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My Undying Will

Here in an Instant Gone in a Flash

© SoraSkellington

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

All was tranquility at last.
The two, a child known as Sora, and a skeleton, known eternally as the Pumpkin King, were walking at each other's pace. Talking and laughing at jokes. Playing around, at least until the younger child became alert.For her mother was unseen, as she reconized her voice. Calling to her, just as destiny, to the older Sora.
" Sora! Dinner!"

" Coming mama!"

She turned towards Jack and a frown of sadness drew upon her pale face.Something was wrong. By the glimmer in her eyes, he knew it wasn't the fact she had to depart from their pleasure. It was something else, but he couldn't place his bony finger upon it. To hide his suspicion, he gave a look of curiosity with a slight grin toward the younger version of his loyal friend.

" I'm sorry, I have to go."

" Sora, wait!"

Before she could turn to face him, she was off. Running, as though she was cursed to look back. Jack began to run after her, as he longed why she didn't bother to see him.
He was positive that something was going on to her. Was it so important to attend the evening meal, yet be only more than a mere second late?
Well, not really.
In some families opinions, that is.
But to Jack, no.

And then, there, like how this entire charade started, was the door. Its glow was as sinister and yet quite calm, as a villain joining the good side. Both reassuring with a mysteriously, evil charm to it. Jack figured, if he could stop Sora now, he could save her from the future!

" Sora, wait! Don't go in there!"

As though someone heard his plead, she stopped. She turned to face him, her hands crossed over her heart, with her ring fingers down.Eyes closed, locking all beauty behind her eyelids lined in silver eyeshadow. But wait, that was never there, was it?

In truth, it wasn't.
But it did resemble the older, more offensive Sora. She always wore it, even when she was a skeleton in Jack's realm of Halloween. He wanted to let her see as a child, but he constantly worried if she 'd be horrified adn never go there when she died. That was a dream of his, that probably would never work.

She in an instant, opened her eyes.

However, their glow changed into a form of darkness. For her eyes were as dark, no dare he believed, even darker than the night itself.
But, there was a soft, heartfelt touch to them. He could tell there was always something like that to her mood.
Even in times of fury and depression, that softness remained there in her vision.

As she began to state her reply towards him, he started to relize, it wasn't her voice. It was the older Sora's. It gleamed and beamed with the angelic shine as though a soulful tear. Lost in the imagination of a very young child, yearning to learn.LEarn about the world outside its home, as Jack did when trying to control the December holiday, known as Christmas.

" She has to...............its her she said to you before, whatever lies beyond the door, will take her to the place that you never knew. She desired to tell you but, there was always something in the way.
It was impossible as if unreachable to your mind. Although she could touch it, she couldn't say.
What lies beyond the door.

So now, you must got the hard way. Even if it means...........Sora's demise is in one of these doors...and there may be possibly, you can od not a thing about it. Possibly."

" Sora could die in her destiny?"

" You will see."

And with that, everything that changed about the child's appearance vanished. As Jack stood there stunned, the young girl, walked through the door. Leaving him with his own choice.
He heavily sighed, if Sora was to die, then he wouldn't die in his arms. With that decision, up in his mind, he placed his bony hand on the door. And as he turned it, he knew there was no recoiling in dread.
For the darkness and light took him as one of their own, as he walked through the door.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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