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My Undying Will

The True Begining

© SoraSkellington

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

" Sora!"
He jolted to the top of the hill, as tension grew vividly in his bones. His mind raced with thoughts of how she got there. She told him about her opponents of hate in the past and yet, they always seemed to come back dead or alive.

' Oogie? No, she killed him. Uh...Torn! Yes, it has to be Torn! No, but is there that one person that I don't...Artis Origochou?'

He uncovered her from the white heavens of nature, as he embraced her in his arms.Tears streamed down his face, as he could feel her pain. He felt her sorrow rush through her bones. Dying of her destiny.
What was her destiny?
He didn't even know.

She wasn't ready to handle it.
And Jack knew it.

" Sora...please...wake up. I don't - I don't want to see you end like this! Dying because your destiny told you so! I - I can't see you die...because I - I like you. Seeing you die in my arms...its tearing me apart. It tears me apart, Sora! Just please...please wake up!"

Beside him, her blade rested as it let the snowflakes dance upon its form. It seemed to be careless by its actions, considering it contained none. Its glimmer started to fade into the darkness, as it didn't die with it. It was like a flickering candle of a powerful hope and faithful trust.

Yet through this all, her eyes remained closed.

Like as though they were petals to an elegant, black rose. As in the heart of Jack's mind a simple song played.

- I'm gonna love you, til the end of time.-

" You told me that."

- Somehow two hearts have made a friend of time.-

" That's you'd never stop one thing."

- Eternity, eternity is on our side.-

" And that was...loving me."

Inside her form, her heart burned like the fiery depths of the center of the world. Something was going on, as for a moment or so, she did Jack's dream.
And opened her yellow eyes.

" Sora..."

" Jack?"

" Yes?"

He was in dread to see her eyes lost their luster and became a pale blue.
That meant her depression.
For Jack, he knew it all too well. He saw her like this like the time she first fought Torn.
When she trudged away from the battle site, Jack saw before her vision surrendered her eyes. Gleaming with luminous tears of a shade of pale blue. He heard himself.
Calling her name.
As she fell to the shadows.

But now, she wrapped her arms around him, and pulled him into a hug.

" I'm sorry,Jack. I'm sorry."

" For what?"

" I dragged you into this. I should've let you preside over Halloween."

" Its not your fault.Besides if I haven't found you, you'd be dead now."

" I guess...I guess you're right."

" Everything will be just fine."

" You think so?"

" I know so."

Her grip on him loosened, as Jack felt it. It was quite strange, as he felt her. Just slipping away, nearly to have her demise in his long, boney arms. Like the sunset going into the night.
Only slower.
Just as her life was fading somewhere else. Into a dream like state.
Or so he believed.

" C'mon, let's go home. You can stay at my place as long as you want."

" We can't go home."

" Why not?"

" The prophecy hasn't been fulfilled."

She stood, unbalanced, as Jack quickly caught her. He wrapped his one arm around her hip, as her arms dangled. The slight winds that blew were both harsh and unwelcome. He knew Sora wasn't feeling like herself and started to help her down the hill. Until her fury and attitude kicked in.

She realized what he was doing and fiercely pulled away from him. He was astonished, knowing that she'd never do this. Yet he pondered in a somewhat angry tone of voice.

" Sora, what are you doing!"

" What does it look like!"

The snow ahead of Jack was swept away by the waves of darkness. He turned to see her, as he was a bit in worry and fear, as well as an upset emotion. For Sora, wasn't herself. He had to stop this, her fate was making her go berserk.
The darkness grew behind her, as the hill remained standing, just as they did.
Violent winds brewed, as they whipped at Jack.
They hissed at Sora, whispering messages to her.

" Let the darkness arise in you.
Open your core and let the darkness in.
Don't give in...we'll do the rest while you fulfill your destiny..."

" And what may that be?"

" You should know."

For a moment, she went into meditation, as she searched for the answer. Then, it flashed before her eyes.
A dagger piercing a crown.
She knew what that meant, as she stared at her twitching hands. They were covered in blood, as it dripped from within her fingernails.

" What's happening!"

" You should know..."

" No, no I don't want this...cut it out!"

A bright light shone, as everything seemed to vanish. Sora was first, her heart needed the light to rely off of, considering its half was gone forever.The darkness retreated to the form of the snowy hill,as it too got swallowed by the orb of light.
Everything was gone, except Jack.
He stood in the remote, white area, as he looked to the orb. There through it all, he saw her. In the center, a dark serpent about to steal her other half of her heart.

" Sora!"

Jack jumped into the light, as he was going through a vortex.
When he opened his eye sockets, he found himself at the spiral hill. And as he climbed it, he dare not look behind him.
But what he saw in front of him, terrified him most.

There was Sora.

Drenched in her own blood.

She extended a gory, pale flesh hand towards him.

As he ran to grab her, she fell backward.

And he realized, that the nightmare has already begun.

And destiny was unfolding before his view,

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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