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My Undying Will

Lucky Charms( Not the Cereal!)

© SoraSkellington

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Zero 's barking awoke him from the darkness which he had fallen to.However, it was strange that his head didn't hurt or anything. It just throbbed for a moment, before the pain faded away. He swore he was back in Halloween Town, because ahead of him, was a spiral hill of snowy white.
As he began to stand, he realized he wasn't home.

For this hill, was nearly identical to the hill in the town of Halloween. But it all began to the left and at the very end, was a petite spiral, uncurled, with a star hanging on its end.
The star glowed vividly of sapphire, trying to camouflage itself with the night. But it always returned to its original shade of gold.
And as the glimmering form of snow laid before him, he saw something else shine in the snow ahead of him.
It looked familiar to what he saw in the memories he contained. So with a slight gesture, he picked it up. But even before his eyes could identify the object, he saw something on it, that gave the entire thing away.

It was his luck charm he gave to Sora, attached to her blade.Just like she promised to take into action.

He remembered it all too well, that memory.

All too well, as though it were only yesterday.


" Sora, you keep telling me about this door...........what do you think it'll be like?"

They were lying on a gargantuan sleeping bag, that fitted perfectly under the spiral hill. Its silky texture of lavender, felt as though they were talking in the sky above them. It shimmered with the shades of blue and black, as a full moon brimmed upon their forms.
Stars burned like petite candles of a loving desire. Just as Sora's heart did to Jack.

" Jack, I'm not even sure what its like. All I know is, is that it will either foreshadow or reveal my destiny."

" If you go through it, can I come with you?"

For a moment, she didn't answer that.She reached into her backpack like purse of violet, with a design of a jack o lantern as its lock. Now it remained unlocked, as she took out a book. Unknown to Jack, it was a book known as the Forbidden Horoscopes.
He started to believe it was an astrology book, as he wondered why she would have that out now.
She flipped to the page that had details about the door.With a heavy heart and grief, she sighed.Closing the book harshly, as if it misbehaved her command, and throwing it into her purse, she held back the pain.
Like she did for all the time of her life, so far.

" Jack, I'm sorry. But I have to face this alone."

" Ok, I understand. But please, before you go, take this."

It was a small chain bracelet. It shimmered of silver, as though the gods blessed it with royalty.The miniature chains jingled, as on one part, three chains hung alone. Accompanied by a single ruby star, bordered in black.
And then four chains after that, there was a petite charm of a book that said, " So This is Love," in gold.

She recognized the charm, because she gave it to him for his birthday.He told her about the bracelet, being its luck charm, and all, so she figured why not? The lone star wasn't enough to contain his heart of gold.
So she got him a book, considering he liked to read, and literature. He also liked whatever Sora wrote. For poetry and writing was her key to talent. Whenever she was finished or excited, she'd show him a piece of what she wrote, whatever it was.

And then, two chains after the book, was a dog tag.
That was when Jack got Zero a collar. Zero adored that collar. It was satin black, with a little pumpkin as its tag. However, as Zero grew older and older, the collar got smaller and smaller. And so, when it was time to throw the collar, away, Jack kept the tag in remembrance of the memories of the collar, and Zero.

So now, as Zero happily floated past the graves, and momunments Jack handed her the charm bracelet.

" Thnk you, Jack. And just so I won't forget you or lose it, I will permanently attach it to the handle of my blade."

" You can do that?"

" Jack, if I can write a song, I can attach a piece of friendship to my weapon."

Later they walked to their homes, as the stars wildly danced their rituals to the moon, a heart was added to the blade.


He stared at her blade, before looking toward the hill.The barking of his dog, awoke him from the memory, and his longing stare.
Then something came to mind.
If her blade was here, then where was Sora?

"Zero, what is it?"

At last, his vision led him to th top of the hill. There was something awkward about it, as he ran up towards the top.It looked as though someone buried themselves under the blanket of white. Where he stood, something glimmered of a scarlet red. Where everywhere else, was simply snow in the glory of nature's fantasies.

' Blood? What would it be doing up - Sora?!'

He got down on his knees, as he began to dig through the fallen stars of snow. More alikely, flakes. But to him, stars from the heavens in time's drifted ways. Finally, the snow subsided, as he saw a clear view of the figure in the white.

With the long scarlet hair, matted with gore, and those eyes tha the adored, closed a wave of shock overwhelmed him. For he wished he wasn't right. A gown of the daffodils was torn at some points with blood at the sides.His guess was truer than a ghost story,
it was Sora.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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