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My Undying Will

Like a Memory Long Since Past

© SoraSkellington

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

"Sora, back there you were - "
He was cut off by the gleam in her eyes. They seemed crystallized by tears and beauty, as though she was a statue of despressed teenage pain.Her smile was no longer there, like everyone else.For they were all returned to their safe, Halloween home.Shecarelessly let her blade slip out of her hand, as he began to relize this wasn't Sora.The negative act brought her to her knees, as though a prayer to the shadows.Only this time, that wasn't it.
Her heart was dying in her hands. Her very finger tips drenched in another's blood.It felt like that. Like that's all she wanted to do. Fall into the shadows and never awaken, for the darkness was a paradise enough.
Or so it sounded.
Just drifting in her own dreams, regardless if they were nightmares. That would be excellent to die in.Letting warmth surround her, as though the darkness always was that. But no. It was always cold like the hate in the hearts of many.
And water and coldness,was her weaknesses.

" Sora?"

" I didn't come even a centimeter close."

" To what?"

" My efforts..........were pathetic."

" They weren't!"

He kneeled next to her, curousity arousing in him. Wondering what she meant as by, efforts.

" You defeated Oogie Boogie and won back Halloween Town!"

" Yes, but still. I saved all..........but one."

She was walking away from him, as though ignoring him. All she needed was to be alone. But no, she adored Jack, and his company.She tried to smile, but it all faded away so fast.
It was like forfeittingherself to quicksand.

" Who?"

" Didn't you notice?"

" When I saw you all, at the beginning! I saw them all, but her!"

" Sora, please, tell me!"

" God, you don't even see..........that you're wife is ....................missing!"

In truth, Sally was dead.
Oogie had taken her life, by performing a ritual that removed her soul.
That's how he got his revenge on Jack.
By taking his love.

The last time the couple ever saw each other, was when they were on the run of the villain past. She was captured by the new trio of henchmen Oogie, so hastily, created.Jack longed to go back for her, but the Mayor pushed him into the Real World's door, before he could even look to see her.
But Sora couldn't tell Jack.
Even with half of her heart left, she still contained emotion.She couldn't bear to tell him the truth, she'd acknowledged that he'd be heart broken. Just like she was.
In the year of 2004.
Although it scorned and torn her so, she dare still, not speak of it.It, being the even that occurred between her, and her boyfriend.
To her, more of a boyfiend.
Because of his fiendish ways, his untidy style. She never knew what she saw in him. Except pain.

" Sally.................Sally?! Sora, please tell me you know where she is?"

" I do not, my apologies."

" Its not your fault, I should've known this would happen."

She wanted to say something. But she couldn't, her fist gripped her heart in her mind. Although it never would occur.
But as she drew her hand around, she stood, and grasped her blade, she saw the wall behind the crushed altar vanish. She stared with an expression of unfamilar trance, into the darkness as stars appeared before her. All leading her to a new place of vogue and dreams.
Jack, his torn clothes, and all was about to leave the depressing place, as he turned, and saw Sora. Climbing up the stairs and then, suddenly stopping.
Glaring at her hands.
Her vision shot up to the shadows, as she began to sprint away from him, yet remaining with balance on the stairs.

" Sora, where are you going?!"

He began to follow her. Climbing up the very stairs she did, as he entered another room. More likely a new location. And there, up on a snowy hill, sat a young child.
He couldn't tell who it was, as he catiously drew closer to her.
Finally, she let her long, light auburn hair down, as she opened the beauty of her turqoise eyes.Her skin, so pale, it was't that humourous. Somewhere a piano platyed its soft tune, as she looked to a lone star inthe gray sky. Simply, she smiled as an innocent snowflake touched her nose.
She then giggled and spun around, as she began to form a snow angel in the white glory of nature.
The hood on her indigo jacket swayed with her movements, as her baggy, black pants followed.Her pink boots glistened, as she picked up the last, living flower of Earth's cold.
It was a lotus flower with a single petal.
Her delicate fingers slipped the plant in her hair, as she turned to see Jack.
He began to believe she was horrifying to him. But no. Strangly, she giggled, as he walked up to her.

With curiousity in hand, he started to ponder on who this girl was. She looked so alike to his disappeared friend, Sora.The hair, identical. The eyes, different.
Very different.
But still, he wondered, what if this was Sora as a child?
Then he'd plunge deeper into her personality ways. The secretive movements of her, surprised him, even in joy.The vogue words she'd say to enemies and how she'd fight, it was like a dance of distorted beauty. Although, he did not love her, but thought of her, as a little sister.Always there for him, believing him, even when no one else would. And in return, he was the same to her, Loyal with a trusting,regal manner.

" Who are you, little girl?"

" I'm Sora, what's your name?"

He stared at her, her gleaming eyes. This had to be, no, was Sora! It was obvious.....why hadn't he caught onto it before?It was all the same, except her eyes. He began to ponder on why her eyes weren't piercing talons of yellow.Maybe, it was puberty? It didn't matter now, he was intriged, as well as excited on meeting her like this.

" I'm Jack."

She giggled, as she got hit hard with snowballs from behind her.

" Its Sora, the Tora! What a whore!"

" Shut up!"

" Awwwwwwwwwwwwww where's your daddy? In hell?!"

In truth, her was dead. And as tears were forming from her eyes, Jack glared daggers at the bullies, as they continued to evilly laugh like Oogie Boogie. Until, he couldn't resist it anymore. He marched up to them and pulled off his most terrifying performance ever.
His face was like the walking dead to them, as they ran in true horror.

But now, as he glanced at Sora. She stood there in extreme awe. A smile came over her face, as she hugged him.

" Thank you so much! I mean, oh!"

She backed away from him in a dash.

" I'm really sorry, its just that- "

" No apologies needed."

He held out his boney hand, as she took it in an instant. She had made a new friend, as Jack felt reunited with his friend that had vanished from the battle area. And as they walked away into the snowy pleasure, she smiled.

And so did he.

But yet, somewhere in the core of this young girl, was the true Sora he had been seeking all along. As they continued to walk together and talk together, he had a bad feeling in the heart of his mind, and his stomach.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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