pointed toward the altar. Behind it, was a stained glass window which terrified her very soul.
It depicted Halloween Town.
On fire.

" But....who, who could have done this outrageous chaos?!"

" I think I'd better explain that, Sora."

As she turned away, she saw the crowd of citizens spilt, and there coming up from behind them, was the beaten, bruised, Pumpkin King.
He looked worse than ever! Blood trickled down his bones, as his pinstrip suit was torn.Dirt and bruises cloaked him, as he staggered toward Sora.

" Jack!"

She caught him, before he collasped. Her eyes were now fierce with anger and rage. Tears stung her talon yellow eyes, as she looked back towards the altar.


" Sora, don't. You don't know what you're getting yourself into."

" Jack, please.I swear, no, I promise upon my grave to get this town back. And to defeat the worthless piece of trash who wrecked up Halloween Town!"

" Well then, that would be me!"

The only flame flickered out. But at the same time, all the torches lit up in a blazing rage. She clutched Jack closer to her, as he hung onto her. As she glanced over the Oogie Boogie window to relize, the portrait of him was gone.The tears in her yellow eyes burned with fury, as she grasped him close to her heart.
From the wooden, dusty floor arose a shadowy darkness. It transformed and created itself to equal the one person Sora feared the most.

" Hello, Oogie."

" Well, well, well Sora! I have been waiting, oh I have been waiting!"

" For hell? Well, get ready to see it! For I promise upon my very blade to destroy you forever and win back Halloween Town! Even if it means self sacrifice."

" Sora, no!"

" Jack, silence! I'm sorry, but I must live my fate."

She helped Jack stand, as she walked him over to a wall.From there, he could see the battle as well as everyone else.

" Well? Are you ready?!"

With anger in her movement, she reached into her body, and pulled out her blade. It glimmered of a key lime green aroud the blade, as with where the handle was grasped with her fingers, was indigo, silver, and slate.He yellow medevil dress, dare not ruffle nor her hair of encrimsoned color mangle, as her eyes dug into the core of darkness.

" To annhiliate you? Of course!"

So as the citizens watched and the fire on the torches glowed, wildly, a battle of mystery, and tactics was about to begin.

And all, through the door.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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