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My Undying Will

Still Down There

© SoraSkellington

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Oogie stood before them all, his eerie appearance even struck the horror of hell.His sinister ways weren't ready for the duo assaults of the Pumpkin King and his little fangirl.
Well for Oogie, sex toy.
" Oogie I can't believe you'd rape her! You will be finished by the time I'm through with you!"

" And I, the same."

Sora got into her position, as she cautiously walked towardsthe target. Although she remained inert, Jack was behind her. Not being a perv or watching her ass, no that was never his personality or style. Never. All he wanted to do, is now be careful of his movements. For even a single move costed him. Oogie nearly knew all Jack's moves, as he knew Sora would keep her promise.

' Even if it means self sacrifice..................' Jack thought. What if she did sacrifce herself and all because of him? But then, Oogie would be gone.

Gone like her.
Like not just Sora, but Sally.
Yes, Oogie had taken her. No, not taken, worse. Much worse. When everyone was escaping from Halloween Town, Sally as well as Jack, were on the run of Oogie. He sent the trio of trick - or - treaters after them.
However, they were different.
The devious villain stole a mutation potion from Dr. Finkelstein and slipped it into their snake 'n spider stew. He didn't care if they struggled just so the very bile liquid could transform their bodies. He watched them and laughed evilly at the time, and when the change was complete, well, let's just say this, they were worse than a nightmare.

Jack remembered the techniques with his weapon in an instant, as he followed Sora. The pain of Sally, lively dancedin his heart and he knew that there was ray of hope on finding her.
Wasn't there?

Oogie bellowed his laughter across the room, as Sora got an idea.

" Jack, when you spin around alot, do you get dizzy?"

" No."

" Great!"

She grabbed a part of his weapon, as it still stuck to his wrist. She tied the handle part of her blade around it.

" What do you say for a game of jump rope?"

Jack finally caught onto her plan, as a sly pumpkin grin grew upon his skull.Maybe, perhaps, there was some hope of rescuing his wife.

" I thought you'd never ask."

" Ready?"

" Set."

Then together they yelled something that grabbed the villain's attention.

" MC HAMMER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jack began to spin the blade around, at a very fast pace of almost lightspeed.As though it was a game of Snake. Sora jumped it because to her, it was noticeable. Oogie, on the other hand, was getting hit with every slash of the blade.
When it wasfive spins into the game, Sora began to chant something.

- " Hey Oogie!
Don't ya know somethin' boy?
I'm no longer your damn lil' sex toy!
Anyways, Jack's my big bro!
Didn't you know?
Here's how much my heart grows
whenever I see the sun's glows
10 oh ya Jackpot!" -

She continued to do that, as Oogie got madder, and madder by the minute.Sora and Jack were liking every second of this. Faster and faster. Like a quiet, distant star running away from all its problems.A trail of glow and grace of heart. As finally the young promising teen, jumped up, and ran on the weapon of the Pumpkin King.

" Hey Oogie! Trick - or - treat!!!!!!!!!!!!"

With a sly act, she kicked him all over. As though a rampaging minotaur in the center of a labrynth.At last, she punched him inhis hideousface. He flew back into the altar, as Sora did a backflip, and retrived her weapon from Jack.

" You're on, Bone Daddy."

Jack grined deviously, his usual skeleton grin. As he stepped forth, with Sora covering his back.She was amazed at how he easily evaded his nemisis' attacks, as well as his stealth, and agility.In many ways, she never observed or seen him like this before. He did a backflip past her, as he then, fiercly swung his weapon towards him.

Then, hell was let lose.

The sinister being, caught his rival's weaponry.With all his force, he pulled Jack closer to him, as he wrapped his arm around the king of Halloween's neck. This was it. The final demise of Halloween Town.
Or so all thought.

" Jack!" Sora paused, sweat beads streaming down her face. " Leave my Bone Daddy alone!"

" Why should I?!"

With that, Oogie grabbed one of Jack's arms, and


he broke it.
Jack tried not to scream, but it was the most blood - curdling beyond the fate of the world.

" Please, let him go! I don't want to destroy him! I, " she swallowed hard, " love him."

" Sora...."

" Oh now, isn't this a touching moment?! Well, I'll get to base one for you!"

Sora feared the worse, as everything seemed to go downhill from there.
Oogie maliciously grinned, as he did the one thing Sora hated. He got him right across the nape of his neck.As now, he crush, hung unconciously, in the arms of her new foe.

" Jack! What did you do to him?!"

" Isn't it obvious?!"

His voice boomed over the citizens in pure terror. Only then, they saw their king hit the wall past them, as his rib cage broke.
Sora's breathing was hard like Oogie's heart of stone. She was in a state of mind where gore was let lose, as she had a plan already thought.

And yes, it had to do with self sacrifice.
Or at least a portion of it.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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