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My Undying Will

Dive Into This Place

© SoraSkellington

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

" Oogie, this will be the last time you'll ever see life again!"
" I'd like to see that happen!"

She took the dignity to get into her fighting stance. With her blade in her grasp there was no way, he steal it from her. Oogie, on the other hand, had something that was about to rip Sora apart.
Jack's weapon.
The Rubber Soul.
With a sly idea, he used it as though a whip, and started to hit the teenager anyway possible in that style. However, she either dodged with the speed of a fox or simply blocked it with her blade. That cunning, skeleton like grin appeared on her face. It didn't horrify the villain,it just made him more into a rage of heart.

" Is that all you got?! I thought you were the Mr. scary Oogie Boogie Man!"


" Hiding behind another's weaponry, that's really, pathetically low."

Without warning, he used it like a whip, and as hard as she tried to evade the attack, it slapped her in the face. That grin no longer was shown, but an emotion of true anger, and rage, was depicted.An idea came to her in her mind, as they both had no injuries, and with the shadows she faded away.
Disappearing into the floor, as Oogie's curiosity, and fury got the best of him.

" Looks like she broke her promise. Now you will all suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

With the Rubber Soul about to strike them all, she reappeared, slashing a huge gash across his hideous form.As he staggered backward, she charged up her energy, forcing it into the sword, only then she took off like a shooting star. Striking him anyway possible, as his back hit the altar. She jumped up to a great height, as she performed her ritual for her favorite attack.

" Nova Charge X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Her blade of offense, shot down the full throttle of her attack.It was like lightning going at lightspeed, which seemed nearly impossible.Just like the explosion of a nova, the attack beat him up all right, but another devastating surprise was about to come upon her.As she stood with the blade in her hands, the fog of her attack began to clear, as she saw nothing.A smile of triumph enlightened her face, as she began to believe that he was an easy target.

" Now, that was easy. And Jack, you said he was - "

" Sora! Behind you!"

" Say what?!"

Even before she turned to see the object behind her, she was getting beaten to a bloody pulp. By her rapist, Oogie.
She dodged certain attacks, as it became no use to her advantage.Her blood was upon her figure as that no longer mattered to her, as she did one thing to prevent herself from an early grave. Before she got thwacked again by one of his punches, she did a blackflip, and kicked him where his jaws were.And just before he staggered back once more, she slashed him across his figure, just like before.

But when he did go backward in an awkward motion, she noticed something.
The two gashes she gave him, were nowhere to be found on his figure.

" What the hell?! Where are those two?"

"Scratches? Oh well, you gave it your best! But my dice allow me to heal after every attack you inflict on me!"

His sinister laughter filled the room, as she grew angrier by the second.

" I''L KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

With that, she charged towards him, as she slashed him many times, but all the scars vanished like dust.She was easily getting into a constant rage, as she soon relized where the dice were.

" I see your little tactic now."

He stopped his laughing. Dreading that this punk didn't know where he hid them.

" You're just bluffing that your dice actually help you to recover. In truth, you're using the Rubber Soul to recover!"

" WHAT?!"

" Yes,its simple as that. You see, the day I was nearly on my death bed afteryou RAPED ME,you stole some of Dr.Finkelstein's medicationonly torevive me. His little sex toy. Butyou only chugged half that stuff down my throat.You used the rest to upgrade the Rubber Soul, so thatyou could make it have healing powers, thus makingyou invincible! Of course, there's only little backfire toyour little usage like that."

She slyly and bravely walked up to his face, nearly putting Halloween Town citizens into another afterlife. They didn't want her to die. And doing just her acts either put them in a hopeful position or a dreadful position. But she knew her plan now.

" The backfire is the fact that it ends whenever you get three scars, it ends. So.................................."

With her might, she lifted the blade, and thrashed it down upon his form. As in his hand, the Rubber Soul glimmered wildly, as its spell faded into the shadows. She leaped back with the blade to her defense.

" Now, its on."

The hated villain, stepped backward as he relized he had luck on his side. He didn't need no damn dice, he could kill her easily! With a smirk on his face, he began to do his little rough talk.

" Well, well, well, you figured out my plan. But don't think that means I'm finished! I have plenty more up my sleeve!"

" I bet you do, Oogie. Now let's see 'em!"

" As you wish, slutty!"

She hated when villains called her that. Why couldn't they choose something better? Like whore or hoe or bitch? But no, it was always slutty!Slutty this, slutty that! She despised it, oh how she despised it!

With an idea at hand, it seemed very foolish at first, but it was likely to succeed. Oogie once again used it as a whip, only he let it wrap around her weapon. She didn't know his devious plan, as she pulled on it. Desiring to get the weapon of her lover, she tugged on it, like vanilla taffy. With a final pull, she retrived it from his grasp.

" Jack, your on!"

The Pumpkin King stood, as he caught his weapon.

" Are you sure, you're ok?"

He glanced at the werewolf who said that, he smiled gently as he knew he had a battle to win.Or at least hope to win. His scars still hurted, but he knew Sora, and him were the only ones who could stop him. If there was anyone else, ( which there wasn't) they would have taken a stadn as well. But everyone cowered Oogie. Jack imagined Sora did when he raped her.

But that was all in the past.
Now, a true war was about to begin.
The Pumpkin King knew he'd get more injuries but that didn't matter to him. All he wanted to do was rid Oogie from his crushed town.He didn't know Sora's reason to defeat hi, but he only thought it was to save halloween Town.

In truth, this was her one step closer to unleashing her fate.

Of course, Jack was the only one who knew about this. He desired to rescue her from it, but in the end, it was no use. For he soon relized everyone had a destiny. Of course he knew that from his very existance. Still, he was unsure of his,and Sora's, as well as Halloween Town's.

" Ready, Bone Daddy?"

" Of course, Sora."

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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