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My Undying Will

A Roll of the Dice

© SoraSkellington

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

She stood before Oogie.
He still laughed, as she, even began to chuckle.
The villain appeared quite confused, as he started to believe that his opponent was gone into the brink of insanity. He knew, this battle would draw to an end in death.

' One roll of the dice oughta do it,' he thought.
A smirk made itself known on his face, as he rolled the dice of only luck and gambling. The symbol of Oogie, ( the dice no doubt), held the three monsterous forms of his old henchmen.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

Only now, since they took their forms as horrible demons of hell, they needed new titles.
For they were only known as,

(Lock) Crimson
(Shock) Vengance
(Barrel) Darkness.

And as the dice hit the floor, they froze.
No movement, no nothing.
Sora still in hysterics.

" WHAT?!"

Then, a twisted thing erupted from the minds of all.
The dice, jumped up, as though a living being, and dropped to the floor.
In bits and pieces of gore.

" For once, you should reconsider of your choice weaponry."

Astonished with terror, the devious person looked up to see her.
Blade in hand and a very serious look in her firey yellow eyes.

" Don't take me for a fool, Oogie."

" B -'re suppose to be dead!"

" Dead? HA! You don't even know what death is.................but now, I'd be happy to show it to you."

She recoiled with tremendous confidence, as she held her hands, ring fingers down, to her heart.Her eyes, closed, as in a meditating position. The blade, at her feet, as she no longer needed its assistance.

" me to victory."

Her fingers wrapped around the handle of her weapon.
She grasped it tightly, as the point faced the floor, as she placed it into her body.
Surprisingly it didn't hurt her.

It gave her more dominational power.

Once again, she retreated to the same form she was in before.
Ring fingers down and to her heart.
Eyes closed with a faithful grimace.

Nothing happened at first, but with no moves whatsoever, her heart drew itself into her hands.
Oogie heard of this attack, as he cowered behind the altar. He was too horrirfied, to jump in front of Halloween Town's people at the very second. For his life, was all his worries.
The heart glimmered with flares of violet, as its yellow, and green glow gave an eerie, yet peacful reassurance. She opened her eyes, as they glowed of a firey burnt indian red.
She shoved her heart back into her figure, as her fist to the right, violently engulfed itself with a flame.
A flame of hope periwinkle, faithful indigo, reliable magenta, and mostly, the color of her pleasurable, mythical creature.
A phoenix.

" By thy life, I take upon the risk to unleash myself and destroy. Destroy only the one who has caused pain and swiped the life of all. If sacrifice is in its way, I choose to accept. If eternity is at stake, I will accept that. If our hearts are at a risk...................................I accept. So go! Reveal yourself to not only I, but all! Guide me to triumph! Show me strength and annhilate all evil in my way!!!!!!"

She sped towards him like a speedy shadow, as she did a front flip, and without warning, brought her right fist forward.
And from it, emerged a small, flickering flame at first. But then, it rapidly grew at lightspeed, as from there, a phoenix took flight.
Tracking its enemy, as all was heard of Oogie, was a shriek.

Jack stood, awake from his pain.
Oogei was dead.
And Sora, lost half of her heart to murder him.

She withdrew her blade from her half heart.

" And that, my foe, is death."

She held it before her, with only one hand.Her silent walk toward the stain glass window of the town in flame, gave an emotion of all mixed to everyone.
Even Sora, herself.
She pointed her blade to the depicted the sign, as for a moment nothing occurred.
At least until, the altar fell in pieces, as there, floating in the center, was the entire thing that caused the flames.

It was a small flower. A forget - me - not. She felt her fingers in her hair to be amazed, that her blue flower was still there in full bloom.

' Just like the moon', she stated in her brain.

She stepped forward, as the flower turned into a black rose.With a simple slash, it died.
Easily, of course.

So now, she gave a cold stare at the window.

The fire vanished, as the citizens returned home.

Now, it was just her, and Jack.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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